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1. Battleblast Advance

Welcome to Death! Our lair of ragin fire
Infernal empire unfuried
Rising Smoke tells the story
Of our belightful existence
Come heed this calling! Stir the broods...
Let the falling deities kneel,
Then shatter by our cloven hooves
Ride the abysmal winds and spare no victory
Riot surging from the nothingness

Enraged eyes stare into fear struck souls
Armed with blight and fury, cascading savagery on you all,
the tarnished gleam of purities, mocked by joyous war!
Four apocalyptic horsemen ride once more!

With Grim persistence through black smoke
to liars plotting bodly on their thrones
Evermounting with unprovoked power insistent
we'll wreck havoc on your souls

Storm of chaos! swarm with stealth of lightning
Satan's offering!
Minions bouting for supremacy, for eternity!

With righteous power!
We bless this fucking war,
Maraud the grace of new dawns
With righteous power!
Condemn the struggling few,
Last traitors of a dying age
With righteous power!
We bare sin stricken lords
To combat our amassing hordes
With righteous power!
We gut the heavens with joy!

2. Atomic Triumph

As possessed wind rises, and blackstorms greet chafing souls
The sons of man chase triumphs aura to restore the sanctity of old
Never see the face that hides it, never trust in fleeting fear
Tragedies become the feast of wisdom's denial
Circumcise the beast!

Searching through, the sordid past gives rise to legions prepped
Uneven balance of power threatens doom
Souls then sold to heaven, your master will topple soon
Peace give rise to warfare's atomic triumph, our guiding moon!

I denounce your heaven!
I condemn your truth!
Soul surviving brethren!
Of the the vigilante brood!
Void of compassion, our ice cold reaction brews
Hate reaches summit, awesome fires burn anew
Master! Master! Reckon us with your strife
Demonhearts within expel all life

Miracles fall!
Dawn's suppressed lights askew
Summoned no more
Life's fever outpours

Lusting for war
We'll spread our strife, our cause
Roaring bleak hordes proceed us, full force!

3. Hellfire Massacre

Storm clad horizons, scarred skies spell evil's plot
Chaos reviving, enrage the feeble flock
Resist the wholesome prayer, vacate the torment but beware
In shards you'll shatter under foe

Hellfire massacre, overlords brace for the attack
The bastards of war are writhing, on glory's content lap
Hellfire massacre, perpetrate with prejudice
Heed the wrath of inflictions calling, non righteous morning!

Betrayal! Invert the so called king
Pale lords grant us one wish, their priceless suffering
Minions cascade, Hell's gates fucking break
Disciples march you ever onwards into your fate
Hellfire Massacre!

Bite the hand that feeds you, repel the liars stare
Rogues of Heaven's reign beware
All consuming evil, partake in lashing's of the prayer
Jehovah's unending nightmare!

Unrestrained we'll plunder, pummel with might of thunder
Torn agape, Heaven's gates
A vile fate awaits you, triumphant minions rape you
Hellfire's reign on Earth's begun!

4. Sacrilegious Rage

Infernal semen lends it's life to us again
Unattained by Evil, bear the brunt of our full array
Goat majesty, pale wonder, lay to waste traitoring whores
Reveal thy face cloaked in thunder, release the storms!

We await! A christless morning
We await! No cause for doom

Soul cremate by instinct, aghast mere mortal ruin
Slaying fast, kills please us to no end
Violate your heroes, brave soldiers buckle at our maul
Sword become the voice of reason, The devil's best reborn

Infiltrate! Warhorns roaring
Seal the fate of those untrue!

The righteous suffer, even Christ's legion has it's day, Fall king!
We bask in Heaven's rays,
despite the all existent grace whores succumb to
A lasting oath remains, a final plot at one with Hell's flame,
War-raping sacrilegious rage!

5. Hell


6. Storming Heaven

A new damnation at last looms, face absolution so cold
Against tides I'll smear false grace of angels
Spelling no end to shames inflicted by their births
Avast! The reek of Hell's aroma
spreads throughout purest of souls
Our declaration: World warfare is the finest feast
ever hungering for such a meal

Unsurpassed by will of the ancients
Everlasting verse askew
Where biblebound impure angels falter
Our warring calls profess vengeance anew

Confess! Swear before your master
Repossessed! Our impervious feat goes on

Waging sickness, Christ impune
Set souls alight and roam free
Follow victors lead
The flaming dawn's in sight

Storming heaven!
Vanquish rays of golden light, in chaos revel
Storming heaven!
Topple walls with searing might, grim force advancing be you doom
Storming heaven!
Heed the call retreat or fight, the holy severed
Storming heaven!
Spewing cavalcades of might, unleash the never!

