Dark Lyrics


1. Over The Wall

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza, Peterson]

I've been a prisoner
Trapped in by fear
Ordered for the rest of my life
Condemned in a jail cell
Ain't seen life in years
Escape is the only way out

Restart my life
Or self destruction
To climb this wall
Of dark construction
Holding the quest for freedom
That beckons me

My sanity is all but gone
My patience is growing very weak
I need to get a hold of myself
I stare at the wall
For the right time has come
Escape must occur on this night

Stand in my way
And I'll run you straight through
There's no one to stop me now
For I'm on the loose
And I'm ready to start
Torture and hell an this town

OVER THE WALL !!!!!!!!

The search will not stop
And hounds will not rest
Till I am back in my cell
For if I am caught,I'll try it again
Over the wall I will go,I will go


2. The Haunting

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza, Peterson]

Hear the screams,screams of fright
Shrieks of terror through the night
Souls of old band to hold
The meeting for the haunting night

Headless ghosts fill the halls
Shadow plays of grief and pain
Phantom speaks his final note
Tenants of the castle slain
Black cats will appear
As the witching hour nears
Lost souls will all be told
For a haunting we will go

See their dreams come to life
Under pressure holding tight
Feel the cold grabbing hold
To feed you to the haunting night

Evil witch black as pitch
Starts a fire with a flinch
Burning fire rising higher
Making music like a choir

Stay away from the shining light
Can't seem to find the answer there
Bring back the terror in the night
That we all share tonight



3. Burnt Offerings

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza, Peterson]

Summoned to the house of seance
To play the evil tarot cards
To find out what our fate will bring us
Before the war

Approaching now the hour of tiamat
Evil feelings in the air
The chosen wait impatiently
To find the rituals of power
Come out of the fire
Making the legacy known
Takes its toll at last
Now knowing when it strikes

The endless feuding shows its fate
The people are all shocked with fright
They know the end is coming near
It's time to fight
The revolution holds on strong
The armies have all met their match
Entire world up in arms
Destruction sees the spirits of anger
Come up from the gallows
Conjured my demons appear
Summoned to my cast,prey this deadly mass
Takin by the fire you fail

The world became a vast wasteland
Survivors turn to cannibals
Killing everything in sight
Warfare tonight
The armies are all closing in
The populations getting small
Feelings are as cold as ice
Survival names it's price
Starting to burn
The rape and violence grows high
A kingdom will rise
To rule with contempt
They will surprise
Kill and repent
The weakness in armies
"Won't die"

Leaving now the house of seance
Speculating destiny
Wonder if the cards were true
Will wait to find out and will wait to see

4. Raging Waters

[Music: Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza, Peterson]

[1 :]
Our ship sailed on through the
Violent burning sea
Not knowing of the danger
Waiting in store for me
We wound up all in mayhem
The vessel tossed and turned
The compass that had led us
We watched it slowly burn
We'll never see our homeland
We know it all right then
That fate was on the second hand
Of borrowed time again
For that evil pathed our way

The men were being thrown
From left and right they feel
The water was as hot as satan's
Forge from hell
The questions that arose like
Where the hell are we
I had a good idea we're in the
Devils sea : the triangle !

See what's become of your
Life left to live
No hope from this land of trust
Hells winds scream sacrilege
Death from above
The great white closes in
The corpses afloat all shattered in rage
No hope for our piece of mind
Satans vessels come closer and closer
He holds the seas fate in his hand

"Violence terror"
Raging waters
Dying has scare us nowhere to go
Darkness prevails no one to save us
Every one man for himself

The red gem of Hades is shining
Too hot
Satan's power becomes strong
His armies have killed so many
Before us
A sacrifice must be done
The door of the chosen
Has opened for us what sanctuary
Will we see
See him panic crying in lust
Screaming he'll get me


[1 :]

5. C.O.T.L.O.D.

[Music: Ramirez, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Ramirez, Peterson]

Witches grow restless
The priests are impatient
My legions scream
The gates must be open
Our master repels
A massage of hope
On through the gates we march
The sentinels await
With their sabers in grasp
A vast group locust attack [2]

Attacking with force
As we show no remorse
Obstructing our victims fate
The blood in the chalice
Saluting the fight
All virgins must die this night
Psychotic reaction from a serpents kiss
Is taking the life from our soul
And leading a train of destruction from hell
Finding our way through hells hole !


