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1. Assembly


2. Damnations Morning

As mercy'sreign lays withered, magestic gloats unsung
Before the throttled kingdom, revel in our conquest won

Fate unreal until revealed, outpour shock's cruel persuasion
Barbaric ages restoration

Wielding flames of fallen empires, aspire to cease all grace
We applaud your kingdom's failure, and with our joy we seal its fate
Slaves not to the perils bygone, victors of the morning after
Accountable to none, to none! We'll be our own masters

Damnations Morning!
Awake to Heavens falling
Uprise your makers met, fate is calling.
We'll usher you into hell!!

Proclamation! The Wit of fools.
Reviving abhoration, incite the masses cruel
Annihilation! Strike with the devil's tool
Urged by bloodshead then rule!!!

Ignite the trageties!!!
Praise torment shamelessly!!!
Unrap the centuries!!!
Dethrone and fetch to fires,, tomorrow's awakening!!!

Sunrise summons new breath
Nightfall feeds on what was left
Milleniums barely reflect
The sins our dawn have... Kept!!

3. Thrive On War

Arise in black, suprise attack!
Forgo the ritual of the dark taking back!
Their rightfull throne, return to home
Forever, left in debt be the legions that fail!

Hell Guide us!
Where all else fail we'll triumph
Just like one thousand times before
We thrive on.... war!!!

A final plea from the heavens
Invokes destruction of the third degree.
A final swoop, a lunge for certain victory.
Scream now or forever hold your peace!

4. Thunder Attack!

A call to war upholds us, uncoiled forces roam.
Throughout before hell feeds us, our colours shone! Shone! Shone!
Unlasting cries of reason, avenge our primal urge.
Becoming, storming nearer, our vicious armies surge!

Veiled in black!
Against all odds are stacked!
Bow below our lightening force.
Thunder Attack!!!

Sworn blasphemous! Ever buckling to our demands.
Redflame leads us! From our shores onto your sands.

Uncreate controlling, unmercy rages free
A savage unfolding, beneath us...bleed!
No win without destruction, no corner left unscathed.
Persevere without obstruction, black triumph, engraved.

Battle won!
Endless damage done!
Standing before us... no one!!!

5. Enslaved By Chaos

Annihilation awakened, disease unpacked
Forwarned a thousand times, of your feeble future gaping black
Hellbent for blood of the innocent, souls we violate
Corrupting waves of hell ascending, Satan seals your fate.

Enslaved by Chaos! Your shackled!
Made to suffer and suffer again.
No Name! Retaliation in vain!
Your shackled! No consideration for your pain!
No name! Made to suffer and suffer again!

Hell unbound the onslaught persistent, prevail forevermore
Writh in black as darklords whisper, "Wreck them to the core!"
Stroke the fear, ignite the flesh!
Strive for the rising of a darker sun, adore all the you detest!

Hear the calls of arising demons speak.
They surface in Hordes!!!
Engorge in the fruits of sufferings, Joys!
Overshadowed under might!

Souls sold, to the keepers of obliteration
Kings of nowhere, triumphant mass!
Scars cover the heavens, trinitys mocked at their confessions
Mourn the failures of your gods!!

Without sin, absorb the chaos ever-bloating
Undo the trappings of the fading king!
Overpowered, our force unmatched
Our victors wield, infernal thrash!!!

6. Surpassing The Steel Array

Handed down through the ages, Amidst a history of everflowing war.
A story of steel that guards all strength within the riddle, Ignores,
demands to cure all flaws.
"Entrust in sword, your very soul!"
Utter the blinded ones, yet to uncover fleshes gold.
Without the aid of metal, in absense of steel, The entire fortune of the
flesh may be revealed!!

The hand that wields tha blade, carries a might
Surpassing the Steel Array!!!

Everlasting, fists of fear.
Triumph etched in stone.
Surpassing the Steel Array, the storm inside us...grows!!!

Clad in chaos, weapons concealed, internal battlefield.
Within the flesh wars are won.
The will to power, becomes the only power, By which all succumb!!

