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1. A Night In Venus' Arms...

We rise from foam
From seas to sand
Our journey's just begun

Our shadows
Are vanishing
From one night in her arms

I found myself
Soaking in Mercury

2. A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky

How far will we let them go without grievance
How much will we let them take
Before we've had enough hypocrisy

Superstitions become gold
And freedom, a lost novella

The great is the nothing but dust

You said nothing outta fear
Crucify them one by one
Three nails for every son

We have come to point out the urgency of truth

We've fed our greed for too long
We've been devoured whole
They're wrapped up in hopeless efforts
To try and save our soul

Without truth we exist no longer
Sink into hell on earth
Assemble now, they're getting stronger
Prepare for your rebirth

It's all been their lies
Truth be told
Feed 'em to the lions
Since day one, I haven't heard one goddamn truth
Since day one, I've swallowed every fuckin' lie.

3. Grey Wolves

Lock the doors
We're in this together
Leave me no choice
But this match and a can of gasoline
Burn it down
Bathe in ash

Pack it up
Let it go
Tonight we're riding out
This town is done
Watch it burn

Is for the weak of mind
I've been here all along.

No remorse for what I've done
Leave them to burn
Beneath their crown

4. Our Sun, Our Saviour

We're losing feeling now
All senses gone
Of countless breathes I take unraveling

Reach up, we're going down
Inhale the sand
One sun, our Saviour

Our mission compromised
Black clouds decaying
Declining heartbeats slowing down

This is not over
This swan song is far from done
This city will be in ruins

I've been reduced to nothing
Cut teeth upon the throne
Burn the map it won't save us
Satellites will carve the path

I see so clearly
I see right through the foam

5. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Time stands still today
Choose now not to look the other way
I'm coming home
Without us you'll be cursed with earth's decay

I am humble in the presence of those who know

Where have I left home?

In the days of ancient cultures
Before our cities rose
The Anunnaki seeded humans
Or so the story goes

Like Rain
Like Sulfer
We shall return to the earth

Like Pain
Like Suffer
Now we must overcome

Through the countless years of power
We've had no control
Revolution, the only answer
Now we must overcome

Overcome tyrants
Overcome darkness

I will find the way home

I still have confidence in man
There's more to life than we see
You'll reach the light house through the storm
Retrace the path of righteous man
Who came before us

6. One Amongst The Wheat Fields

You breathed through silk again
You lack teeth that match your weakened lungs
A palace melting down to tar
Leaving moments of days
That past me by

Lights out

I've abandoned hope
I've been left amongst the wheat fields

This fairy tale ends one chapter short
In a blaze of reproach
Without a grand finale

Lights out on us

7. Jump Room To Orion

In a bed by the window
Head full of song
Open my eye
Ignite the sun again

A pocket-sized mountain range
Melts days into streams
Surrounded by decadence
Collapsed in my dream

This is our last ditch effort to
Awaken the world
To the coming of a new age
Into which we've been hurled

I choose ascension
Over diamonds & pearls
The galaxies beckon me
As the universe curls

Numbing the flesh for me to feel

Who will take her hand
Reassure her
Warmed by desert sand
I'm sustained

8. ...Leads To A Lifetime On Mercury

Running out of daylight now
Horizons fade

Blacking out on the curb again
Silver rings the drain

For years
I've pushed all aside
To sink further in mercury

Beneath a convex glass
Lies my bitter past
Embrace its hold

And I pity not a fuckin' one
Who choose contempt

I felt the break
Between the earth & sky
Rest your head
I've found my solace here

I felt it now
Unplug me from my machine
Let me run
I need to breathe on my own

I've played the part
Of walking dead amongst them all
And I'll never see the light through silver

Alex Klein ‒ Bass, Backing Vocals
Anthony ‒ Drums, Percussion
Andrew Ragin ‒ Guitars, Synths, Backing Vocals
David Kush ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Stavros Giannopolous ‒ Guitars, Vocals

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