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1. Evan Perks

Barely only breathing. My differences, my fight, comes into the light.
And to shadows, that cannot exist without the light, please refer to the end of the page.
"Stay with us", standing alone,"Come with us". "Stayed" is a lonely ghost.
Or break into death, shake my heart in your hands.
This relationship burns.
Disappointed, I know you are! [X8]

2. The Audience

She raises up her voice.
To the public she will speak.
She makes her way to stardom.
May the warning on your head be a chain unto your neck.
Don't give in, don't give in.
“Come along with us” they say.
“Let's like in wait for someone.”
“Let's waylay on their soul.”
“Let's swallow them alive”
To the bottomless pit they wait, they fake, everything they can bleed dry and they fill up their house with waste.
So don't stay and make believe that they are home.
Don't go along, don't beg for blood, don't set your feet, don't beg to bleed.
These men lay and wait for their own blood to rise up.
Don't set the trap for everyone to see it.
These men waylay on themselves.
I never sang along to the beast.
They shake inside their blood.
As we pass the storm, don't go: refrain.
For I never knew your name.
From a whisper she raises her voice to me.

3. Calvin Makenzie

Make no mistakes, my voice is clear. And though it may be a subtle threat: Mayflower, swing low, because your love has such few regrets.
We cannot distinguish all of the world. So celebrate and sing along. It is a gift. It's where I belong.
Straight down and to the east, I place my hands out in front of me. We are ALL the crowd. To the sweet by and by I come.
To the crowd be blessed. I swear I won't let you choke. You give me nothing but rest and a loving hand. I belong to the war.
I belong to your side. I cant hold my breath but I swear I think this is the start. That's the nature of the beast.
If we have nothing left but death, it's a clear but subtle threat.
'The south is where I lay my sword and the stage is where my heart will rest'.
We are the crowd.

4. The City

This is only the start
You're only opening the book
You're only on the first line of what's going to take a little while
I hope you don't hold your breath because they revolt like a choir
They say the language is dead, well, then why do we speak
I hope you understand that my brain is fixed

Into the next town
This is only a revolt

Enough is enough because we cannot be late
Basically, you've been defined as "unworthy of love"
And I confess, I had placed in my heart the same address but I paint with my words
"You're free, don't fear, this is just a revolt"

Into the next town
This is only a revolt

Calm rose: violent wind
The only "surrender" tonight, shall not be our own
They cannot escape, one if by land, two if by sea
I saved my money, but it can't save me
And maybe there is blood from the past, but that is not from me
They can take away one man, and they can take away his mic
But they cannot take us all
No, they can't dig a hole the right size to fit all of our dreams
They can't bury me, they can't bury me
We can't hope that somebody else take our place
No, we can't hope that somebody else take our place

May the history book read of all of our names
Be it blood, be it ink, but at least we were free
This is only but a fraction of what I've got to say
It must be said, it must be sad
If I leave this earth tonight may it be said that I spoke my peace
I spoke with the wrath of his grace
Calm rose: come violent wind
Oh we stand hand in hand and we walk without fear
This is a revolution

5. Andy Sundwall

In feathers we came, we learned from you ways and the tricks up your sleeve and we grew.
But the distance between the earth and our feet was the only thing never to change.
But it opened our eyes to something they missed.
Something they put away back on the shelf.
They can't see it through the immaculate dress, so they sing like a stranger instead of the one they call home.
We can't believe in everything we hear. Diamonds by association don't count.
I am NOT saying we've got it all figured out but why accept silver when you're given gold. What good is just one wing?
Stuck in your ways, tossed about by the sea. Waving around your gun that you'll never shoot.
Waste not life's grace and don't assume that we are all the same. Stand up turn and draw.
I am not them, we are not them, they are not us and we don't relate. We are as much the same as lungs to the sea.
Please don't confuse the heart, behind the name.
Putting their voices on top of the crowd so that everyone hears they are mighty and great.
Maybe I broken and maybe I am shaking, but at least I say what I say. I confess, we were bored from your ways.
We grew bored from your ways. We want more.
We can't step away from the ocean just because the waves are thick. Oh we press.

