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1. Devilhawks

Night falls like a guillotine
On the living tonight, hoods up an knives out for the terrified.
Ugly, broke, broken hearted losers hear the cry,
Split the belly and spill out into the night.
Black eyes, bloody knuckles and broken bones.
Carving cryptic epitaphs into the stone.
Feeding on the screaming like its their last night alive,
Peeling back the skull's flesh as the blood fills their eyes.
Burn away the beautiful in fire red skies,
Burying the living as the devilhawk flies.
Moonlight's a green light, for the devilhawk.
Sidestep into switchblades, and nail your hope to a cross.
Locking up the children as they howl at the door.
Sweaty hands clutching pistols on the bathroom floor.
Rusted silver crucifixes held tight in hand.
Remembering religion as you pray for an end.
Face us, face death, shallow graves.
Hoods up knives out, end of days.
The sun rises on mass graves and the hawks feed the vultures for another day.

2. Venom And Hope

So little, so loud, is this murder or suicide? Who cuts who kills, whose killing me?
I could, I could crush you, I could never. You haunt me breathing,
You would break me dead. I would never even pray for it.
You only hurt the ones you love and I cant stop, I'm killing everything I love.
Is it that I hate myself that I keep crawling back to hell?
And I hope that the ink rots the lips right off your mouth
And poisons the heart id like to cut right out.
So lean back on the fact that you know all the crap about the song I wrote,
And perhaps they'll read the words, and maybe then they'll know.
Perfume, cigarettes and gin, was this murder or suicide?
Run your fingers through my hair as you whisper in my ear.
I hope you're not well, I hope things aren't fine.
I hope your body dies, long before your mind.
I hope you reach for help with hands that refuse to reach.
I hope you try to scream with a voice that just won't scream.
I sincerely hope your last breath is mine.

3. I'll Be Happy When You're Fucking Dead

Don't ask me what's in my head, don't pretend like you give a shit.
Don't ask me why I look so sad, cause ill be happy when your fucking dead.
Who the hell do you think you fool? can these games fucking end?
And what the hell do you think you gain, pretending that we're friends?
I haven't figured out your fucking cause, but its not genuine.
And when the truth comes out in the end, I think ill cut off your head.
And ill be fucking happy, when your fucking dead, and I'll fucking smile, when your fucking dead.

4. An Allergy To Sun

White lights-sunrise-landslides-basement walls,
Bright light -bright eyes-despise these phone calls.
I'm laying in bed all alone in the dark, mourning pictures of a brown haired boy with a smile.
I'm alone in a room,
I'm alone in a crowd boarding up the doors and windows to keep me in - to keep you out
Curse of Chiroptera, curse of the night eyes life subterranean until my mouth fries.
Lurk living lonely, lurk living alone.
Blades, shovels and black duct tape at least
Until the sun is shown-oh yeah and you can see the footprints in the morning
And you can kill it sleeping.
You can kill it while it sleeps.
Silent vigils for my heart beat.
A lit candle for hope is all I keep.
A child's funeral for which I weep.
And you can turn the lights off when your leaving.

5. Sovereign Of The Black Pit

6. Black Hoods

Shelter I crave... Shatter this mirror and the creatures there, cutting me.
"It's always the ugly who write all the most beautiful songs"
But I find no sympathy inside of me. I damn these lights I damn these eyes.
I curse the truth and from all I cannot hide.
I curse the truth and I burn in the Light, I burn in their eyes.
Another sunrise and I decry, every breath's a curse and all my hope is a lie.
I raise my hood again to hide my face and search inward for feeling, finding empty space.
I walk alone the path to tragedy, an ugly voice and ugly words are all I'll leave.
Locked doors and photos all that comfort me,
Solitude my shackles, I'm protecting you, why can't you see.
Damn these eyes, Curse this life.

7. An Allergy To Silver

I'm begging you to kill, to free, to be, to be my angel, angle of mercy.
Because I've tried and failed to fall upon my silver sword redemption.
But it's the nature of the beast to slay, the boney hand that reaps.
I beg you now on bloody broken knee slay it while it sleeps,
Each breath haunted by dreams of horrors committed by hands oddly familiar yet twisted and curved.
The mental imagery pours out upon the table like so much evidence, like photos of a scene.
Of memories I couldn't burn from my mind with burning knives.
Traces of crimson cross the door frame and my dirty jeans,
But I simply can't recall how I got home again or how I got back into bed.
And I'm tasting iron, I should be tasting silver.
I've run it through my mind, this isn't suicide, this is self defense.
So please remember me for the boy I used to be, for the smiles,
For the miles we stalked back in Jersey.
And she said "this song reads like your saying goodbye."
And I'm saying goodbye.
Scared to sleep perchance to dream, to wake sweaty and shaking from the screams.
No more nights with their eyes. No more nights.

