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1. Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville

Ten thousand times ten thousand. Walking and marching and running and
shoving and pressing on. Step by step, to the grave, marhcing on. You have
a song; unsung. I sing a new song; falling on deaf ears. Unsung.

2. Someday, In The Event That Mankind Actually Figures Out What It Is That This World Revolves Around, Thousands Of People Are Going To Be Shocked...

I didn't know that this fuse was for the end of it all. With a grin and a
flame I watch the glory. With my back pressed against the wall and my
face six feet from the ground, a smile escapes, because my closet holds
no bones.

3. Dialogue With A Question Mark

Dancing around, into the isle and into the yard. Yes, we are practicing
for war. Beg for your face. Beg for your fingertips. The request; the response.
The emeralds of all we claim cost nothing unless we walk off stage and then
bury it for all to see. Precious diamonds.

4. Die Interviewer

This world is a stage. Broken bones, no regrets. This world is a stage and
everyone seems to have their opinion. Stick around, stay for a while. I am
chocking on someone else's blood and the fingertips of God. So stick around
and let me tell you about it because far too many don't say.

5. And Then Came Then

My world be ashes, and a casket for all I want.
The apocalypse, this way comes.
So come.
Sing this song.
Repent: Kingdom
The end is here and she will not remain silent.
The Devil is in Atlanta.
City: Surrounded
Army: Surrounded
Fort: Surrounded

6. The Company The Comfort The Grave

Walk backwards. Say goodbye to what's right. Understanding what makes this,
what makes us, what makes us right. God save this gun slinging generation.
"Tell God i will return in the morning." This Christ you preach, i know, but
who are you? Your hands are tied to blind men, whose hands are tied to blind
men. Figure eights. This pistol is my ministry.

7. The Bullet Never Lies, And Time Will Prove All Things

"Well then, i hope that you receive this letter. I passed by and i saw you.
Kicking about in your own blood. Stand, form, grow, are the words i spoke.
Promises are what i gave." Diamonds. Beautiful queen. How soon we all
forget. "Like mother, like daughter." The seas of lament have found their
home, dancing around, amongst your bones. Hello America, where is your
future? Grace.

8. Yellow Dress Locked Knees

Making your way to the front of a crowded room. Pointing. Life; make mine
clean, and sing wide, sweet chariot. Perfection, done right. Puedes desirme
si este mundo estoy combiando? Esta as la realidad que tu quieres que yo
viva. Jesus yo quiero que este mundo te conosca. Regosigate, favoresete con
este humilde sirviente. "Hey waitress, make your peace."

9. If Wishes Were Horses, More Beggars Would Ride Them

A bullet to the sun. Erase everything we have done. Please, like a theif,
won't you come? Put an end to all this fun. I will see you in a Broadway
year, a New York second, a Wall Street minute, a Hollywood moment. This
is it. Why does not, this world just stop?

10. Goodnight My Lady, And A Forever Farewell

This horseless carriage leads me home. My hands remain folded. My life
reamins a sunday. Brick by brick i built this staircase. Brick by brick
i walk on. Situated just below the ground and just above your head. Throw
your roses, throw your tears down. If we don't meet (again) this side of
heaven, make sure you're right. Stutter.

Thanks to xzaoforeverx, shermann24, theloneranger & others for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to danny for correcting track #5 lyrics.

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