The fury resides in arms reach.
Awaiting disposal!!
The sword remains within the sheath. Left to rust eternally!!

Buckling beneath defeat. Swift demise!!
Feeble scuffle at your feet.
Aimlessly! Mindlessly!
Devouring each other!

7. Polar Fate

Beyond the sun, where nigh prevails.
The pitch of blackness has won!
The cold forever, freezes starscapes unsuspecting.
Perhaps correcting, the faults the every living planets undergone!

The ice is freezing over, an evolution gone wrong!
Begun! The first of apocalyptic arctic storms.
Shiver! As your fate takes form!

Your blood becomes as ice as temperatures ar decreasing.
Even the strong shall die, no deaths come easy.
The sky is crippled pale to last eternity's void of sun.
At one with howls of hollow frozen emptiness you'll become!

Blinding force, frozen power, unleashed upon,

As the skies seize up, chafing icecaps spread like incurable plague.
All forms of life crack unconditioned to withstand the subzero glaze.
Forever lost in the glaciers age, stumbles the memory of the sun's dying

Swallowing terrain!
Evermounting frostscapes rule again.
Uncompromising vortex of suffering forever remains.
Locked within the arctic phase!

Storms coat skylines in grey,
the flames that ruled the surface of the earth submit and fade.
A casualty, of the universal empire,
a million more await the coming...
Of their polar fate!!!

No escape from choices
Mother nature makes!!!

8. Humanity Fooled!

Revolting, unleash the hounds of hell.
Fall before your pre-made doom, the rebellion cease to quell.
All ends loom, all destinys carry cracks.
Heroic feats defying nothingness are absorbed by the black.
Hail grievance, the guardians of tomorrows victory.
Awaiting patiently to strike and besiege.
Wheres reason, without the art of attack?
Beneath the ashes of the outcome, the logics intact.

Damnations rule, Order through chaos!!!
Disaster brings with it uncouth.
Uncertainties embrace the absolute.
Threatening, the light of a new day, torn apart before it is made.
Avast upheavals summoning.
Annihilation, Pestilance, War and Suffering!!!

Summoning fires! In pieces, divided.
Utopia at last! Mockeries laugh!
Deprivation, inevitable deterioration of victories in past!
Forever shunned, the fate of this world.
Unrivaled kings of all refuse their victor...
Humanity fooled!!!

Strife eager, awaits the coming of its birth.
Like the charge for war announced, sieze the stronghold of the earth.
Appointing, two bizarre methods mege.
Once opposing eye to eye, lower the guards and converge.
Uprising, decievers lurk in the black.
Yet unseen amongst the shadows, ever present essence lack.
Appaling with fire enforce their truths.
But never lose, defy death til the death.

Damnations rule, Strike until ever!!!

Hives cave in! The seventh sign unforsaken!
Abundant strife, for the taking, below!!!
Succumb to storms, your existance is shaking.
Unearthed, unsymphathetic!
judgements rage.
Convictions maze determines future!
Your cetainties, you'll defend!
Eternities to must end.

Divine halls of perished wisdom, the antidote to death.
A fading suns final flames above linger.
The twilight of the new... ages

9. Invisible Paths

Forever pacing, the walls within our heads.
Tempted by our dreams invoked from fear of death!
The clouded sources of all passions fade to grey.
Concealed in cryptic message, for what purpose were we made?

Hollow state stale, behind us leave no trails.
To the wolves that gather before us, wonders mankind frail.
Drudgery of past, remains closeing in fast.
Forsight restraint, trusting invisible paths!

Mankind struggles to endure the human form.
Wisdoms barracades await the yet unborn.
Promises of miracles, the denial of defeat.
Within the arms of your angels, our failures will repeat!

Those in darkness never rest.
Within all pain resides the wuest.
Our passion bleeds, crys for dying answers will forever weigh on the
will to become.

The Furor are
Disaster: Drums and Vocals
Warlock: Electric and Acoustic guitars
Kill Machine: Bass guitar and Synth

Thanks to ulfric_incubus for sending these lyrics.

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