Dark Lyrics


1. Prolegomena

Year 1789, I ain’t Robespierre.
Year 1840, I ain’t Guy Fawkes.
Year 1905, I ain’t Lenin.
Year 1968, I ain’t Pol Pot.
I am nothing like these men, I haven’t dedicated my life for nations,
I stay here still face to all of this; I have took no fucking risk in the name of ideals
Let’s pull this straight before it begins,
I am no hippie, no anarchist,
No hypocrite, no hairy fucking terrorist,
No propaganda will spoil my fucking mouth, we’ve been fucked for far too long
And don’t say I’m fucking wrong no don’t.
Cause if I was we’d all be in our dreams.
This is a wake up fucking call.

2. White Rabbit

In the land of the blind one-eyes is king,
Forget the crown, your eyes ain’t seeing a shit.
Face to face with the Gorgon your body ain’t shivering,
You would stay flesh and bones her looks wouldn’t change your skin.

Feels fucking sore, to see you blind hear you snore
Like little whores, you’re like the Bible Thumpers.
You only obey and believe,
You only worship the words of the fucking screen.
So much words, so much speeches,
So much bullshit concepts designed to make us feel free

You’re fucking scared.
You’re just a sheep flock, just fucking bleat, following its shadow,
You won’t avoid freezing by hiding the snow.
You are all lost in this self-made obscurity,
Wondering in this artificial mist.
You’re all lost, you can’t breathe, you can’t see, you can’t feel.

I’d like to be the voice of this generation,
To be a serious threat to this fucked up system.
I’d like to believe, to still have hope,
Give you an optimistic message when I pose.
But this is my truth, this the truth I see, struggling through this life and this shit ain’t a dream just believe me.
If you wanna play it fucking easy, drawn in your own shit, live in obscurity, smile blind, damn your world is dying, look life in the eye just stop hiding.
You face a dilemma, start living real or dive back in your coma, you can start breathing or sleep down to your grave you can start seeing you’ve got a choice to make.

Fuck this shit! Eat me drink me fucking bite me,
Welcome to wonderland, Bitch

Follow me down the rabbit hole
Answers may hurt but at least you’ll know
Follow me down the rabbit hole
Recover sight with the wonder whore

Follow me down the rabbit hole
Answers may hurt but at least you’ll know
Follow me down the in rabbit hole
Recover sight with the wonder whore

3. Damocles

Slave and secure

Welcome back to the Middle Ages, we are safer in these cages
Must I be cold hearted soviets or fucking terrorists,
Fear must go on or people might start to fucking think.

In this fortress you call system our dreams will fall, even if all
We’ve asked for is freedom, our fear has grown walls.
We are spied and controlled, burning our soul.
We’re tide and expose, free food for the fucking crows.

This world is sucked in the abyss,
All events are major crisis.
And here we are mesmerized,
And here we are fucking hypnotized.

We all have gavels hanging over our heads,
Play by the rules from dawn to sunset.
Embrace this Damoclesian justice,
Calm down our neurosis, our neurosis

Line up the warlords.
Saw fucking discord.

Fear nothing, our time is coming now tonight their heads will fall.
Fear no fucking one, tonight their heads will fall.
Fear nothing, tonight their heads will fall.
Fear no fucking one, tonight their heads will fall.

4. Mesmer Eyes

We all believe we have free will and speech,
That our mind has kept integrity.

Isn’t this enough, can’t you see their playing with our perceptions?
Creel Committee is controlling our mind our phantasms.

We fucking want or not, they conceptualize our fantasies.
They hack our fucking brains and produce our dreams.

They have found the keys to our thoughts, each image, each fucking word, is chosen wisely to dictate.

What is good, what is bad
Why we should believe, why I'm sad
Who we are, what we decide
Where we go, how we feel about our shitty lives
What we like, what we fucking buy
Why we consume, why we can’t see their lies

(Sing along)
Consume, submit,
Watch TV, procreate,
Stay asleep, obey
Let us wash your brain.

Our secret garden has been comprised.
They control, keep us blind, No one must realize,
We’re fucking hypnotized.
They control, keep us blind, No one must realize.

5. Sons On Crisis

To see or not to see that is the question.
Our illusions have enabled us to fly,
We’ve spread our wings to close from the damn light.
Reality is making us dive to the ground.
Make them shiver under the thunder of our march.
Kings better pray,
We’re the sons of crisis the fathers of rage, kings better pray.

6. Phoenix

Sing once again your verse of propaganda to the people.
Tell them one more time about your shining heroes.
Tell us the story about the American dream,
So we can, so we can just fall asleep.

Blur our sight, make us believe.
Guide the crowds to the lands of this photoshopped dream.

Divide and conquer.
Divide and fucking reign.
You made us become egocentric bastards,
We turned ourselves into your slaves.
Into your slaves.

I am not your slave
I stand bearing the weight of your mistakes.
Free from your chains, our lives reclaimed.
You rule with an iron fist. I am the rust that is creeping up your wrist.
Through your veins, straight to your heart. Killing you brain, tearing your head apart.
Your death will not be quick. You will meet your end at the hand of the ones you've damned.
We are your end, we are your death.

