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1. Back To Back

This is the last chance you got, Open Wide.
We both know we're both going to die,
But theres a difference with you and I.
You want peace but refuse the fight so shake hands with change tonight.
Bathe in armor,
For death feeds.
O' death don't bother me tonight
Be grace, my God, and stand still.
Be grace my God, and send more minutes.
For churches have nuns.
Cowboys got guns and everyone's waiting to die.

2. They Faced Each Other

You can't stop the race. People moving in place. Running a crooked path from place to place.
paved in gold. The chords from which we hang, weaken everyday.
They beg for strength, but they are blessed by our blade.
Questions on our minds. Buildings on the rise.
Diamonds instead of our eyes and corporate fights
O' busy busy bees walking to and from, what if we close eyes?
What if we can't wake up?
I hope you all rest in peace, I hope you find what your looking for.
But if that is all you got, theres got to be more.
They lay carpet that's made of red and we walk paths of gold but we are blind just past the noise in this tree covered earth.
Yes, that is right.
Can we disappear from all we got?
We are scattered on God's grace but we are a drip, we are a flash, we are a mist, we are a speck,
But we got time.

3. They Drew Their Swords

Well. She is waking up and she is finding out she has no pulse.
Just like her "God" that she is trying to sell, but she ain't bought.
Her lion is scared because he is finding out she's waking up and he can't stop breaking down and fading out as she gets up.
Well. She looks around.
"Ariel, you have no pulse. Much like your religion. But it is fine. Just fake it."
the wrath of God's grace is but an ocean to a child.

4. And Shot Each Other

Embrace reaction. We ain't god, but here he comes.
Destiny is real and she comes with a smile. Passing by your grave.
Reach the plague. Black plague.
In this city that never speaks and wakes up swinging, we will paint the rivers red.
It's fate, because they sing the same songs and they just keep singing.
But up above every storm is the day. Shake hands with fate, and with fate shake hands.
How happy is every child of grace, who feels his sins forgiven.
This world, he cries, is not my place. I seek a place in heaven.
A country far from mortal sight, yet oh, by faith I see!
The land of rest, the saint's delight, a heaven prepared for me.
Oh, what a blessed hope is ours while here on earth we stay.
We more than taste the heavenly powers and antedate that day.
We feel the resurrection near.
Our life in Christ concealed and with his glorious presence here our earthen vessels filled.

5. The Deaf Policemen

Place: this is where the giants roam and their horses stand so tall.
And their fists engaged, and fingers bent back to the palm, except one.
And you ain't seen nothing yet.
All my judges burn, from their gunshot eyes.
A direct line that travels at the speed of light into my heart, into my mind.
I read between the lions. the forest grows from their eyes.
I was not placed upon the grass of this ever-fading earth for a standing ovation and its romance.
I was placed for the warning, so heed the warning.
And they cannot look away for if they do and cross paths with a wall that reflects all it sees and it shows the truth.
Shows the fake. shows the past. Shows all of the mistakes, and it shows everything that they refuse to see.
Because if there's blood on the roots, then there is blood on the branches.

6. Heard This Noise

How can I smile while the vampires sing?
I must confess, sometimes, I live up in a tree.
Blessed by a ghost with an open arm and a steady hand for redemption.
I forget that winter comes with a deadline and then she's gone. Cold air cage opened up.
Resurrected: dark angels and the conversation gets placed once again.
Underneath my brain and up in front of my mouth.
Technology, well, she takes a walk and she is so proud.
The catalysts include a microphone and a highway of wires, misused and taken for granted.
How can I smile while the vampires sing?
I must confess, sometimes, I live and dream.
Blessed by a ghost with an open arm and a steady hand for redemption.

7. Then Came To Kill

Fight priest, fight. take pictures.
Make alright what you have lost,
Give pride back to the ground.
You have got all you want.
But you've got a wreck.
Everyone in this whole wide world.
Wake up and panic.
Fortune wears a red dress, but her bones smell of death.
They all stare, but no one seeks.
They all claim, but no one speaks.
They all hear what they want.
Panic preacher, panic.
Beware of these sheep in the costume of wolves lies,
They come in pairs of two and we only die twice,
But for such a long time.
Just because you kiss a lot, that don't mean you're in love.
Just because you have begun, that doesn't mean you've won.
Well I was a second son, not born but just once, and all my friends be gray.
The fade out.
They all close the door and no one speaks out loud.
The fade out.
Take my heart, prophet.

8. The Two Dead Boys

The situations progressed. We built this city on rock and roll.
It's my only regret. But bad is never good till there is worse.
Scatter the ash of our homes.
At the advisor's request, they suggest that we blame someone else.
And we all say nothing more. Lay down your hands over your eyes.
Our hearts don't beat like before. Bathing in the river of half hearted souls.
Take me away from everything.
We gathered wings of an angel and we flew up to the gates, to be with god, but when we got to the sun we lost our wings up to the flames and sold our souls to the devil.
The red devil.

9. Forgive Me Nashville

Basically, everything is going wrong and your only heart is gone.
It is out of reach and it's grown.
But you didn't breakdown, you pressed on and you found out that everyone preaching god had turned off all their lights or they have buried their teeth inside a contradicting life.
Wait: don't gnash your teeth and waste away.
Have you fallen asleep with a dagger in between your bones?
That was thoughtfully placed by your own wretched finesse.
Watching, all the sparkles start to fade, and everyone lose their way, the monsters that they make.
Well, don't blame the wine glass for the drunkard, dig up your bones.
Watching, all the new become mundane. and the sun turns into rain,
Distances don't fade, what's golden is now gray.
Walk on, and you'll never walk alone.

10. The Trumpet

The chariot! The chariot! Its wheels roll in fire,
As the lord cometh down in the pomp of his ire!
Lo! self moving it drives on its pathway of clouds.
And the heavens with the burden of godhead are bowed.
O mercy! O mercy! Look down from above,
Great creator, on us, thy sad children, with love.
When beneath, to their darkness, the wicked are driven,
May our justified souls find a welcome in heaven.

All lyrics by Josh Scogin

Thanks to skatethis013 for sending tracks ## 1-3 lyrics.
Thanks to iam for sending tracks ## 4-10 lyrics.

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