6. The Earth

Wretched faces. This is nothing new to me, but still, enraptured. Don't keep grabbing the wind.
This is a loaded gun, this is a loaded question. When can you stop? When is perfection? Maybe I'm already the one out.
Consolidate all your fears. I can't take this, nothing sacred. This is of course as told from the knife.
You painted your eyes to make them wide again. I tip my hat to the great, to the classics. This is not my face, this is this weeks fear.
This is not my voice. They tell you to speak: the hesitation. This is not my fate. They can't take it away.
This is not mine anymore. Take hold, bring it all back down to the first love. This is not my fate. All in vain.

7. David De La Hoz

[feat. Dan Smith of LISTENER]

You bet we fight, until pressed against six feet of distance and earth
Yeah we make mistakes that our fathers have made and my troubles come up from the earth
My teeth grit, fierce, and I beg you to understand, Grace is my name
Tongues run amok and fangs will breed on fangs
So keep your secrets in the mattress and pray that they don't escape
It's impossible act of building our bridges much faster than they burn
Stay, because I can't afford the distance shadowing my heart
And what good is a sinner if we haven't got grace

Save the son
My troubles boulevard across the land
Save the son
They're keeping secrets in the mattress
Save the son
Save the son
I'm trying to keep them right here
I've given up all my weapons and headed home

I can see the words inside your silence, but I can't speak about your pain for you
How long can you burn for anyways
Turning over and back again with tongues ablaze like lions without teeth, hungry
Staring at the forests of flames and our eyes just talking with the trees
If we could drift long enough we'll be home
Sails blown by the fire within pushing me to you
And you can live inside of me, sewn together
Breaking, inhaling, growing and breaking again and again
And you are a part of me
You are my home and I'm your home but I'm no place you want to be
So I'm out here again, sparks hid behind my teeth
I won't say a word for fear of failure spreading
It takes some of us longer to get to our dead-ends now
Oh blood-stained with loose living
Ran through charcoal hearts to make it red
And we can be on fire again, you and I, you want this
Well say what you want, say what you mean
Or we can talk, lung to closed ear
Head inside a hand turning over again, together
Cut up with cheap heat running through our veins
And we can lay brick by broken brick, our ashes pushed in between
And build this road back home to where we wanna be
We are not on our own, we are the same

Let fangs give birth to fangs but I can't walk away
But I can't walk away
Let them breed

8. The Heavens

Well, if dancing is a revolution, grab the kids, grab the neighbors alike.
If I had a gun for every time we spoke, I could arm the whole world and take it for ransom.
Dare not would you ask of me.
We cannot delete it just because of the trend tossed about by the waves of the sea.
We cannot delete it just because of the fight that is here. When we say it, we mean it.
Cannot delete it, we are not here because coat tails rain before the love.
Cannot delete it just because of the truth that rains and shakes inside.

9. Robert Rios

Well there is nothing else that we can lose. I put heart upon my sleeve tonight. I know everything will change soon,
I can see it in your eyes. You won't be here for very long. If no one hears you, will you still want to sing?
If the harmonies disappear? They can't take our place.
I believe she is different that you and I.
She can see things that we can't see. She is alone in this modern life.
My voice is forever changed but the notes are all the same. How long till you want to see? I think we want it out of reach.
And if it's something that I'll never come back well I told you not to look at me
Because it's a man made thought with a God-like hook and we will never have to go down.
So praises to the war machine and the distances growing thin and the hopelessness of a tiny earth and make shift hit.
I watched as she walked away. I knew the moment she turned her back.
She could never be the same again and she is never coming back.
In the land of a thousand fathers she was born on the fourth of July.
Well that don't mean she was made in America because she was gone in the blink of and eye.
She belongs but she acts like a stranger. She collapsed but she ain't free.
I am my only devil and they'll believe what they want to believe.

10. The King

This language is dead.

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