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1. Battle And Valor


2. Amaranthine

O, how we've disgraced our mother,
the end of times are near,
I can smell her rotting,
we've burned the beds where we rest,
prepare for the coming of the destroyer,
and on this foul day, when the fifth trumpet sounds,
a star will fall from heaven to earth,
then from the smoke and dust, came the wind of the locusts,
if we survive, we will never be the same again,
and he will come to us in the form of a king,
king of the insect demons, king of the realm of the dead,
he is the key, the loicust reign, scorpion's sting,
and we all know that pride is the downfall of man,
we trust, and thus we will become dust and bone,
he is the key, tortured are we,
slowly we rot-
machine will rise from the remains of heroes,
spewing vile plague and disease,
it is our essence to fight,
and fight we must,
and fight we will-
our people line the fields,
the blood of men will wash away,
as the machines fall, we are victorious,
but for how long,
do we determine our fate,
the destroyer is near-
as [our] millenium passes us by,
our fights with machines enrage,
how long until we're overpowered,
how long until we're no more,
we're running out of time,
with each passing day,
we've scorched her fields,
polluted her breath,
and left her gutted and bled-
O, how we've disgraced our mother,
prepare for the coming of the destroyer

3. Millenia's Ghost

behold! a glistening grey,
conqueror of flesh,
she glows a glistening grey,
conqueror of flesh-
we bleed for your mercy,
we stand in the mouth of bondage,
chewed nto oblivion-
as vultures dance in circles above our heads,
the pungent reek of his breath,
anointed by the seed-
the skyline in flames,
suspended in mid-flight-
devastation never looked so beautiful,
remains of the brave collect-
a monument to the plague,
another hoax, birthing enthrallment,
think of this as a farewell,
domination and glory,
a welcome to an open grave-
taste the cancer of a dying world,
the last prophecy of Apollyon,
birth and death converge-
let's set fire to this city,
save the ashes and throw them out to sea,
convulse the maelstrom,
funeral of Terra, taste the salt on our cheeks,
one day maybe we will be as free,
[as the ocean]-
silhouettes of penniless whores,
grace our streets tonight
if we dare look past the skyscrapers,
blasphemous machinery,
outstretched like cobwebs,
convulsing the maelstrom-
millenia's scream,
goes unheard,
it's hope that keeps us alive,
it's reality that makes us tremble,
millenia's scream

4. Shape Shifter

man corrodes,
rusting as towers crumbles,
society fixated on wealth and power,
industry and success, false ideals-
our honors, shall lead to self sacrifice,
they mean nothing, our struggle,
and prepare we must-
ignorant text regurgitated,
we drink it like alcohol,
drunk off our own innocence,
dancing like misled puppets,
lynched upon rotten strings-
our ancestors rot,
man, a failed experiment-
tribulations of hatred and desevration,
laughter from the heavens,
convulsions of our Christ, the shape shifter-
perverting purity and innocence,
he is the shape shifter

5. Hyperthralldom

in grief, we trusted,
only to be bound,
crucified, a living mockery,
hypnosis, my friend, save us tonight,
dare me wish a plague upon us,
exterminate the burden of breathin,
strangulation, such a gift,
i choose the gift of nothing-
mechanical towers tear a hole in the sky,
she sobs and clutches thy beads of Christ,
birth is the death of hope,
impaled upon a horizon,
once causing awe,
now entangled in venom,
collapse, breath, breath-
gurgling on our vomit,
we walk, forced into torment,
a far cry from divinity,
blasphemous, machine-
breaking the backs of cherubs,
we've unleashed dementia,
rotted, defiled, lay our mother,
a single tear, wave goodbye-

6. Regnum Cruoris

I stand on ash and bone,
we've waged this war onto ourselves,
machines won't cower like they once did,
our flesh will rip right from our bones,
until there's nothing left but ash-
we feed in the streets like maggots,
we scrape and find bits of flesh,
is this wrong, is this wrong-
my pale face, my skin,
hasn't seen the sun,
in what seems like years,
i can barely stand,
my throat is dry,
and acid rain will burn the flesh-
of our children now-
hear the cries,
what did we do,
to deserve this?

No way can we stand,
up to the front,
this is a massacre,
I will not bare arms,
one more time,
on the battlefield,
I will not fight,
we are the cancer,
hanging in the balance,
bodies fill the trenches,
we must bow our heads-
could this be our savior,
have our prayers been answered,
save our tortured earth,
behold, usurper-
as this city burns,
I stand on ash and bone,
I clench my fists and watch,
the becoming-
welcome me my people,
as I walk on the backs of the cowards,
I am the new king,
hail the new king,
down on your knees,
hail the new king

7. Oracle

I am the key,
the worm in the apple,
I am the key,
the revered automation,
butchering these slaves,
o, prince of insect,
taste thy sweet petals,
the fifth angel fell,
let the trumpet sound,
and bless the throne,
our lord is born,
the prince will rise-
we fear the future,
this mechanized holocaust,
we taste the steel,
progress in reverse,
success seems distant,
our only hope,
our only chance,
the throne,
the way of kings,
this is deception,
bless us thy grace our lord,
save us from this apparatus,
so the trumpets can sound again,
so there can be hope again-
god bless the pig,
the messiah must come,
revelation of Apollyon,
total annihilation-
where is our martyr, a stuck pig-
our hell is naked before him,
and there are no feeble barriers,
from the destruction,
our hell is naked before him,
this is our hell

8. The Conflagration Of Shangri-La

atrocities so absurd,
we've become what we set out to destroy,
a spiraling repetition into nihility,
behold, gluttonous,
we wouldn't exist without you,
cupidity, my lust escapes me,
ejaculating the thought of birth-
this axis, this breath,
one in a million,
doomed to reproduced, an itch,
in the throat of Lucine,
as we say our goodbyes [to this purgatory],
this monstrosity, decimation achieved-
take thy communion, and run with it,
where freedom is just another breath,
for here we are in bondage,
there is not escape from the wicked-
Forever, shall we rot.

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