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1. Teach

Don't let them sell you a cage, don't bleed for blood that I have bled.
I have thrown no kid kid to the wolves, so make your peace
The actor is not who he claimed, so carry on, they have painted gold,
This cage and the actor has betrayed and yet I repeat,
"Please, Step away from the ocean, you'll never understand."

White Flag.

Victory is such a lonely word,
but I have built my father's house
but I refuse to breathe the breath of the failure.
Resurrect and be blessed by the dead.
Don't dig up old bones.

2. Evolve

Stay Calm,
This Generation is a nervous one and they kill all they fear,
but they fear it all,
so they take the bait,
so disappear with me
for the captain has fell asleep hours ago
and they curse his name
because he fell asleep in the halls of the famed.
Wasting time (as our hands move across the earth with such finesse) is all I fear but she gives me rest,
stay with me or stay afraid
This is the plague we have always begged to see find death,
violence by default is the stage we play,
Stay with me, stay calm,
for the body is not what we lack.

3. Need

Is this the game?
Is this the way?
Or is this the fortune fabulous?
We found our song and it reads loud.
So speak it all the way up.
From the dirt straight to the grave, love is such a mighty long word.
Such a novel act.
Just stay awake.
From the dirt to the grave.
Is that a fact?
Make your mistake.
We supplied all your demands.
Give praise to the mediocre.
We built this on love.

4. Impress

Fall again.
Idolize the harvest we hold.
I've left enslaved.
So tragic.
Lost love.

5. Never I

Buried because of progress and profit, face the facts, you can send the harlot for the job of a pilgrim.
When we cast the script, we found it hard to tell either apart, enter the modern world.
Take rest my love because the thief is blessed with sounding bells,
the body count is all we got and I know that is hollow still.
Midnight is growing deer.
To sing of love or to sing of life is a lonely road but I walk in faith.
Shake up the press, raise the flag,
I have seen way too much to let my heart break.
With the father's past, how can distances be great?
This is for the Earth that slept too late.
Bless the thief.

6. Giveth

Settle down, we ain't alone anymore, we ain't afraid.
We cannot be alone anymore.
Pardon all the mess but the offer fits.
as we shake and as we sing along, the harmony is not me alone anymore.
My only regret is nothing.
If only those were my steps
keep them in their placement.
This alone shall be the death of me.
This is everything they all wanted.
Figure out your confidence.
But the tango begs for a partnership.
So make it a romance.
All in all we stay face against it.
Does this mean I'm a threat?
Well am I a threat or am I success?

7. Abandon

Is this the blessing or the curse?
Should I belong to the trend?
At least it's a tragedy that will only come once.
A choir of men sing sanctuary in faith.
Let's make them believe that they are going to live.
Madame, I don't know your name but I know your face.
Yeah, they sacrifice but its costs nothing madame.
I don't know your name but I know your face.
Is this the blessing or is the the curse?

8. Daggers

Take it all back.
Is this the fashion, "Medic" painted on a white dress or is this the formal crowd?
Where is the battle?
Absent from wealthy minds and far from all concerned.
Now take your places and may peace breed.
Fight you own war.
Old men, keep dreaming of battles for young men to fight.
It's only skin deep.
Make your spine just like your pride and if you find a heart I hop it bleeds grace.
Sell "peace" as a limited time.
For "limited" I say, is a choice to fight.
Take your voices down.
Tear it down.

9. Oversea

In the hour of the sixth, forty men minus one, definition by definition, grow bleak.

10. Mrs. Montgomery Alabama III

Receive my fate, long live the ghost, long live the king.
Make your mistakes no more.
While other men try no more.
As we step right behind the beast, hand in hand.
Love is easier made than kept.
As we hide behind the dream, receive the burden and it shows.

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