Dark Lyrics


1. Coffin Varnish

It's just begun to spiral out of hand as we lose our ground
Could we have ever known that we'd be standing still while barely holding on?
So step out of the light
So step out of the light
And pass the belt

I'll hold the world as witness as you're passing out
I'll hold this child as hostage as i let go of the wheel

2. Perpetual Generations

i sing that sacred harmony
that makes our minds align in the old way
i sing that sacred harmony
to know what its like to finally be free

Praise for the wicked and a curse for the earth
heroes die
Diseased we wait on the altars of ash
Rats will devour the sky

Home is a lie

home feels like a lie
straight from holes in the earth
take me to the place where the stars arent dying
home feels like a lie

3. Holes In The Desert

Now let me bring you to your knees again
A gentle noise whispered by sharpened tongues
In my absence, I've been waiting to wake you up
So step back while i demonstrate the end of time

its enveloped my senses
my voice cant explain (Let me go)
the earth-rise at midnight
that paints the terrain

with colors and shapes
and vibrations that shake
my entire awareness
alive and awake

we've been here before (as i recall)
and we've traveled the stars (your famous last words)
but now we're caught up in (we never saw)
the most galactic of wars (what was before our eyes)

it's time to remember
its time that we feel
the light we created
to nurture and heal

Now let me show you how empty we are
Our weak breath, lack of spine and broken teeth
My existence has been greatly fabricated
Look away, we're about to go up in flames

As i recall your famous last words
"We never saw what was before our eyes"

Can you believe we ever even tried?
How could we have ever known?
Far beyond the dust and debris

4. Gemini

5. An Ache For The Distance

You just gave it all away
Half seas over
Your gate swings open, angles collide

For a bit of calico, heavy sugar
Now our lips are numb, angles align

My heart lies far away from here (my heart....lies far away)

I follow the open road into her arms, the sun burns out.

6. 25’s And The Royal Blues

I pave the way with gold & black suns
Rest assured this is all a dream.

I feel ill & all of the world is fading before my eyes.

trust in....the paper ride...you will get home safely

We've forgotten nothing
and no one is safe
my skin crawls in the most peculiar of ways

i've paved i've paved my way...to the next world over

7. Courage

The strength to leave
The courage to return
What awaits?
Will I still know you?
Will you remember me?
The risk, the pain
Desire, torn
Alone, your warmth
Incomplete, consumed
Become, yearn
Return, crave

8. Your Calm Waters

Just promise me at the last second
You'll reach down and pull me out
I don't have lungs like you, so please breath in life.
But hold me down, until you feel me rise inside.

I'll follow you just take my hand and we'll disappear
Before you climb off, check the pulse
bring me back to life

Just keep on looking, for my beating heart
Please keep searching, ill be waiting there
Just keep on looking
(bring me ...bring me back....bring me back to life)

one day they will all finally see things through our eyes

9. Horse Thieves

Divine mare, I've been dreaming of leaving here.
Oh pale horse, please share the plague
I've grown tired of this plain

I've seen enough, now take it all away
a blind eye to falling skies
You've never looked, so alive

Our light has been eclipsed
they hide before our eyes
Now hold me closer now
as we wait for their teeth

Between you & I, im sick of waiting and i don't care to see dawn again.

The moonlight told me to leave it all behind
I'll paint you black with tar off the gears from the center of the earth

Now look at her, she's birthing the serpent, once again
Now look at her, she's showing us mercy, once again

bring forth...
bring forth the serpents tongue
and show me how to live

Alex Klein ‒ Bass, Backing Vocals
Anthony ‒ Drums, Percussion
Andrew Ragin ‒ Guitars, Synths, Backing Vocals
Stavros Giannopolous ‒ Guitars, Vocals
David Kush ‒ Guitars, Vocals

Thanks to theatlasmoth for sending these lyrics.

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