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1. Vandring

Vandrer ensom på ukjente stier
Skumringen senker seg
Roper, venter -stillheten tier
Skumringen senker seg

Vakker sang langt av lei
Myr kledd slette I skogen
Tåkeslor viser vei
Myr kledd slette I skogen

Allverdens I tåkedisen
"Kom søster, kom med oss"
Kaldt, kaldt I kvelds brisen
"Kom søster, kom med oss"

Alvekongen tar meg I favn
Høye trør kaster skygge
Glemt er mitt menneske savn
Høye trør kaster skygge

[English translation:]


Wandering lonely on unknown paths
The twilight falls
Calling, waiting - the silence stays silent
The twilight falls

Beautiful song far away
Bog-faced plain in the woods
Veil of fog shows the way
Bog-faced plain in the woods

Fairy dance in the haze
"Come sister, come with us"
Cold, cold in the evening breeze
"Come sister, come with us"

The elf-king embraces me
Tall trees casts shades
My loss of humans is forgotten
Tall trees casts shades

2. Why So Lonely

Why so lonely
Here you may rest
Lay your head down at my chest

Darkened days brighten
No more to frighten
Will you be mine
Until the end of time

Why so lonely
I'll give you shelter
Comfort you, carry you
through our lives

Darkened days brighten
No more to frighten
Will you be mine
Until the end of time

Why so lonely, I'll be the one
you always can turn to
I am yours

For as long as you want to
Lend me your heart
I will shelter it
Until the end of time

3. Atupoéma

I walk alone
Not because I'm lost
But because I want to

They call my name
They believe that I'm scared
They believe that I am scared
But the death is my friend

They can catch me
try to thrill me
and possess me

They can loathe me
try to force me into changing
Although they know my heart
that I will not
Obey their rules

I do not stand for all I say
Do I face resistance I turn away
Close my eyes afraid to stay

But honesty is my plead
Truth stands further in the need
for my honour I might bleed

4. Death Hymn

Dreams carry me into sleep
As I sigh
I write your name in my Soul
As I search your words
I cast my destiny on to you

Deadly whisper in my ear
Finally me now, my time has come

I never thought I would feel this way
I never thought I would go this far
I never thought I would surrender
I never thought I would give in to you
So give me a sign before I die
Show me you've heard my prayer
Veil of mist, hazy the view
The entrance to Death

'Step back
Feel your mighty darkness
prepare your soul
for the journey through woods of evil
Waning in the end to the paths of hopelessness
and your life will end'

Leave your present time
Leave your flesh
Leave your life

5. Shaman

6. Trial Of Past

7. Lengsel

Jeg vil hvile ved en bredd
alt er stille, klart vann
Under flaten finnes fred
Vil du holde meg Vind
Om jeg søker dit ned

I et stille klart vann
Ser jeg lengselen I min Sjel

[English translation:]


I want to rest by a shore
Everything is quiet, clear water
Below the surface exists peace
Will you hold me Wind
If I seek down there

In a quiet clear water
I see the yearning in my Soul

8. Salva Me

I feel this familiar hunger
Cover my mind carry my conscience away
My beloved skin is aging
Heal me pure virgin
With that life giving blood of yours
Salva Me

The light of the Moon gives me strength
Cold winds chant Nosferatu
Tired of my eternal hunger
My Soul is crying, my Soul is crying
Salva Me

9. Song

Like a song
that is suddenly away
Like a mouth
stopped breathing
Like a heart
stopped beating
And just like a bird
that never will sing a song again

Like a Knight
that never will ride by
Like summer just slipped
It’s over
Like summer
It’s gone

But Be
But Be

10. In Mist Shrouded

She lies awake in the silent night
With her mind wide open
She fears what shall appear
As she stares into the dark

Beyond these tall majestic trees
Her feet know where to tread
She recognizes the moss-covered stones
Knows each curve of the path

She tries to catch the dreams
But they fade away
She knows they will return
They will return
Come evening
Come evening

11. Oceana

Oceana in my heart
Oceana in my heart

Oceana carry with her
all the lost dreams
As a treasure
hidden underneath her waves

I went away to the outer hills
Where no trees can grow
and no man live
With my head held high
I asked the Northwind
Will you please
take me with you

And the winds lifted me up
like a bird whose wings were spread
Merely to put me down

I went to the Moon
When she was shining as bright as
as I have ever seen her
May I borrow some of the light
that you possess

But the moonbeam
could not reach deep enough

Then I saw her face
As the waves went away
She told me
She had been waiting

Cold winter nights
I walk upon the frozen earth
The Moon lights my way
The Northwind embraces me
Tells me to go on

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