Dark Lyrics


1. Intro - Enter The Hellium


2. Helliotica

We are the damned - the strain and moil
That death had washed from earthly toil
Drawn down by tides of hell, we boil
Like toads within a torrid slime.
Our sins were great - a deadly charge
And yet less heavy than our fate
We pour through hell's alembic large
Each soul transformed to vital hate

The good that in our hearts remained
By sin untainted, now is one
With vileness cankeringly ingrained
By earth and hell we stand undone.

For that which earth unfinished left
The consummation of the pit
From out the insuperable cleft
To where its lords presiding sit.

And watch with contestless sight
We burn, by double test refined
To clearest evil - purged quite
Of good or mercy from the mind.

Our souls are linked to vast despair
As to some nadir-founded rock
Where never hope descends to mock
Beyond the dip of terrene air.
We heighten to a hate that beats
In rage all impotently strong
Against the worlds that league with wrong
Whose pain each other's pain completes.

Would our gate were hands to draw
The lords of earth and hell beneath!
Would our hate were venomed teeth
To rend them through their mail of law!

Would that we might cleave with hate
The roof and base, and walls of hell
Wrench at its pillars till they fell
With ruin indiscriminate!
Immovable it stands, with springs
Of fire to tear its inward glooms
Where from, ascending high, our fumes
Are breath of incense to its kings.

3. Witch Dance

Between the windy, swirling fire
And all the stillness of the moon
Sweet witch, you danced at my desire
Turning some weird and lovely rune

As in the sabbat's ancient round
With strange and subtle you went
And toward the heavens and toward the ground
Your steeple-shapen hat was bent
As in the sabbath's ancient round
And toward the heavens and toward the ground

Upon the earth your paces wrought
A circle such as magicians made
And still some hidden thing you sought
With hands desirous, half afraid

Your supple youth and loveliness
A glamor left upon the air
Whether a stronger magic there

What darkling and demonian lord
In fear or triumph, did you call?
Ah! Was it then that you implored
With secret signs equivocal

Your fingers, on the smoke and flame
Moved in the mysterious conjuring
You seemed to call a silent name
And lifted like an outstretched wing.

Sweet witch you conjured forth my heart
To answer always at you will!
Like merlin, in some place apart
It lies enthralled and captive still.

4. Quest

All beneath a wintering sky
Follow the wastrel butterfly
With vermilion leaf or bronze
Tatters of gorgeous gonfalons

With the winds that always hold
Echo of clarions lost and old
We must hasten, hasten on
Toward the azure world withdrawn.

We must wander, wander so
Where the ruining roses go
Where the poplar's pallid leaves
Drift among the gathered sheaves.

In that harvest none shall glean
Where the twisted willows lean
In their strange, tormented woe
Seeing, on the streamlet's flow

Half their fragile leaves depart
Where the secret pines at heart
High, funereal, vespertine
Guard eternal sorrows green
We shall follow, we shall find
Haply, ere the light is blind
The moulded place where beauty lay
Moon-beheld until the day.

In the woven windlestrae
Or the pool of tourmaline
Rimmed with golden reeds, that was
In the dawn a tiring-glass
For her undelaying mein
Ever wander, wander so
Where the ruining roses go
All beneath a wintering sky
Follow the wastrel butterfly
Follow the wastrel butterfly
All beneath a wintering sky
Ever wander, wander so
Where the ruining roses go.

5. Singer In The Mist

At birth a witch lain on me monstrous spells
And I have trod strange highroads all my days
Turning my feet to grey, unholy ways
I grope for stems of broken asphodels.

High on the rims of bare, fiend-haunted fells
I follow cloven tracks that lie ablaze
And ghosts have led me thorugh
The moonlight'a haze
To talk with demons in the granite hells

I am the singer in the mist
Lost and alone

Seas crash upon dragon-guarded shores
Bursting in crimson moons of burning spray
And iron castles open to me their doors
And serpent-women lure with harp and lay
The misty waves shake now to phantom oars
Seek not for me, I sail to meet the day.

6. ...And Mine Journey Continues

Nothing is truth, sermons illusionary
Details outrun in abnormality
Words empty of meaning
Mystery rises only where ignorance rules

Beholding silent arrival
Thoughts marching slowly
Receiving my mind's reflections
Notions incomprehensible
Analyzing my inner hyperspace
Oxblood floes from down above
Concluding overgod principles
My pleasures overbreach the darkest desires

Returning... back in time
I live it once again
Dreaming... in a morbid way
My visions become so strange

Guess what's my mystery
I am touchable, I am true
Path is to be revealed
And my journey continues

Aeons by aeons through the spectral soul
Passed all your gods with crystal clear mind
And I've bowed to none
As I am lord of all imaginable

No king, no master, no god,
I rule myself alone
In my cyclopean dreams
I've created all by my own image.

7. Revealing The Sarnath

Stepping through my dream to the hyperspace
Entering the cosmic fog of universe
Tumbling into the deep abyss of darkness
Departing to the outermost black wasteness

Bottomless ocean is pulling me down
Strongest windstorm is sweeping me
Walking where the ground
Has no evident contours
Walking where I can reveal
The Sarnath's enchantment.

