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1. Welcome Fuckers

Welcome fuckers its the end as you know
Welcome time to reap what you've sowed
Welcome fuckers with your face so cold
Doesn't matter, lake of fire your new home
Nobody's listening little boy wipe your eyes
Little bastard don't look so surprised
Little fuckers you weep and you moan
Little brother what you gave you will own
Did you know better? are you sorry? I don't know
Doesn't matter wave goodbye as your thrown

2. The Wolf

I walk the path to tragedy
A worthless heart without empathy
As the sun now sets upon these chains
Colossus rots where once were flames
Rots and rusts in blackened fields
Agony's screamed (at) the gates to hell
I crawl on towards deaths mercy
Kept at arms length, theres no release.
I fall shivering (in) the shadow of the beast
Seven serpents crawl up my legs and smother me
I am a liar to the crown
I dance on the tombs of kings and spit on hallowed ground
Screams burn like fire, but make no sound.
I cower here a prisoner on the shore to the blackest sea
I ask not why the wolf howls
It howls for me
And I see the tide crawl in time with iron bells
Call me back to father in the pits of seven hells.
And I fall.

3. Leechbath

Crushed under the weight of their writhing fits
Teeth like hooks carve deep within
The heartless
And empty
Feeding inside
Swallowing what little lights in my life
Spineless, the cowards
Devoid of all depth
Surround me, cling tightly
Suck the life from my chest
You scum
You fucks
I'm buried alive, they crawl around me
Blink of an eye, my whole life has been stolen from me
Feel them crawl inside my neck, behind my eyes, inside my head
I choke and gasp to catch my breath while bloods coughed out across my chest

I know you know the truth about this fucking song
That nothings fucking over and nothings done
A hate unspoken still burns as hot
Nothings forgiven
Nothings forgot

Because I feel no pain anymore.

4. The Hellbound Heart

Behold godless soul
Wrought of hate for a sinners toll
Awash in flesh and greed I bow
A thousands days in numbing cold
Poisoned lips and poisoned cups
Hidden knives and worthless fucks
A dance of death
And end of days
I worship none
None more than pain
Through a pit of blades I stray, regret now blacks the light of days of younger flesh and younger hearts
Where faith in time and youth still sparked the will to leave the house each day.
I saw my path but chose to stray
And now I crawl on back and say I've seen my heart and youth decay.

I'm broken
And I hope to die alone
I've been failed by every hero I've held
I've called a burning house a home
I'm dying and its no ones fault but my own
I've chose to burn to this body and mind
This hellbound heart I'll own

Help me I'm in hell, among the lost to life I dwell
Demons tear and shred this soul
As walking death infects the world I know

I'm unburied
But fucking dead.

5. On Hooks

Everyday I feel this life is drowning me
Every face to cross my path is sickening
A pit devoid of soul, of heart or empathy
I try to find a point at all but I cant see.
On these fucking hooks I'll hang
To writhe and rot in iron chains
Spirit guides and pills for pain
They drag me to an early grave
I've faced the truth I wont be saved
Its far too late for epiphany
The cloaked ghost will strike the days
Until this world is through with me

I try but I cannot relate at all
Theres no place for me in this fucking world
Every time I reach to try again
I'm knocked back down reminded who I am
With serpents eyes they smile up at me
They pull their hooks and suck dry what they need
They drop an empty corpse down at their feet
And with their cloven hooves step over me

Here I'll hang.


Ive got head full of bad ideas
I've got a pocket full of lead
I've got a gun down in my hand
And I put it to my head
All I do is lose
I'm held together by a thread
I wish to god I was never born
I wish I was fucking dead.

