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1. Intro / Twilight Kingdom

There is no way out
"From this damned land
Where the devil and his sons
Still walk with human feet"
[Taken from "Dracula", Bram Stocker]

These are my last words
May they be carved in stones
And spreaded through the humanity
For the sake of all men

Sighisoara... Land of vampires
Legend of horror
The princess of evil made flesh is here

Born from the dark... King of the Impalers
King of the twilight... Lord of the wolves

I live with the blood of virgins
I hate the light of the sun

I come back in the twilight kingdom...

I love the death... Prince of the twilight
Betrayer of Christianity
Twilight kingdom

I was born in this ancient land, in Transylvania
In search of pleasure
Ghosts... From the fog
In search of virgins
...For blood is the life !

2. The Land Beyond The Forest

Mourning pleasure of the dark lord
Will be assent to ancient dreams...
...And desires
Falling the darkness on this arcanum place
Red blood turn the colour of the night

Only one kingdom, only one master
Nocturnal prayers in the forest
A secret buried in this land
Beyond this ways, beyond the dark

Frozen embrace of the winter wind
Fog come out from the graves
Is there something awful in this lands beyond the forest?
The ill-omened breath of these trees
Take into ancient horrors
I hear funeral bells but I don't see not even a church

Something like invisible hands
Take me into this way
An obscure and mysterious power follow my steps between the lands beyond the forest!!

Red eyes around are the wolves that follow my journey...
And the odour of my skin

Only one kingdom, only one master
Nocturnal prayers in the forest
A secret buried in this land
Beyond the forest

3. Reborn In The Wood

Buried by time... From the dark past
He comes from the deeper
I can give the blood for your life
I'll search to bring it for you

Lord of the wolves... You are risen
Reborn in the wood
The dawn has destroyed your life
The night is your shelter and power

Stay with me forever... My dark lady
This is a new unholy passion
You will live forever with me... With me
Oh I will be your best pleasure
And your eternal love
Kiss my bleeding mouth
Hot blood fall on my body
(Blood of witch)... Your desire

I'm the angel of the black abyss
Lord of dark creatures of the twilight
Moonchild and betrayer of the Good

I'm your servant and I will kill for you

4. Ancient Vampires

Cold wind in the castle
In the unholy walls
Nocturnal sacrifice of virgins
Raped from the lord of darkness

"Four candles around your bier
Hot blood on your mouth
Drink with me this blood
And you will live forever"

From the tower... you see your dominion
Your immense forest
Your immense power
Where the wolves await the night
Terror of Transylvania
Prince of darkness

Your servants are ready
For your last conquest
All virgins for you
Shadows of the dead
Spirit of ancient vampires
The Evil has risen from the eternal tree

From the tower... you see your dominion

5. Woods Of Valacchia

After the night of the dark moon
They come back to life
From the crypts... free from the chains

When the sky changes colours
The ghosts of the past announce the words
Of the dark book

Blood will be life
There will be a morbid breath
The rain will be tears
After the night of the dark moon

Candles on the way towards the temple
Your broken nails on the trees
To hide you from the priests
In the woods of Valacchia

Blood will be life
There will be a morbid breath
The rain will be tears
After the night of the dark moon

On the hill the stake for the witch

"Eko, eko, Azarak.
Eko, eko, Zamilak.
Eko, eko, Cernunnos.
Eko, eko, Aradia."

On the hill the stake for the witch

You hear the howling wolves
The dead indicate the way... For you
Towards the stake

6. Within The Dark Domain

I've been awake in this house
She's vanished... Like a phantasm
The desperation is the mistress of my thoughts

Slave of this house
Slave of this nightmare
All seems so alive and macabre
Also my tears seem living
When are falling on my face

The moon is covered from obscure clouds
But I can see... Like the eyes of a bat
Darkness wrap me in this silence
Obscurity of this room

I open the door... Walk in the passage
And I take the cricifix in my hand
Rooms... Stairs... And silence... Around me!!
Perhaps... I'm alone... And I can't escape
From this mournful place

All is closed...
I'm condemned to wait her return
I shall come back in my room
I hear someone open the door
She enters with sirene mien
To say me "Good night" but before coming out:
"The people of Transylvania
Don't believe in this form
Of faith and idolatry
Remove my crucifix!"
Then come out from my room

I feel an asphyxiating sensation of fear
Now I do know of the danger
I can't escape from the doors
But only from the window of my room

7. Upon The Darkest Mountain

Upon the darkest mountain
Appears all the spirit of the night
Where the light has sorrow
Maybe a day he'll reach

Born from the dark
Living in a land of horrors
Lying in a bier
Blood and pleasure

Vampires, creatures, demons..., at the gates
Spirits..., we are come
To stay in this land of tears

We enjoy this land of blood and tears !

Upon the darkest mountain
Carpathian spells
Walpurgis night
Black Sabbath... Sabbath !

8. While The Snow Turns Red

Celtic gods in my veins, deep hate in my heart
God leaves that your sons cadant in obscurum
I hear their voices and prayers
Kill the body but my soul stays alive
Take me, Lord of darkness (Take me in your arms)
Alone in my castle, awaiting the end of my kingdom
Now the inhabitants of the land come to me
Kill me, but my damned soul wander forever
For their torment, while the snow turns red
With my blood in this winter day
I take you in profundo lacu
You fell the poenis inferni
I curse their sons
I curse their land

"Mors stupebit et natura
Cum resurget creatura
Tuba mirium spargens sonum
Per sepulcra regionum
Coget omnes ante thronum"
[Taken from Mozart's Requiem]

9. Vlad The Impaler

Blood is life!
I want blood of virgins for my glory...
Power and life

I was a fighter of god in his crusades
But god has caused the death of my bride
I was a fighter of enemies of the church
But god has destroyed my life

Blood is life!
I want enjoy with the suffering of others
My dark soul will be their torment

I want enjoy with tears of others
And kidnap the children
Eat their hearts... Drink their blood
And their skin will be walls

Bats... Come to me
Crows... Come to me
Wolves... Come to me
And come to me all creatures of the dark

"Blood is life... And I want that blood
Be scattered on this land... Forever"

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