Dark Lyrics


1. Welcome To Macabria

[Music: Fabian - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

The thoughts, they slide hanging between the past, that has coiled my body with long heavy chains, and the future that doesn't belong to me and that sinks more and more into oblivion.
Flashes of certainties rip from the sky of non-existence while tall flames burn down my sighs.
I'm lost in the madness of this darkness... Of this perversion.
A sharp dream that makes my soul bleed...

2. A Macabre Banquet

[Music: Robert - Lyrics: Alexander]

Midnight in Macabria, it's the 666th day of DEADcember...
Tonight EVERYBODY will be gathered for the unholy party...
Welcome in this land of Suffering & Pleasure!
Everything you have seen... Is nothing, here the night is really Long and Cold
You'll see Flesh & Blood on the table; we have started the Macabre Banquet

Macabre...... Banquet!!!!!!

You will know the Clowns... You will know the Minstrel.
You will know the Dancer... You will know the Angel of Lust

It's Macabria... We want that you stay here; it's the 666th day of DEADcember
Tonight we will play the Funeral song, eating the sweet Flesh of the child
Drink the Blood of Virgins... It's the Night of Lust... Pleasure... Sin
Tomorrow you'll decide if you want to stay here
But now we have started the Macabre Banquet

You will know the Jester... You will know the Man with the Golden Mask
You will know Luciferia... You will know the Lady in Black

You will know the Clowns... You will know the Minstrel.
You will know the Dancer... You will know the Angel of Lust

3. Lady In Black

[Music: Robert / Fabian / Alexander - Lyrics: Alexander]

On the hill of the ancient oak, she lives in the house of the crying eyes
Dismal lullaby tales of her life, blood.. pain.. lust & perversion

You can see her with her dark veil as she walks in the bewitched wood
The wolves sings when she'd pass, earth bleeds under her foot

"Lady in black... Lady in black.. Witch's eyes.... pale face.. Lady in black... Lady in black... nails like blades......"

"Come to me child.... my black heart awaits your innocent soul......"
The blind monk prays under the crucifix of bones, the undertaker polishes his shovel

Close the door... close the windows
Leave out the fear and the dark 'cause she has come to bring suffering and death

4. Angel Of Lust

[Music: Robert / TdV - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

Majestic with his dark beauty full of pain, under the sky he stays and is wandering in the lust night
He is looking for the next victim the next lost soul; fallen angel from heaven needs some victim

He's so sad in this moment he is looking for you... On God's soul you pray your prayer but for you
Want the Light of Angel...... Light of Lucifer! The moon reveals the Hope of Prodigy

You will cry this night when the Angel of Lust will come... to bring you with him... to hell!
You! Virgin of the lake your tears are pearls
Drained by the Angels sharp tongue let you fall into the embrace of evil, God cannot save you this night...
Lucifer master of elegant brutality
Virgin enchanted by the penetrating glance of her master she is crying, I hear her sobs
The night with his wings covers the ceremony of souls

You are the virgin of Lucifer! You will burn in the Lake of Flames.
You will enter the infernal world you'll be damned

5. Luciferia

[Music: Alexander - Lyrics: Alexander]

There's a dark way in the ancient wood
Where the ghosts and the dead walk
She has enchanted eyes; she has the power of hell
Witch... unholy witch... witch... unholy witch

There's a smell of death... Luciferia
A symphony of hell... Luciferia

She was a beautiful girl... but the pain for the death of her son was great...
The heart becomes stone... frozen... there's no place for the joy
Eyes... unholy eyes... eyes... unholy eyes

She sleep in her coffin in the ancient cemetery... wait for the ceremony of death... wait...
The unholy words of the red book of Macabria

6. Incubo #1

[Music: Fabian - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

I've never been so close to death... I've been able to lightly touch her cold hands
I've felt her presence during my way to Macabria.
Maybe this is the reign we all have to expect... the sin flows into my veins.

7. Macabria

[Music: Fabian, Robert Alexander - Lyrics: Alexander]

In the night... when the stars sing litany of horror
I raise the chalice... full of blood to the dark moon that announces the death
In the dismal smiles... by the rotten mouth, painted eyes like a black pitch
A shout rises from beyond... from beyond "The death is near... the death has arrived"

The singer with its tormented voice sings hymns of pain... pain...
The mad painter and its brush paints walls and windows black

Flowers fade... as she'd pass... when the bells over the ancient church ring midnight...
Strange figures rise from the fog...
Like a funeral party... the children plays with old buried skulls...
The clown that never smiles kisses the woman with two heads

8. The Jester's Shadow

[Music: Robert - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

The night reflects the game of the jester, a crazy shadow that plays with rays of moonlight
He has a great hat with little bells on his head. Their sound reveals the end of another life

On the walls of the cemeteries you can see his shadow, while the eternal night calls another creature of God
The shadow during his eternal dance shows sharp claws that scratch the night and she bleeds

He jumps and runs without truce in Macabria... waits... and is licking tears of buried humanity
Of the forgotten... the night of resurrection shadows... Green flames on the graves are dancing with the jester

You are a shadow that in life is looking for man light but you are sentenced to eternal darkness and pain

Your blood is our life and your screams are a sweet melody for us
Shadows are waiting your unholy-ness The Jester
Like humanity the night of resurrection is near: tears... you will descend on this lost place

9. The Golden Sin

[Music: Fabian - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

A golden mask that hides the spirit of metamorphosis, his empty and dark glance is without expression
Fluent back hair frames his freezing face; the dark cloak covers the rest of his body without forms
Freezing air around him while golden rain falls down to strike greedy men and turns them into golden statues
Human collection kept in this golden paradise in The Great and ancient castle of the sadistic judge

The golden sin is the mark on their skin... It's their condemnation, it's our light!
Oh spirit of Justice! Kill this futile humanity!
Their sin is our wealth!
Their costly suffering we can breathe!