6. First Strike Is Deadly

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza, Christian]

Prisoners of the venom master
Guilty for what you've been charged
Sit in cells condemned to face
The deadly snap of their jaws
Terror stricken you lie and wait
In the final hour
Knowing of your wretched fate
And the serent power


The evil path that you must take
Is filled with the slither of snakes
Their hiding and waiting for the time to lunge
For your flesh and your fate
No one escapes or comes out alive
For the snakes they'll never lose
For if they hit you just one time
You have just faced your doom


Deadly strike bred to kill
The venoms howling in your veins
Psychotic spell a gift from hell
The sound of a deadly lead remains

7. Do Or Die

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson, Clemente]
[Lyrics: Skolnick, Peterson, Billy]

[1 :]
Living my life on borrowed time
Watching my dreams disappear
My fists slowly clench
As my mind seeks control
My body trembles in fear
Life was looking up for me
When I left home
Seems like yesterday
Now I'll never go back there again
Here is where I'll stay

Nobody can hear you scream or shout
Once you're in you won't come out
You will never see the light of day
I'm hunter you're my prey !

Watching the clash between
The forces below
From up in the planes we're flying
Survivors are taken as prisoners of war
The others are slowly dying
I shiver as we strap on our parachutes
We line up to jump out the door
We're already here and there's no turning back
I fall to scene of the war


You can see me
Flying right over you head
Try to stop me
You can't cause your armies are dead
To cross blood red
Trenches of the dead below
Do or die
Hell's the place you'll go

[1 :]


8. Alone In The Dark

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza]

When I was but very young
Sorcerers came to claim my mind
Leaving death and hatred to unmask
The master of the game had won
And let his final sin be known
Killing those who stand in his path

Alone in the dark
Where the demons are torturing me
The dark passages of revenge is all that I see

Armies of witches
Are called in from the north
Murders of elders occur
The high priest of evil
Has lowered his iron fist
Thousands of people will die

The slaughter of the innocent
The house is burning
That lights the sky
My nightmare has begun to unfold
The hissing of the cobras tongue
Sound and feel of ripping flesh
Fall two thousand feet from the sky

My terror has controlled my life and
Let my only weakness known
I got to rid this hell from my head
I fight off evil sorcerers
Rid my mind of his torture and
Meet the falling angel in his realm

Faustus prepares the legions of the night
Diviners from the far north arrive
Aimlessly people there huddled in a pack
Wreaking deadly havoc on mankind

I fall in my deepest sleep
To meet the evil asteroth
His title is the grand duke of hell
I fight until the end is near
To rid my mind of hopes and fears
My destination lies in my dreams





9. Apocalyptic City

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Peterson, Skolnick]

Born into a world of hatred
Nothing to live for
What started with a simple match
Turned into something more
The pain I felt inside my head
Came on my day of birth
Now the time has come for me
To burn the planet Earth

I can feel the fire
Burning inside of me
The powers at my fingers
Waiting you shall see
Burn,ignite the population
Burn,causing mass cremation
Burn,feel no shame or pity
Burn,apocalyptic city

Years have passed as I stood still
To plan the final blow
I'll make the town go up in flames
A hellish death they'll know
As I pour on the gasoline
I listen deep inside
I hear the cries of all my victims
Nowhere to run or hide


Now my great assault is over
And my life is done
Staring at my great infernos
Was my only fun
So I leave you with my tale
Here my conscious falls
Victim of myself
So now I'll end it all


Alex Skolnick - lead guitars
Eric Peterson - guitar
Chuck Billy - vocal
Louie Clemente - drums
Greg Christian - bass

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