Dark Lyrics


1. Prologue

"It does us no honor to quarrel about what we have done
Greater than the other, over ale in the high-seat.

You stood upon the helm as waves bore it through the sound
And I sat in the hull as we rode into the harbor."

2. Reaffirmation

He no longer felt the wing of winters wind
Standing tall, focused on what lies ahead
And as waters flow above the river blood
Currents carry with them a malicious intent

Blinding reflections from the solstice sun
Across the water, our pathway gleams
The road ahead is long and far from done
Upon our voyage rests my father's eye

3. Reverence

"None shall sing more loudly
My song rings louder than iron upon bone!
None will boast as heavy as I
My sons will never eclipse my might!"

"Hear not the cries of your dying
A silent hymn that dead men sing
Hear only sounds of silver coins
Falling before my feet"

"No bold man will stop me
As I sail through foreign lands
Boots crush the bones of kings
I reap the treasure from their hands"

"Bards will sing of my glory
So bright never shadowed by kin
Paths of crows, the river flows
Hidden treasures of chieftains slain"

4. Harrowing Desperation

He found himself upon rival shores
The storm had cast him to this fated soil
Scattered around him, his ship lay in ruin
And from the wreckage emerged his plight
Unwise men approach without restrain
Subjected to a northern wrath

Among the sand and stone, alone
Voices reach him from afar, unknown
The Heavens dark and grey, above
Uncertain paths before him, arise

Over barrows of Earth and mountains of sand
Through the wintry winds and rain of the North Umbrian Land
who was once the master, who bore the raven flag
Tormented in chains by an Anglian hand

5. Heavy Rest The Chains Of The Damned

Confined behind stone walls
Apprehended, bound by chains
A man amidst the wolves
A man certain of his demise
Apprehensive remained the king
If truly he has captured the one
Beware the wrath of his kin
A sanguinary threat you must heed

"No sword hast cleavd' him
No snake will pierce his skin!!
He is a mighty king indeed
Tear his clothing
Hang serpents from his sides
This man will meet his fate
Be him Ragnar or not"

6. Judgment

Through the corridor, serpent's hallow awaits
Within their coils now rests his fate
Entangled, unwilling to relinquish sentience
Afflicted by the burning sting of circumstance
Unable to change this unfortunate out come
He must abandon all that remains of hope
Even the mightiest man would be overcome by fear
Yet in the chasm he embraces the darkness
For where this path ends a new journey begins

7. Demise Carries With It A Song

"I will enter the hall of my fathers
Greeted with ale and song
Of my death I shall not lament
As they all welcome me home
I gladly depart from this life
I shall be carried towards the skies
To sit and drink among the Aesir
To laugh in the face of death"

"We fought with our swords:
Upon the serpent I thrust my spear
I shall receive my reward"
"We fought with our swords:
From the slain came crimson tides
In blood the raven sang"
"We fought with our swords:
We conquered the highest order
A host of men now gone"
"We fought with our swords:
A trail of dead behind our blades
From the red Earth we shall rise"

8. The Mountain

When darkness ceased
When light shines through
I become embraced by her
To look upon the mountain
To tread the halls of doom
To find my way home

9. Hour Of Cessation

Treachery has befallen our father!
The oath, pledged with sword and mail
Iron will restore his honor
Black clouds emerge from southern skies
Fire gleams from irate eyes
Vehement winds blow tensions high
Upon his flesh we wrest our chains
Ready hands hold steady blades
Captive, cruelty bestowed upon him
For mercy he implored them
He begged for release with empty pleas
Unchanged by his cries, they shall deliver him...
To his demise!
Upon a solemn path he followed
to a clearing on the hill he was led
Eyes closed, likely to never open again

10. Remission


11. Beneath Red Skies

Beneath red skies retribution arise
Carven flesh 'neath iron's gaze
Spires of bone shelter claret quills

In pools of blood does the eagle wade
Outstretched wings within an osseous rage
Lifeless eyes reflect a kingsman's scorn
Talons grip upon a broken corpse
The knell rang not on mournful ears
A requiem only a dead man hears
Only the dead can hear
Eyes fixed upon this man now slain
The eagle rests upon atoned remains
Atoned remains

12. Epilogue

As great kings rise, so do they fall
So strands of fate end, as the weavers of looms die

But the tapestry remains....
As stones in the Earth, as songs in the wind
From father to son

No man could foresee a hundred thousand swords fallen
Felled by the word of the east, captured by a fool's song

But the legend remains...
As words to be heard
As the blood in my veins
From father to son

David Csicsely – Drums, Vocals, Guitars
Clayton Cushman – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

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