Dark Lyrics


1. Headwinds

Struggle against the winds
To tether the sails of this craft
A journey for you to begin
The elders show you the path
My journey takes me
Far and wide

I’ll show you my struggles against the tide
Distant and far I will always roam
My thoughts return to hearth and home
I am carried to distant lands
I tread on foreign sands
In the company of my brothers in arms
I find my way by the northern stars
I will come back home

2. Sidereal Course

Chariot gleams in golden sun
Elude the world with two horses drawn
Sky ablaze with daughter’s fire
With her fortune brings a new light
Upon cosmic tides, endlessly she rides
Celestial fire burns bright
Eclipsing the canopy of night
Beyond shines infinite spark
Illuminating from the eternal dark
The wolf always gaining, the wolf biding his time
For we will witness the earth in ruins
The day the sun no longer shines

3. The Casting

The casting takes place
Secret of steel entwined when read
Life fading in like flames of solstice suns
For when it is ready
Reveal that to me
Enter into ancestral recall
Delve into oceans deep in the past
…perhaps then it could possibly be
Fair when held against the measure of a child
Who for the first time is learning their craft

4. Nothing Stands Obscured

Tread high peaks
Hidden gold
Insult draws sword
Blood drips from cord

Foul, thirst quenched
O’ crimson sate
Then roasted heart
Flesh to partake

Lo! That speech of which I hear
Of larks, Nuthatches, sky dwellers
Their intent made clear to me
Nothing stands obscured

Whispers to wind
A breath
A cut
A wound

Drank of his blood
Ate of his heart
There he sits
With corpse defiled

Lo! That speech of which I hear
Of larks, Nuthatches, sky dwellers
Their intent made clear to me
Nothing stands obscured

5. Gullveig

Vigorous desires
By the way of gold
Witches plight to unfold
Rapacious nature
Shameless greed
All deplore her vanity

They smote the witch
With their lances fierce
They cast her to the fire
They looked on in disbelief
As she arose up from the pyre

From the embers renewed
With a mastery of spells
Thrice burnt and thrice reborn
This witch you cannot burn

When the embers fade
Mothers caught in her gaze
Winds of the end times swell
Begin the pilgrimage to Hel.

6. Archaic Rites

She danced around fire
In an old cloistered grove
The forest her temple
The trees pierce the night sky
Black spires against silver light
The gods, they all love her
They bestowed upon her the dawn
Birds circle above her
The wolf heeds to her call
Awaken in her embrace
Arms outstretched to the heavens
She sings of days of yore
She gives praise in the twilight
Upon an altar of stone
Reverence for olden lore

Lost, out path lies buried in dust
Blindly we fall into the wilderness
A new era, unchained from the past
Blindly we succumb to oblivion
Where do we go from here?
We no longer hear her song
No longer does the wolf heed her call
The gods lay silent in the dawn

7. Beacon In Black Horizon

Emerge from the evening mist
Congregation with torches lit
A solemn path to stone filled shores
A ship awaits for the voyage home
Corpse in ceremonial form
With sword and shield adorned
Kinsmen silent in mourning
The ravens call resounding

From midst the tinder
Spark births rising flame
The horn sounds
In the distance
Its resonance
Beckons the fire

Orange glow reflecting endlessly
Upon the tides of an abysmal sea
Shimmering light
The end of an era
Drifting from this realm
In all its splendor
A beacon in black horizon

Return to the halls of your fathers
Drink to your glorious deeds
Sing songs of battle and honor
Reunite with the olden kings
The now distant fire has ceased
What remains is claimed by the sea
They lift their heads to the rising sun
The last shadow of night has gone

From the forest echoes the distant cries
Lo! Lament for out chieftain died
A stone ship for our once great king
May it guide his way to the halls on high
Though his body will wither away
His legend and glory will never fade

David Csicsely — Drums, Vocals, Guitars
Clayton Cushman — Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

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