7. Covered In Blasphemy

Seas of evil, adorned in black
Foretold this timeless night will, lead us back!

Three souls born of dismay, an army between us
Enraged by Hell's decay, back to the death life's blood will lead us!

Sworn under blackest oaths
Run rife with the spirit of tortures ghost
Satisfy our emptiness, undo all prayers
Chastise the believers Gods we dare
For none we concede, for none we will bleed
On the gore soaked surface of the Earth we will feed
For Hell demonstrate, in Hell disintegrate
Storm bold fan the fires, uncreate!

Do you fear the morning after as twilight over throws the Sun?
Do you feel the barren nothingness wash over everyone?
The roaring cold, who's eyes spell certain doom has come for you!
Tonight the gates open, discard the latch
Release the minions and you will see
ever after up in smoke, through fires set free
A final wish for solitude is broken
the sword has spoken, under night we reap!

By the iron fist feeble scatter
To none they'll swoon
reactions of dismal habit
The unchanged moon lends it's light unto ashes
Devoid of masses, the silence ensuing erupts

Storms brew ode to lightning's rapture
Rivers red run through sacred pastures
Winterkills path set pleases Masters
Hardbringers of death reel with laughter
Calling for sacrifice revival
Thousands taunting death unrivaled
Roaring abyss swells sparking fires
Side with infernal reapers wrath!

Arise, resurface, awake demise ensure perfection's undone
Infiltrate with fury eager to strike down Heaven's son
Our blood runs cold
Depart with mercy and heed the guiltless ones
Tonight the gates open
Discard the latch
Release the minions and you will see

8. Warcrowned

Prime Evil! Engulf the wretched crown
Upheaval! Unparallel curse unbound
Hail mighty! Dark stormwielder oath of pain
This night's feast! Third sacrifice not in vain

Speaking the name unheard of
Altar red drenched in blood
Succumb to voiceless demons
Selfless aura, man made God

Lying slain amongst saintly bodies
Traitors lay strewn on soured ground
Ceaseless shame vice of everybody's
Existence untamed, let the merciless commander's reign!

Unspoken! Bewitch in fleeing light
Curse broken! Unveil our second sight
Silently! Death's troops gather for attack
For blood we! Soldier on through Hell and back

Compromise all that's sacred
Existence of paradise cracked
Unified under hatred
Hellhorde campaign condemned in black

Mankind we castrate, bloodshed invigorates
beheaders of the bastard son
Striving for your fate, minions collaborate
Warcries spat forth resound
.....enter the flawless reapers, warcrowned!!

No regret, better days you'll soon forget
Savage grace of past you now have met
No remorse, no guilt, for the blood of sacred split
Chaotic reign engulfs the Earth, forevermore!

9. The Entrance

Awash with fear, ascending sin
Holocaust winds blowing ever near
Vile horde of Christ sheds a tear
Revered immortals,
Souls survived despite our perfect death
Glorified in our arrival
As your death sets in we take our first breath

Tread mighty
At dusk fear the rise of the promised dawn
The foul fable boasts another heinous return
Sin writhing
Keen eyes leer
Their stares glow unbearable
The unstable virgin mother's seed
Propels the storm!

The hinges of the seventh gate finally creak again
Doorways been passed through
Pale flock!
Your merciless commander
Soon ascends through the infernal spheres
The final storm he... sends!

10. Clutches Of The Abyss

An age of darkness rising, adorned in seas of red
Our trial led by conquest of the abodes rendered dead
Scorn arise inflict despair, bygone the shimmering light
Rethrone the hordes and bear their blows, the pinnacles of might

Dark age revised!!
Arcangels threat devised!
Vasting blackstorms revised!
Where the beasts of death reside!

Forging by war, by evil sent, untainted by dead gods
A testament to the highest ones grinning proudly upon your loss
Hungry blades let fly on Hells command
Rampant masses descend so true
Impious twist of fate released again
Death confides in you!

As unbridled wrath cascades we seize the crown
Resurrections usher forth
Casting Christendoms empire
Into the clutches of the abyss!

Chastised ferals owed revenge arise as one
Abide our heathen's downright and applaud strife's master!

Disaster ‒ Drums, Vocals
Kill Machine ‒ Guitars, Bass
Warlock ‒ Guitars

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