8. Hell On A Horse

At first bloods spill hate burns flesh to bone.
Igniting the engine of vengeance unleashing revenge on the world.
Your torture will be legend, for now and for all time.
Your torture will be legendary, even in hell.
Flee in vain, sinner scum, crawl away as vengeance comes.
Fueled by pain, smell it burn, the chains constrict as your lessons learned.
Your screeching cries for mercy fall on deaf ears,
As your throat is being grasped by the demon and you are drown in your fears.
You have all done something to die for, to feel the flame upon your face,
To see your end inside his eyes...
And tonight you die.

9. Interlude

10. Muddweller

I make myself a bed of angel's wings and crawl inside to warm my face and reptile skin.
Crippled and limping at the torture of a thousand blades.
My reign below the surface sheltered in the shade of all my sins.
I denied catharsia at every turn, and these hateful wounds just will not scab.
When will my heart find peace, put my soul at ease, these cuts never heal.
When will I get to be freed from this waking nightmare, irony as I no longer dream.
I look to the sky for the answers I was promised and once again I stand denied.
I beg for my nightfall, oh when is it my turn to sleep among the dead,
Put my soul at ease, shed this battered corpse, feel the light they see.
I run these claws along my broken skin. I feel the fading warmth of the blood once found within.
Agony. One more sun but I do not rise, another day I choose to sleep.
I keep the minutes carved in my side but even now I do not weep.
How I long to feel just anything, my eyes adjust again to see.
My own prison built in self defense, now it protects my love from me.
How much further can you fall from hell?
The leather wings unfold as destiny is told, and so sets the sun.
It cracks and falls away, the soul loses its weight and shadows replace the blood.
Lay in the dark, lay in the mud watching the sky, lay in the cold,
Lay in the street as the rain sings us to sleep.
Lay in the cold.

11. Coffin Nails

They may not be my friends but they are my brothers.
We may be going to hell but we'll be going together.
Just how much things have changed with time, has really started to blow my mind,
And I couldn't win at friggin losing.
The only thing that's changed is my excuses, the only prize I've gained is other losers.
Another day, another nail, a pound of flesh lumped on the scale,
My light at the end of the tunnel was just a trick of the eye.
I'm neck deep in a hole I've dug with every word I've said and
Every face I've loved, I think I'll hit that alarm and just roll back in my grave.
Swimming like a brick in an ocean of fucked, waiting for death like a friggin bus.
I'm scraping the barrel just to poison my mind.
My heart's barely beating and my brain is shot this piss poor outlook's all I got.
The man said "Boy all that sex and booze is gonna kill you."
And I said "Man I sure hope so, it would be a bitch to think I was wasting all this time.",
Trying to blur my thought, trying to dull my mind.

12. Tragedy

Six beast heads on six snakes neck's from hell
Another day another monster to dismember me
A house built high on graveyards that comes crashing into me.
Spinning revolvers, revelations read out loud.
Bloody orange sunsets ripping phantoms from the ground.
Hydra head, medusa skin and chimaera's boiling blood is flowing
Backwards through my veins.
Creatures feeding endlessly upon a child's pain.
I am now the sum of all the demons that infest,
A cancer of my own construct built in self defense.

13. I Am Legend

All the shadows, all the time, call me to them,
Out from the light as I lay buried, burning in time.
She was the setting, the weapon, the crime.
I am legend, I am the end.
These are the killers, they were my friends call me by name,
To take my life, gone mad with hunger, but not tonight, they will not have me,
Before I die they've come for me, my blood their prize the voices curse me,
Throughout the night, eyes like lit arrows, fired through the sky.
Every evil that I've ever known, every voice I was ever shown stalks me at my window, claws at my window.
I raise the record player to drown the screams,
I black the windows so I cannot see and I face eternity alone -
This is my life minutes click like prison bars inside
Throughout the night keep track the seconds in my flesh.
To clear my mind I keep the cure to my own curse, kept at my side
And reality haunts each breath I own
Escape through my minds back door or the path just down the road.
This house haunted, my sins phantoms, sinners graveyard bleeds through my spine.
Six feet by my own hand my own bed to lie in six silver pills in to save my mind.
Angel of mercy whispers in my ear, promising everything I'd ever want to hear,
Pointing the way passed tattered leather bounds,
Towards a promised unseen light via unholy ground...
Her name was sunset, she wore no eyes.
Her name, in pain, in stone signed.
Crimson, marble, midnight sky.
We once stood as towers with a summer nights shine
But there were answers to questions I just could not find,
Questions burning like bridges,
Like my bridge to you weighing wings down like ballast
And stinging like the truth there'll be time,
In the end to remember this too a long road lies ahead but only for you.
So remember me fondly and I'll do the same
These memories a treasure buried deep inside my brain.
See I've done this too often, and I've none left to spend
But an empty chests life, is not one to live
I'm not angry, I don't blame you and I hope that you see
That I'll cherish this short time, like the stars above the trees
This life is an ocean and I'm lost at sea
This life is an ocean and it's drowning me.

Thanks to blindboarder89 for sending these lyrics.

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