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1. Arche

Chaos has fallen under the sword of the inevitable.
In consequence our birth is fused with high entropy.
We are emerging baptized by the order.
But we are closer of:
Augmented perception.
A clear intuition.
Idealize the life as one.
And one as life to death.
We're all shapes of energy.
Waiting for.
The door of truth resides inside yourself.
Defy the keeper, behold the answers.
And be the end.

2. Illuminate

Stop looking back to the past that we had. (That we had)
Feed the hope and stand up to the tones.
We are all full of mistakes.
The lines we drew, common stories, all the same.
The sun won't set for us; the stars won't fall for us.
Breathing anxiety in every street, in every corner, in every heart.
All we see is smoke, all we touch is cold.
And the colors are fucking torn.
This is all you despised, this is all you feared, this is all you cried.
This is the worst in me, this is the worst in you, this is all we are, this is who we are.
So don't come back home tonight.
Take the long road out.
The world stands for a change, the change starts with a chance.
And the chance is within you.
Light the world we know, burn everything we used to be.
With the knowledge of illuminated minds.
The new world starts with flame assaults.
The new world starts with electrifying dreams.
So just let the fire consumes everything we used to be.
People we never thought we would become.
Remember the fire consumes everything.
Remember the fire enlightens everything.
Remember the fire consumes everything.
Remember the fire enlightens everything.

3. Fragments - Hohenheim

[feat. JP of Fragments]

The day they took my life.
My heart was turned into a source.
Of endless existence.
A thousand cries intoning suffering.
An entire city devoured by the wishes of immortality.
Politicians always betray their race.
Then I met you.
You awakened a feeling capable of harmonizing the chaos in me.
The chaos in me.
Your words are the melody that appease the songs of paranoia.
The interruption of lethargy was inevitable.
So, wait for me even if my voice can't reach you or your eyes cannot see me.
I will return with answers.
So, I promise we'll die together.
Set in stone.
Our love will never fade away.
Curse or salvation?
Our love will never fade away.
Set in stone.
Curse or salvation?
I will return with answers. (With answers)
So, I promise we’ll die together.
I will return with answers. (With answers)
So, I promise we will die together.
I will find you...
Through the lands of the absent titans and solid demons.
Alchemy of life.
The law is irreproachable.
Nothing comes for free in this world.
I'm just a container of meat with the happiest death wish.
Is love absolute?

4. Timebreaker

I've drifted away.
I've drifted away colliding with every step of process "restoring lost time"
Intellect will not bow down.
But this organic engagement ate all possibility of real potential.
Randomness crowns this reality.
Lost souls confined to abstract laws.
We're the pawns of what we've created, an isolated death.
Is this void in my chest the end of me?
We're just like water drops suspended in the rain.
We need each other 'til we're evolved enough to fall into the floods.
When we are life (Lies), into the floods, when we are life.
But the sun takes his place and it's time to face our fate.
Our hopes, our dreams, our love evaporates.
The touch of a muse (Imperfect beauty)
A heart infatuated with love so pure, so gold, the force explodes.
The bloodstreams sing along, a perfect link unites us.
We found in faith our chemical rest, we fade away.
We will never revert our ends under the chrono's test.
The only way to break the time is by having each other.
The only way to break the time is by having each other.

5. Transmute

Utopian dimension. (Sealed rapture)
Ephemeral ambitions of astral visions.
In dreams the end was procreated.
We see through the eyes of deadly entities.
Chained by abstraction we march.
Under the spell of feel. (We love it)
Fear becomes too physical.
Pain through the veins.
It's all chemical / organic.
We sentence our doomed heritage.
Pain through the realm of men.
We are searching for something to ignite the climax.
The last will of karma concluding this drama.
But existence hides the chance to ascend beyond the Eden.
In elation.
Our life will never be full until we reach the real ascension.
Real ascension / death.
Patterns of chaos evoke the sacred cycle to end up all life.
We're all confined.
Victims of syntax.
Our codes are far from empathy.
Our codes are far from empathy.
Recognize the conception of the human in reflections of lost nature.
In reflections.
Stay awake.
Don't be the echo of human laments.
Transmute the paradigm.
Evolve to the final form.

6. Okabe

Have you seen how everything you love turns to black?
In desperation / asphyxiation.
The vexation boils from the deepest of the

7. Asymmetric Equilibrium

8. Adamant

9. Kiseijū

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