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1. En-Hakkore

My thoughts are distant, my mind is clouded
Ove rand over again I find myself seeking, searching
I'm left still wanting, cerebral crawling in the landscape of ideas

Wrapped so tight, in the cold embrace of pride
The only thing, holding me from the grace at His side

En-hakkore;The spring of him who called
My life empowered by The Father of us all
En-hakkore;My broken, feeble plea
The water rushing forth consoles my deepest needs

Now from my heart flows a living river, so gifted me by the tongues offire
I feel the gift so freely placed, now flowing through my veins
Desperately I search for the answers, to the riddles I have so long pondered
All high and lofty things, are brought low, before The Lord

Yet still I have an uncontrollable thirst,
to see the source and know the face of The One who came first
This thought now grips my heart no matter how hard I try
The thought of Transcendence meeting me eye to eye

I will seek You, I will find You, I will seek You, I will know You

Not one thing could take the place, nothing could share this yoke

2. Itching Ears

What profit is it for a man, to gain the world and lose his soul?

Hear me now, I speak the words of truth,
The love of self leads to a weakened structure
All the words set forth upon this page
Profit the soul much greater than all earthly gain

It's so much more than just catechization,
The vexation of my own predilections
The sacred texts have been and always will be,
That we may be equipped for every work

On and on we cycle words in contest
Striving to dredge the truth from our iniquity
All the worth of my insipid pandering
Falls prostrate before the throne of majesty

It's so much more than just catechization,
The vexation of my own predilections
The sacred texts have been and always will be,
That we may be equipped for every work

The search goes on and on, to fill their itching ears

They've walked away from wisdom, and clung themselves to myth
Of all the ways we've faltered, the greatest may be this
To wander far from teaching to please my rotten flesh
Is folly lower reaching than climbing into the pit

Treacherous,reckless, ungrateful and heartless
Wearing His name and still denying His power
Treacherous,reckless, ungrateful and heartless
Grasping at knowledge and still lacking the truth

3. In The Taking Of Flesh: Theanthropos

Possessed by God Himself from before and beyond
Sharing the task of this masterful craft
As His hand reached for the deep, stretching the canvas tight
Spoke matter into substance, outside of time and space
Assigned the sea it's limit, and set the sun in place
His lungs then passed to our form, the breath of His own life
The spark of life

Seen in glimpses, an apparition of pure benevolence
A sight to behold, The Angel spoke of old in Divine Essence
To think a man once beheld the Truth incarnate
To think once more that this man lived to tell

The power of the universe, then wrapped so small
Immanuel,inherent man of quintessence
The life of love, sent to speak the words of He who sent
Choosing at every turn submission to His will

Humility is all I see, rightful king and conqueror sitting in a place so low
Endowed with all power and wisdom
Still obeying right into the prying hands of Death

Speaking truth to all who had ears to hear
Touching the hearts of those who harbored naught but fear
Rejecting crowns and thrones that He had been shown
In favor of the time He'd come for His own

4. In The Taking Of Flesh: Diakonos

The Lamb, pure and Holy, the only One found worthy
The cup would not be passed, no this cup would not be passed

The agony of the prayer, and the sorrow of His heart
To know the weight of sin that would soon rest only on Him
How bittersweet the tears of blood, how costly was that flow?
The sanguine stain upon His brow, how desperate was that plea?

The sting of betrayal in the kiss of a newly made stranger
The abandonment of a friend, for nothing more than greed
There was found no fault in Him, perfectly blameless yet
Given to death, not just for Barabbas, but for the whole of man

And it was my sin, that held Him to that cursed piece of a tree
Yet in His power he submitted, giving strength to those who whipped
Giving breath to those who mocked

"Eloi, Eloi! Lema sabachthani?" He was forsaken for the sake us us all

And in this forsaking, was found His victory
His final breath heard both in Heaven and in Hell
Against the gates of which He has prevailed
The veil was torn, the temple destroyed
And in the tomb rebuilt again
He holds the keys
The One found worthy
It is finished

5. Wretched Restless Forms

The hunger I have
And the thirst I possess
Are naught if I bathe in this filth
That feels like home

Actions of my hands
Passions of the heart
All fade and rot if I'm left here alone

All things dead in me are cast aside
And at the core I'm made new
But this wretched, restless form will fight me every single step of the way

The advocate sent for my aid
Renews, revives and transforms with mercies new
Day by day I'm sanctified in submission to his way

I'm washed in the blood
That much is always true
But the choices I make
Ant the actions I take
Serve to broaden of obstruct my view

By the spirit we have the power to resist
Just as he has the power to forgive

Oh, lord, cleanse me, cleanse me

The advocate sent for my aid
Renews, revives and transforms with mercies new
Day by day I'm sanctified in submission to his way

6. Erchomai

There is an ache that cannot be eased
In this temporary home to which I have been leashed
It drives deep to the core, rattling the oldest of bones
It's fanning the faintest of flames
And moving the greatest of stones

This primal cry, inscribed into my inner being
Is echoed in the foundations of this groaning word formed earth

This want can I so faintly know
In satisfaction of the seeing
The promises fulfilled by Him
By Him Who has all worth

The One who comes brings with Him judgement
The One who comes brings with Him wrath
Now I ask you this my brothers
Who could stand before that?

The One who comes brings with Him justice
The One who comes brings with Him mercy
How undeserved is His forgiveness
And to my ears is sounds so sweet

This,the fulfillment of Your wishes
The grand unfolding of Your plan
We see as through a glass lit dimly
Until He comes to take her hand

The Spirit and the bride say "Come!"
With all who hear and yet still thirst
The Spirit and the bride say "Come!"
Yet these things must take place first

7. Of Jasper And Carnelian

Behold this One of power, Behold the One upon the throne

Set before Him, on a sea of crystal glass
The Seraphim declare His worth
Not one thing holds them there
But the great mystery, the Maker of heaven and earth

Set your eyes towards the epitome of Glory
Who holds the keys of Life and Death
Lend your ears to His thunderous voice
You'll find it hard to keep your breath

Enraptured by the sensation Divine
The Jasper King, magnificent before my eyes
Holy is The Lord, God Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come

There is but One found worthy
Weep no more, and dry your tears
To Him upon the throne
Be glory and power forever

8. Thou Knowest

Could you believe you've gone too far?
Has His great reach stretched to its end?

"Oh son of man, can these bones live
In shambles though they stand?"
"The only answer I can propose
Is that Thou knowest, Lord"

Out from the graves, from the mouth of Death itself
Raised into mercy, delivered from all chains

Not one thing stands outside His grasp
Not one of you would be denied
If only you would turn to hear
The kindness of His call

Let no thought enslave you
Let no man dissuade you
Let no chain still bind you
Let no fog still blind you

9. Quintessence

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