Dark Lyrics


1. The Dying Of The Light


slightly colder, growing darker
only I can see
the earth, it inches farther
from the sun into the sea

I am now the sum of all the demons that infest
a cancer of my own construct
and built in self defense

no moon, no stars
blacked and ripped out from the sky
no dawn, no day
fly the banner of true night


I can feel the subtle chill in the breeze that rushes by
the only light that touches a dying sun lost to life
I can hear the dimming of the sound of rampant life
as I crawl on through the ashes towards the dying of the light

2. Circle Of Salt

hollow now, no warmth exhaled
eyes will not, light has failed
sleep don't dream, nothing mends
nerves are killed, buried with friends

afar, apart
below, besides
reach can't feel
search can't find
arms are numb, these hands are dead
greying now: blackening

I want pain again
can't cry, why can't..?

it won't bleed
I can't bleed

there was heat and light and day
there was life, there was “they”
granite columns stripped away
what remains? what am I?

it doesn't slow
and it doesn't end
sleep, don't dream
but nothing mends
it never gets better

3. Crippling Despair

static and glacial in your eyes
frozen, beneath a starless sky
granite, my will has bled with time
shattered, to this fate I am resigned

dare not lift my gaze upon
fear now claims reign over all I have become

I am nothing more
I want nothing more
these binds, so precious to me
as veins and arteries
your binds, so precious to me
veins that make you and I “we”

you, you are the starless sky over my endless night
I freeze in black absent of your light
surrendered, I have bled myself with time
hollow, I am nothing in your eyes

4. Sunlight

did I..?
were you held just a bit too hard
in my arms
were you kept just a bit too long?
is it morning again?
so comes the sun so goes your eyes
weren't they mine?
you rise to your feet
wipe the soil from your knees
bound away with the breath from chest as I lay vexed
is it morning again?
god damn the sun
what calls to you that you can't refuse?
is it true?
did I proclaim just a bit too loud?
merely a beast who loves only as a beast knows how
didn't you want a gun?
broken beaten no light no sun
didn't I destroy them all as you called?
now your feet are firmly planted just the way I showed you how
look at you now: straight and tall and with me left on the ground
is it morning again?
here I lay cold and supine with my mind
nailed down in your shadow look how easily you flee
something handsomer now
it's no longer a beast that you need
did I..?
were you held just a bit too hard
in my arms
were you kept just a bit too long?

5. Unbaptized

unclean crushed underneath
a broken idol that I once believed
I am outcast, I am obsolete
only shadow and lie left surrounding me
this is not my home, there will be no peace
I have been cast out, I am marked deceased
this is not my home, I will have no peace

I am lost, know nowhere else
my one place of peace now the coldest hell
these haunted halls in which I have bled
once kept me whole now just another death
I feel their eyes drag over me
my thoughts race, it's crippling
I breathe, I know where I stand
I can count my friends on one fucking hand

leaches and sheep on their hands and their knees
feast on the corpse, mindless and weak
poison the air with the words that they speak
I choke on the filth, I can't fucking breathe
corrupted, infected, take the shape of something real
the soulless and crooked, they burn and they steal
pushing through thorns and the blade of their kind
a curse and a crutch, a shallow grave that is mine

I walk this earth – unbaptized
I have no home – unbaptized
I stand alone – unbaptized
I'll be laid low

6. A Quiet Corner

jaws crack and bleed
knives replace the teeth

in the depths and black I have found heat
forgotten fire helped me see

the door will close, the gate will seal
the beast of dreams to be made real
all that lay before laid to rest
only prey, only death

as it was summoned it will breathe
a silent reign inside of me
the flesh cracks, tears and bleeds
daggers rise and stab, it screams

at last my soul will find its sleep
my mind can rest, my heart will ease
the quiet corner that I seek
at last will rise surrounding me

jaws crack and bleed
knives replace the teeth

7. Send Me Down

Send, send me down.
Push me deep and far beneath the ground
Somewhere cold and absent of light.
Point my way, I seek only time.
Send, send me down.
Somewhere cold where I cannot be found
I have run as far as crooked legs could run
And fallen hard in the blood, the earth and the snow
I have bled, bled within seconds of dropping cold
Smiling wide,wide as an ocean of faith and hope.
Hold me down
Fill my lungs-let me drown.
I have betrayed, stolen and slain because you would have it so
Returned to the shade, returned to the blade in defense of your broken home.
Beaten and shunned, now but a gun empty and rotting out
An obstinate fool, a zealot for you, abandoned and broken down.
Hold, hold me down.
Fill my lungs-let me drown.
Tie me on high, open the lines-spill this filth out.
Lay me low, roll over the stone, light the ground behind.
Burn what remains of my written name
Commit my face to time.
Hold, hold me down.


you stand the cause of it all
you are the locusts that fall
you leave nothing behind
hollow and barely alive
your lips drank me dry
now I struggle to rise
I saw you come as the dawn
bringing light, bringing warmth
an inferno disguised
you summon sorrow and sin
and I let you in
now I rot with my prize

you are a legion in black
I gave all all I had
you were not satisfied
left it burnt to the ground
left me deaf from the sound
of your treacherous cries

now I stalk the ashes of this poisoned earth
inhaling only smoke of your poisoned words
nothing to be salvaged, stolen dignity
no flesh, no blood, no sanity
alone I'm forced to suffer in my agony
the demise I have called forth is the end of me

9. She Upon The Black Wolf

Andras, hold me
sing to me the weakness of them all
give to me the answers to bring about their fall

Andra-inanya, I beg of you your cost
cast all who stand as traitors into chaos and beyond
all cracks within their armor, bless me with them all
all 30 mighty legions rising to your call
whisper to me angel the answers that I seek
to crush all my betrayers, see them laid beneath my feet
all that I will offer, all I'll ever be
I kneel before you, Andras, bestow these gifts on me

she upon the black wolf, give your sword to me
answer me the riddles of my enemy
I am your zealot, I am begging this of thee
shower upon them chaos and anarchy

Andras, hold me
Andras, pull me to your side
light the way I cannot find

10. Bones To Dust


11. Sunset

how you stand so proud towering over me?
your shadow freezes all as far as I can see
the game you wove as torture, always mocking me
my once deepest fear, taking all leaving me

the more I live to learn, the less I know at all
inching towards the fate you've desired all along
nothing brings me closure, silence or relief
I only know confusion, discontent, my misery

time and time again denied a moment's peace of mind
a single second's silence of my thoughts: a treasure you decline


my waking walking hours spent in prison infinite
undefinable affliction spreads through all that lies within

sunset – dragging me towards emptiness
sunset – on I march without regret
sunset – pulling me towards emptiness
sunset – further I fall without regret

call me home

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