Dark Lyrics


1. Rise


Wake up and look around,
step by step,
piece by piece.

The construction will be synchronized
to build this artifact,
let the anger go out,
let fear become anger.

Welcome to this construction,the anger machine shall rise.


2. Tonight I Walk Alone To Shed Blood

“Sometimes to create one must first destroy”

Living with this, with this disease.
I don't care about me, don't care about you.
The only reason that keeps me going is to see them dead.
They sicken me with their lies, their shits.
Now look what I do…

You’re there wondering, without understanding
and I'm here walking alone

Tonight I'll kill them all. I swear!
I don't care if I die in the attempt
I know I'm alone after all and certainly I will die

The killing is because it's the only solution I see
Shut your damn mouth, I will cut off your throat
I'll have no mercy, I'll have no conscience or remorse
Tomorrow will be recalled
when on my knees.. I fell after them

Now I remember your words
”A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.”

But you left me alone!

why you left me alone?
Tonight I'll kill them all!!

3. Codes Of Solution

Submission, negation: the fears of our nation
Explosion, destruction: the codes of the solution

Submission is to let the shit explode in your face
I always see people sitting on conformism
It’s just a matter of time.

Disorder and disgrace are in every place.
Their spirits still crying in the streets,
drowning in blood that shouldn't be spilled
The game will change at this time.

Now the shed blood runs through our hands!

Stand up and fight, make a code by which to die!
Make to pay everyone who ignore your codes.
Stand up and fight, this is the unbroken rule!
It’s their evil and corrupt that will be punished by us.

4. A War Against My Head

Watching me down, crushing me inside.
I’m still running from me. Waiting behind
shades of my darkest days want see me break down
Is easy to settle, is harder still in battle,
more when from deep inside they push you into a hole.

But I need to get up
stop dragging my bloody knees. GO!

Easy is the way to my death,
Step by step, coated of doubts.
I need to fight and rise up my life.
City lights go down on my back
and I can't longer stand up
I need to fight and rise up my life.
(Raising my life, raising my life)

5. Haters

"We weren't born to hate, we are a reflection of your action in us. But if you want hatred... we will give you hate"

6. Transhumanism

Death will be no concern
bodies embedded and enhanced by advances
The irreparable disease of bodily disintegration
has come to an end

We are in another place, we are prepared to change
We are the future for the human race

You can trust in me, and now can you see
abandon your god and create yourself.
Technology in your hands, we commit our bodies
we are all waiting for singularity.
Technology in your hands, we commit our bodies
away away from humanity

Transhumanism for the God’s disease

7. Pieces

Once again it’s hard for me to see what I find
Or in fact it’s hard to recognize what I see
A little piece of hate, Only full of pain, and many words to say
I have to try to put the pieces together
I have to try to had again the other parts
Inside of me there is not any saint place,
don’t try to say what I’m thinking
Inside of me there is a throne of lies,
but my crown was somebody else
Its hard to see, to find the border line. I’m insane or mad.

Every time I try to join the pieces, I break in parts
At sometime I’ll find the pieces to realign

Every time I choose to destroy the pieces, I fall apart
Time to die, every second counts to try to say goodbye

And your memory stills
Carrying me, carrying me, carrying me down

8. Don't Accept It, Attack It!


9. Flags Of Fear

We've been cornered into our fear
Thinking that we would be asleep and silenced
want to keep us locked up as weak animals.

They think that they will keep us quiet and static
and we stand by waiting for the moment this is over?

We were born to transform this situation now!
We are the army that's always rejected by god
rejected because we achieve our end by
shedding blood!
Shedding blood!
Shedding blood!

Fucking us day to day our lives.
And we stand by waiting for the moment this is over?
Can't you see that this doesn’t work for more?
This is about to explode!

Flags of fear they'll rise up!
The dismembered bodies look at us from below
Flags of fear we'll do them to raise!
when they feel our mortal blow
and nothing will be the same.

Nothing remains when we move forward
Looking back we will hear
the silence is heard
when death swept with all

You want fear? I'M FEAR
You want chaos? I'M CHAOS
You want a new beginning?

10. Sickness Pleasure


11. Bytes Of Hate On My DNA

Make me what I am
Logic algorithms by my veins
It's on my DNA...
Cyber-implanted hate.
Compile my assembly and build me again.

Free me from this curse.
Depure all my bugs.
I'm a fucking virus infecting everything
with my bytes of hate on my DNA.

I try substances
I try dopamine
I try to kill all the fucking pain
But I just can't!
So I set free this hate,
these bites of hate.
The hate on my DNA!

And I will fucking rape you.
And I will fucking kill you
and then kill my self
I can’t control the damn voices.

12. Gallows


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