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1. Outgunned

as strong as any weapon as sharp as any blade
a burning desire to rise above and overcome any barricade
to vault over the burning ashes of those not up to the task
and make up for whats lost in muscle by outfighting those who'd block our
the same pain that stops you drives me on
we've all been outnumbered
we've all been outgunned
but i'll choose to stand where you choose to run
as strong as any weapon as sharp as any blade
in spite of hurt and in spite of pain
i've got scars to remind me
tough times and darker days
new demons arise but i won't change
with every dark days sunset comes the promise of new days
and what was lost cannot be in vain.
you sit and cry and about the pain in your life
but what have you done to make it change
tears won't do nothing but ruin your make-up
and i've no time for your complaints
go and suffer
i've not times for your complaints.

2. Rattlesnakes

i check my hand, it's shredded and bleeding
from holding broken glass punching echoes in the face
can't see you, eyes covered, not looking your ice blue eyes pierce like
lightning through the space
thirteen arrows tear tunnels right through me
my fingers stuff the holes but the bleeding it persists
check my mirror its cracking distorted
my vision could be questioned but the visage no doubt mine
and now i'm teasing with these rattlesnakes
i'm kissing cobras on the head
i roll the dice despite my past mistakes
only the lucky end up dead
i'll face the pain but the pain ain't mine
i shouldn't walk this late at night
asking for trouble when i climbed that fence
i'm out of my mind - shes out of sight
hey mom i'm going out tonight so put my calls on hold
now joey no fights tonight, i'd bet shed wish i was
hey mom i'm going out tonight so tell em' i'm not home
now joey no trouble tonight, how does she always know.

3. The Screaming

the past is never, so far they won't still come back
burning and hating and biding their time
until they find their weakness
they've waited and their time has come at last
to overcome and break you, drag you back
the gate has been opened the screaming are calling
bolting through shadows till they are upon you
waiting in hiding, chomping the bit
you've stumbled and fallen and they smell your bleeding
you rise from your knees try to get to your feet
to run from the breathing the screaming have found you
the dive from the trees descending upon you
the stench of rotting burns your vision
the time has come - to run is futile
claws dig into your legs
they've tasted blood, their talons claw at you
now to see what your made of
punching and fighting
crys for help, for help go unheard
the screaming the crying
the demons they surround
tasting your own blood
it spills and soaks the ground
you plead unto deaf ears
choke on blood as you're torn wide
the life now it pours out from you
and blackness fills your eyes.

4. Marked For Life

i stand alone
i chose this path for me
and though your gone
i'm marked for life
one more time
another falls
we're going round and round again
carve it on my stone
on the day i die.
as strong now
are my feelings
what it means and it still matters.
live my life for no one but me
and this path has strengthened me
i stand tall
it burns - i raise my fist
declaration - my heart
its drives me-on my stone.
true till death.
i look around, i dont like what i see.
whats this about - i'm marked for life
they've let me down, those that we once looked to
it's so clear now - i'm marked for life
i look around, how did it get so bad
wont let them down - i'm marked for life
we'll tear it down, there's nothing left for me
get off the ground - i'm marked for life
and here i stand - i'm my strongest ever
and though they may fall, i'm still marked for life.

5. Trial By Fire

kill yourself all by yourself
your eyes cried dry and you've gained nothing
hearts in shreds your own knife
refuse to escape your self made torture
alone by yourself only hurts if you need someone
to need truly need anothers touch can lead you into...
and i'm sorry, if my momentary lapse just caused you one more thing
and knowing what i've done can tug a fraying tear
like thread slipping through my fingers and thats not much to show for pain
but in the end you'll learn its worth
alone by yourself only hurts if you need someone
to need truly need anothers touch can lead you into hell
longing, desire, burning inside her
crawling in darkness, only a glimmer of hope as she yelled these words.
i'll face my pain
on my own - standing strong
prove for myself.

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