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1. Conquest Of Carnage

Purified in Fire
Released from grimmest fate
Called forth from the Nether realms to disseminate
Empires forged through bloodshed
Dictating unchallenged truths
Self sworn mortal idols, herding forsaken broods
Allegiance to the reapers
Opens wide the deathly gates
Minions growing restless now annihilate

Demonous breed
Strife from the underworld!

Wicked and fevered desire, none above or below shall cease our cruel invasion
A campaign bursting from night!
From a dream to reality, forewarnings of the coming firestorm rejected
infected prophetic scum!

Witness, The rise of rebel
Heathen Hordes who put the lies unto rest
Hunt deceivers, smash their gleaming temples into the ground!

Princes of past
Bounding from storms
Bearing almighty horns

riddled with sin
vortex of power
Heirs to the grim!!!

Worship newly benighted terrorkings
None dare dispute our supremacy, Tyrannic conquest of sin
Onwards, warlords repress the most mighty summoned by him
Conquest of Eden, paradise thrashed, abundant riches of the righteous taken back!

2. Propagate The Blasphemy

Triumph of Evil, the righteous start to fold
Incantating demonic ones, to Hell our souls are sold
Persecution of divinity, revelations writhe in flame
Instigate the calamity, from which we are born, born again!

Hear the laughter as heaven becomes undone!
Tormented aeons await you in death
Pulverised by our metallic death command
Thy kingdom we utterly detest!

Slicing through bodies, flesh, steel and bone
Barbarous inflictions, our Bloodletting craft is honed
Offerings to infinity, slaughtered upon altar
March of the Satanic ones, praise the assaulters arrival!

Propagate the blasphemy!!!

Purity baptised within the fire
Rabid battlebred hordes revolting, ceasing life and afterlife
Ministers of heresy die in shame!

Defiant and evil
Lurking in hells lair, you’ll find us
Battering holy sons, the cancellation of survival
Deeds owned to bestial ones, assisting yet unseen…..
Awaiting the drop of the hammerstrike!!!!!!

Cascading storm of vengeance spells disaster
The drunken holy prophet spoke too soon
A witness to the coming of the nothingness
Enforcers of the Apocalypse reap your doom!

3. Cult Crusher

Intake the breath of Satan, inhale the virus
Decipher cryptic writings on the wall
Baptised in strife, this creed remains unblessed
Rewriting history with the Hammer
Merchants of death!
Slaying the sheep where they lay!
For power we sold our souls, unchallenged power
none sent to fight us pose a challenge
Supremacy foretold, Triumph of the almighty
Ancients endorse our wrathfilled rampage
then carnage……..comes!!!!!
Revival of the undead
Combatant hordes growing nearer
Hell has now sent, assassins from the fire
To purge this Earth of the Liar
Cult of Christ!

Demonic are here to stay
Salvation swiftly fades
banishing the shackles of obstruction
all that fall before us……becoming prey.

Bestial Intruders
with scorn for life
Bestowing all prophecy’s
Damnating night after night
Spreading insane sickness
Pestilence is Rife
Sacred plans long forgotten
Kneal at the altar of eternal…….mayhem!
This war is won!

Satan victorious in Heaven
few remaining Holy ones, Sentenced to Death!

4. Final Inferno

Forthcoming congregation, invincible spirit and body as one
Usurpers of faiths cremation, affirming the rise of pure evil’s begun
Seething within these tyrants, insane murmurings, no sanity lasts
Surging from Hades defiant, servants of sin subfernally blast.
Death unto the world, paradise befalls the jaws of Hell

Rampant nothingness, blind morality we bid farewell
Shred the Holy king, cast all Ten Commandments into the fire
Let the Devil in, sworn allegiance to the black empire!
Soldiers of Hell, smash the alliance
Sentence the righteous to death
Flames of pain scorching inside us, internal inferno
Lords of prosperity must die before the dawn
The path never walked, the path of resistance
untrodden before me….

I give you death!
Secrets forged by fire, the antidote to death
scattered hastily upon the pyre, never to surface again
Rest in torment…
Infidels absorb the torture, in suffering we trust
Gods below dictate the slaughter
The civilised choke on their last breath, Reapers rise to greet them
Legend of our victory, spans eternity!

No whisper of divinity shall lead us onwards
The all-consuming truth lay within Hells fire!

I give you death!

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