Like a Phoenix from the flames
From your ashes we will rise again

7. Bread, Games And Narcolepsy

Call us citizens if it blinds your insecurities.
This is the same old shit, this is slavery.
If wishes were horses beggars would ride.
We’re still kneeling, losing our fucking pride.
We have no cuffs but they’ve locked up our minds.
We have to face the truth, if you want to rise.
Get ready for the fight.

They are kings, they are bishops they are shepherds.
Seems we’re just mean less pawns, cannon fodder.
We have nothing to lose, no reason to surrender

Fuck the rules, this game bloody sucks.
When comes the checkmate we all return to the same box.
Why the fuck, do you think you’re so special?
You’re just another dick in a whore.
The cloak doesn’t make the monk but opens the church’s porch.
How did we let so many wolves enter the sheepfold?
People must rise for revenge.
People must rise again and again.

Words will always retain their power.

So you’re the creep, the perv’, the rapist.
Getting wild, fucking us through this crisis.
Brace yourselves payback is coming.
We’re all here waiting the pounding.

All the white collard gangsters, all the greedy, the corrupted, the liars
All the gods all the masters, we can’t take this anymore.
Reign of the people, this illusion must burn to ashes.
They just fuck our brains with the opiates of the masses.
They give us bread and games and we bow the fuck down
For bread and games.

Bread and games.

8. Fathers Of Rage

Crisis, plague of the years 2000
We are continuously persecuted by the dysfunctions of our own creation.
Hanging to the top layers while the base of Maslow’s Pyramid is burning down.
This world has been doomed.
Doomed by the financial institutions ready to break down entire nations for a few more billions,
Doomed by the corrupted politicians giving us big lectures, pocket full of dirty money,
And doomed by the lobbies that have and that will corrupt them.

Stop holding back dive into hell.
Deluge is coming.
There is no place in this arch.
We are the fathers of rage,
Kings better pray.

9. Burdened By The Hand

Just like a fucking Frankenstein we created a bloody demon.
Assembling cadavers for the system.
Insane speculations, we lost control,
We lost it all.

We are the blood of the nations,
We are the wheels of the system,
We’re a ruined today and smile at a fucked up tomorrow.

Are we just gonna stay here paralyzed,
Let the immaterial overtake our fucking world?
I’d rather bleed young on the barricade,
Than die bloody old full of remorse.
It’s time for us to lead the parade.
What the fuck are we waiting for?

Can you feel the market’ invisible hand? Adam Smith is haunting us all,
Pushing your head under the surface, making you drown.

Unhappy men, do you share my madness? Wake the fuck up;

10. Behind The Fur

If in the beginning was the word,
Why can’t I see anything but animals?
I’ve seen enough of this world,
Must we squeal or must we growl?
Must we squeal or must we growl?

Behind the fur and feathers hide some dangerous beasts,
That will kill and betray for a role in life’s senseless play.
Forget your faith, snakes all eat apples, pretend to be Eve.
We ain’t a specie we are a fucking plague

Capital has lead to insanity, we’re the eighth sin.
Cash flows in our veins, we are the eighth sin.
Scam and scam again until lions become hyenas.
Who wants to wear the crown when shylocks reign us.
When shylocks reign on us

And even you artists of the world, you’ve sold your marginality.
You’ve turned the pleasure of rebellion in a marketing strategy.
Here you are puffing around, feeding the bovine majority,
As the soldiers of this industry.

11. Beyond Mirrors

We should be the ones making this planet turn.
This world is ours.
We should be the ones making this planet turn.
This world is ours.

We are the fresh blood, the only ones that can make things change.
But since our dawn we’ve been taught,
That dreams will stay dreams,
Life is life you can’t escape reality.

We’ve been chocking for hours face to this blank page.
We’re too weak too coward, this is more pressure than we could ever take.
We don’t have the shoulders so we quit the play, walk off the motherfucking stage.
We’ve been chocking for hours face to this blank page.

At the age of indifference. All can change in one instance
Trampling, igniting this world to stone. Convincing the cattle it’s ours to own.
When will the lambs stop screaming?
I’ll play the game of negligence. So long as you’re the recipient.
Crawling amongst the dirt of your foe. A waste of your time and the seeds you sow.
With filth your heart is teaming.

We are the actors of today,
The authors of tomorrow.

OK stop, I’m done spitting this raw truth at your faces
I despise this system but I’m part of it
And it’s time for me to face it
I’m a little wanker among this wasted generation
Just a bunch of fuck ups scarified to rescue the system
We are the broken eggs of Charles Darwin's omelet; we’re a crash test, a bunch of manikins fucked for the sake of others.
But at some point we must embrace remorse rather than regrets
Wake up and choose what this world will be
Cause until now we’ve just been standing here

Eyes wide opium.

Thanks to evidenceinthefurnace for sending these lyrics.

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