Across the gates burning so blaze
Where Ze-Kalar funs the magic flames
Across the endless valleys out of sight
Where Tamash stirs the silver dust

Across the bewitched waters
Of springs slowly drying up
Where Lobin sings the silent songs
Of forbidden worlds.

Across the countless magic gardens,
Esoteric and widespread
As far as the towers of Sarnath rise,
Forever and ever

Walking the ground, untrodden and strange
Beholding the sky, sinister but charming
Breathing the air, so heavy but clear
Revealing the Sarnath, hidden 'neath the surface

Out of my dream, but not losing ground
Let the deepest sleep is my companion
Across the land without the bounds
Across the eternity towards the Sarnath

8. The Way Of King

Gleaming shell of an autumn lie
Fable of right divine
You gained your crowns by heritage
But blood was the price of mine

The throne that I won by blood and sweat
By Perun, I will not sell
For promise of valleys filled with gold
Or threat of the halls of hell

When I was a fighting man
The kettle-drums they beat
The people scattered gold dust
Before my horse's feet

The way of the king

But now I am a great king
The people hound my track
With poison in my wine-cup
And dagger at my back

The way of the king

What do I know of cultured ways
The gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land
And bred in the open sky

The subtle tongue, the sophist guile
They fail when the broadswords sing
Rush in and die, dogs,
I was a man before I was a king

9. I Am...

I am the throne in the foot
I am the blur in the sight
I am the worm at the root
I am the thief in the night

I am the rat in the wall
The lepper that leers at the gate
I am the ghost in the hall
Herald of horror and hate

I am the rust on the corn
I am the smut on the wheat
Laughing man's labor to scorn
Weaving a web for his feet

I am canker and mildew and blight
Danger and death and decay
The rot of the rain by night
The blast of the sun by day

I warp and wither with drouth
I work in the swamp's foul yeast
I bring the black plague from the south
And the leprosy in from the east.

I rend the flowers from the hemlock boughs
Wine stepped in the petals of dooms
Where the fat black repents drowse
I gather the upas blooms

I have plumbed the northern ice
For a spell like frozen lead
In lost grey fields of rice
I have learned from mongol dead.

Where a bleak black mountain stands
I have looted grisly caves
I have digged in the desert sands
To plunder terrible graves

Never the sun goes forth
Never the moon glows red
But out of the south or the north
I come with the slavering dead

I come with hideous spells
Black chants and ghastly tunes
I have looted the hidden hells
And plundered the lost black moons.

There was never a king or priest
To cheer me by word or look
There was never a man or beast
In the blood-black ways I took

There were crimson gulfs unplumbed
There were black wings over a sea
There were pits where mad things drummed
And foaming blasphemy

There were cast ungodly tombs
Where slimy monsters dreamed
There were clouds like blood-drenched plumes
Where unborn demons screamed

There were ages dead to time
And lands lost out of space
There were adders in the slime
And a dim unholy face

Oh, the heart in my breast turned stone
And the brain froze in my skull
But I won through, I alone
And poured my chalice full

Of horrors and dooms and spells
Black buds and bitter roots
From the hells beneath the hells
I bring you my deathly fruits.

10. Realm Of Perfect Visions

When the night will bring a while of my end
I will fulfill my fate in the hands of death
The only thing filling my heart
Is a desire to see you dying with me

As if forgotten are the whiles
When I am floating
In the bondage of simple mystery
From the other side
My senses ane failing, dying away
And I am tasting the bitterness
Of my last breath

Follow me and I will follow you
Into my realm of perfect visions
That will change our journey
Through the underworld
And we'll see ourselves twisting
In a whirl of our desires

It's too late to touch tomorrow
No ray of hope, bleeding memories
Try the bitter fruit of senseless decay
We shall die in out arms, side by side

11. Said The Dreamer

Said the dreamer

My dreams were nests or horror,
With orts and shreds
From old abysses brought
Where eyries built by condor-winged awe
Enskied on somber pinnacles of thought

Fantastical, I saw the visions shift
Like bubbles that a titan's breath might lift
Drowning in seas more deep than his despair
Iron-colored, soon to shatter or to drift.

Or like illuminated crystals
Fallen from hands
Of gods, that cloud interiorly with lands
Of wider spheres exalted past the sun
Or burst while thought
In idle question stands

Said the dreamer

Conscious of gulfs in which I dared not gaze
I passed on faltering and imperilled ways
Through lands where hoary mountains
Danced and roared
To baleful pygmeis piping hellish lays

The flames that wait
Against the end of things
Where light and limit to my wanderings
Through deserts bleaching
Like the bones of death
Aback I fled, and faltered on spent wings

In night cimmerian, thronged with sorceries
Where lightnings flamed
On empty sands and seas
Or feared the leopard crough of pallid shapes
In saracenic arches of black trees.

Then in the dream I dreamt that time was done
Light still endured,
Whose touch I might not shun
Though at my back I heard the lips of night
Puff out the flaring flambeau of the sun

Said the dreamer

I leaned from some black precipice,
To see the pits beneath,
One came, not far from me
To hurled therein the sockets of the stars
And shells of worlds that rattled emptily.

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