Statues with wide eyes, it's their last glance! Mouth agape, it's their last scream!
The golden spirit on his throne looks at their expressions
He hates and loves the men because he can't have a face

He can't change his expression and now he sentences and lives his feelings through their faces to eternity
Nothing can change in the darkness of the death, like their faces blocked in a golden prison!

The golden sin is the mark on their skin... It's their condemnation, it's our light!
Oh spirit of Justice! Kill this futile humanity!
Their sin is our wealth!
Their costly suffering we can breathe!

10. Carnival Day

[Music: Zimon / Alexander / TDV - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

All is dancing around the evil's eye; clowns in black on the cart are throwing bits of flesh
Evil dolls without mouths are singing a symphony of death, witches are laughing while drinking blood of virgins
A juggler plays with little eyes of the heretic priest, the cruel werewolf is howling to the bleeding room
Screams in this night's party in this mad carnival, the cart of sex... where the dead fuck the living

It's the day of flesh! You will trust in this evil breed, sweet perversion! Join us!

A woman made of mirrors sucks the souls that she meets a girl with snake's eyes have a killing glance
This ceremony of death is a praise to flesh; lady death is licking blood on her sickle, blood of her victims

Dark virgin plays with a hammer the head of her spouse, shadows of forgotten angels are whirling in the dark air
The vampire on the cart brings a dead sun and darkness triumph on the light...

11. Incubo #2

[Music: Fabian - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

I'm son of this darkness
Slave and master of never ending pain and pleasure.
This dream whips my mind and the creatures are part of it causing me this carnal dread.
Symphony of death that wakes up the most hidden senses... flatters and inebriates the soul driving it to SIN.

12. The Curse Of Headless Christ

[Music: Alexander - Lyrics: R. Sciamanna]

In the middle of the night when the full moon is in the sky. He is stalking through the forest searching for sad clowns
They have stolen the head of Christ! And now he wants revenge! Christ is wandering in the evil night with an axe in his hand
He is looking for his head without truce. The darkness of this universe is death
A hypnotic force acts of the figure of Headless Christ... The night is bleeding to bless the victims on their way

This is the Curse of Headless Christ!

I trust in the night of death of death I trust in the Curse of Christ!
All is black in this world all is cruelty in this wood. Heaven is crying bloody tears to consecrate lost souls
Blood on the frozen lake! Blood on the neglected humanity!

Every night in the silent of brushwood, you can hear! Like a hammer, his step!
Looking into the heart of light where the silence invades me I can't escape from this curse

13. Mourning Day

[Music: Alexander- Fabian / TdV - Lyrics: Alexander]

[Part 1]
Every year we celebrate the mourning day... Every year we can change our smile in tears
In this dismal day you can give vent to your hate and pain...

[Part 2]
The minstrel plays the funeral march
The dancer without eyes dances between the graves... the crows shout the name of the next one that will die...

Mourning day...... Mourning day!!!!!!
Every year we celebrate the death... Every year we cry for the dead
In this day of sorrow you can give vent to your hate and pain

14. The Undertaker And The Crow

[Music: Fabian - Lyrics: Alexander]

A noise in the silent cemetery... a shovel, bones, smell of death, rotten bodies...
Strange sounds from the ancient unholy church, rites of black magic...

The lady in black reads the red book of Macabria, the crow on her shoulder calls the dead...
... For the ceremony of blood.... the undertaker opens the coffin of Luciferia

Now the lady in black reads the unholy words
Lady in black:
"Come to us ancient spirit of Macabria... we are waiting for you, give me thee dark power of life & death... we want the foreigner..."

Luciferia take the knife... cut the child's throat; she raises the chalice and pours inside the blood
The crows lick deep the drops fallen on the ground, the undertaker digs the graves for the new dead comers....
The Undertaker:
"There's no return for you foreigner... eh, eh... Macabria wants you... and your soul..."

15. The Beginning Of The End

[Music: Fabian - Lyrics: Alexander]

Why am I here?!! I wish to com back....
...... But a strange power calls to me from the abyss, I have seen Macabria. I'm enchanted from this land
.... Strange inhabitants.... ancient rites... and obscurity......

Now I will make a choice... a choice of life & death, will be a new sweet pleasure.. Or a horrible end?
But I think that my existence is here... in this place where dreams & reality are living together

I leave the mask that I put on everyday... now I want to be free
The soul leaves my body... Macabria will be my new home........... I'm dead!!!............

16. La Danse Macabria du Vampire

[Bonus track]

Unholy bloody fucking suckers
I'm your nightmare, your damnation
This night we rise to suck your blood
This night we rise to fuck your soul

Danse ! Danse ! Danse ! The vampire !

Unholy bloody virgin's fuckers
I'm your pleasure, your suffering
This night we rise for our thirst
This night we rise to live our life

Danse ! Danse ! Danse ! The vampire !

Oh, my beautiful lady
Can I suck your blood ?

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