7. Sphrenia

Nothing is real
I see their shadows in the day
I hear the voices and they call my name
I know the demon by her eyes
The ice blue daggers stab
I see the liars with no face
They walk beside while they play their games
I know they're laughing at my fate
"there is no escaping" is what they say
I read the writing the on the wall
They leave their poison for me, its not too far
They lead me further down the hall
The doors are open for me, its not too far


Its getting harder just to see what is real,
This fucking nightmare I feel or what she sends when I wake
I cant tell if its my
Heart or the hate
I'm not sure whats OK
Are these friends that I see or something crueler for me?
Its all her

I cannot see whats left for me
Only the horror that comes to haunt the day
I cannot feel whats real in me
Just phantom pain for a heart decayed

I will live forever among these mirrored walls
I will pull the curtain from where my tormentor calls
I'll stalk the pale faces whose brought me to my knees
I'll grasp her thin white neck as she laughs at me

8. Funerals

Cant get my head above the ground
Cant take the heat
Cant move on
I lose my thoughts within the sound
Its grabs my heart and pulls me down

I feel as buried as any of them
Another version of the faces I know
Another pound for the weight I tow

Another burial (for) a piece of me
Another vision that id rather not see
Another knife into the heart of me
Another funeral is killing me

You go on without me but I'm dragged along
Another mark to remind me, how far I've fallen

Oh please god, I can't take another fucking funeral

9. Dusk

Your arms that take
Your arms invertebrate
Venomous, constricting and cold
Blood warms to life
Tongue flickers in time
Vibrations awaken your soul
The mind sheds away
You circle, break, swerve and stay
You stare so deep , you rise so tall
You gently sway, your silhouette writhes and plays
Its poison up on the wall
Drumming hearts they sync and then slow
(you) whisper songs of peace and of home
Whisper promise though don't show what you see
When those black diamonds stare straight through to me
Flicker in time
Gently entwine
Daggers slide sharper than pain
Rise up, around
Liquid and vapor
A warmth that creeps up through my veins
Now is your time
And I've walked this line
(while) you slid down deep in my soul
I fade away as you breathe your song heavy
And I take my show on the road
Slide on black racer, slide on.

10. I Am Legion

I am
For I am many
And many devils have entered me
I am legion
I am Gadarene
But these demons wont be cast from me
Abysses, the farthest depths, from where they rose of Baal and Set
Seven serpents, seven seas, seven walls imprison me
But none shall pass without the key
And it was lain down at their feet
I welcomed them, they welcomed me
Never blind
I chose not to see
The engine
The weapon
Beneath the flesh
A fragile minds caverns
To hide within
An engine, a weapon is now my heart
The building of towers that crumble and fall apart
An angels boiling blood is flowing backwards through my veins
Creatures feeding endlessly upon a child's pain
I am now the sum of all the demons that infest
A cancer of my own construct and built in self defense.
I am legion

11. Ratflesh

Damn this place a fucking cage
Damn another wasted day
At their desks like fucking dummies
Making other people money
Cant care less what they say
I'll burn this fucker down one day
I hope this place burns to the fucking ground
With their ugly suits and cars in tow
I pray these fucking people die
With their bullshit lives and their bullshit smiles
Run like rats caught in a maze
While to a desk I sit here chained
If I last another day
I'll blow out my fucking brains

Another day another dollar
And I'll fucking sit here while my brain rots farther
But I have to play this game to pay my fucking car bill

12. The Father And The Wayward Son

The end
The union of the father and the wayward son
Atop the sister peaks above the valley, Agamemnon
Under angels
Above the lightless fallen stars
A pale cloaked rider
Circles to his call
With the countless counted
Lost in confusion
Await the harvest hour
Await the son
The falling answers
Clarity as a flood
The weeping liars
Creation undone
As was told all along
The facing gates swing open
And drag their children home
So far from mercy
Pay the boatmens toll
As we see the lightbringer has reclaimed his sword

They await the harvest hour
They await the descent

All I have and all I know

And it comes back to me, like a child's dream
All so familiar for things I've never seen
As a light flashes over, washes over me,
Rends the flesh from the bone but I won't scream.

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