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1. Holomovement

Tiny pieces taking steps towards covariance.
How primitive are we still?
Widen your peripheral 
Socialized rules scale back the progression 
Searching for the answers there's a universe inside us all
Every passing lifetime important as the last
A tiny grain against a finely tuned grid 
See where you've come from 
Release my senses they only hold me back
Abstracted as forms derived from the deeper order 
Searching for the answers there's a universe inside us all 
Every passing lifetime important like the last (last)
Secret dimensional noise 
Secret dimensional noise 
Secret dimensional noise 
Secret dimensional noise 
Disregard direction 
Horizons follow entropy 
Disregard direction 
Our microstate feeds their energies
Disregard direction 

2. Feedback Loop

Predicting the everyday, this life has become static / Depending on past
achievements when all we want is to create new / Rules and boundaries
contain my thoughts to a point I can't accept / Maybe I'll try to find a
new plane in which to exist, it's not far it's been there waiting this
whole time / Innate notions, experience is flawed / Described emotions,
the writing is wrong.

3. Causality

It's a mistake to marvel at ourselves / To accept what we are as of now /
I need to hold onto some sort of relevance, it's all I have left / All at
once I could view the entirety of space / A moment of isolation welcoming
paralysis / Follow the cord which projects and makes the decisions for you
/ Adaptation brought introspection / All comfort has escaped me, remember
to breathe in again / At the edge I exist in, I watch my whole life again.

4. Sequential Vision

Now we question the biological rhythm, the flowing of information received
/ It all breaks down to this one projection / Last particle of the
sequence movements too small to be detected / I've organized your
surroundings / No single place you can find me at / Limbic regions
regulate the input of chemical reactions / The System is the pilot, I am
always behind / I am the unconscious mind and I am never gone / Internal
conversation commands the elements.

5. Geocentric Confusion

Senseless drones will pretend to be enlightened / The population is easily
controlled by withheld information / Foolish enough to proclaim certainty
of the answers / Feelings of safety overwhelm / Care for those you know,
not imaginings / How could we live another way? / Misplaced confidence /
We've tried this on our own but look where it's gotten us / What does this
creator want from us? Would insignificant worship bring forth meaning? /
Surely this wasn't chance, there must have been a designer / And it views
out progress still / The possibility of centrality gives them misplaced
confidence / Rules, characteristics and form then decided by the elders
Preying on the weak and fearful, a safety net for for your loved ones/ The
influential sphere is created / Please do not miscalculate my tone, I
speak with humility / Soon you will find your confidence misplaced / The
answers are greater than we can imagine / I know you... you're scared to
be on your own / I'll always be there for you.

6. Dreaming Schematics

Interrupting phases of transduction / Digital synthesis encodes ensemble's
work Synthetic cortisol travels white matter tracts / Building new
crosstalk revolutions / Receptors show resistance to our changes /
Diverting channels to new activations / Mechanics of the wave converge /
Hidden in the vacuum is the answer to our apoptotic fate / It will surely
change the world / The memories are communicating between two states /
Symbiotic system, Diverted from the vacuum / Manipulating neutral networks
/ Moving forward with this work, desire controlled by logic.

7. Anatomy Anomalies

Inertia, by way of device / infinite variety- connections to be made,
perfect dreams conceived / Implementing impulse to virtual selection,
prefect dreams believed / Redefine the conscious mind, implants in the
cortices / Radiation field surrounds, Algorithms fall in line / User
decides the outcome, quantized mixed reality / Holding the keys to your
own relevance.

8. Cortical

Slipping into a deep state / Unconsciousness, beta waves decrease /
Isotonic movements show signs of remission / Delusions lead to
derealization / Electrified signals are still the mainline / The only self
I've known meets the cosmic theater in my mind.

9. Solipsis

Sensing a new wave of neuronal presence in the field / Entoptic clues
tells me this is not a dream / I'm melding into surroundings The terror
and the fear feels as if it's mine alone

10. Parallel Trance


Jonathan Carpenter ‒ Vocals, Keyboards
Chris Tilley ‒ Bass
Joey Baca ‒ Drums
Cameron Maynard ‒ Guitars
Robby Baca ‒ Guitars

Thanks to darrenparadissis for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to k.dakotah for sending track #1 lyrics.

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