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1. After World Obliteration

Nations Falling
To defeat
Warheads crushing
The Earth below
Cries of hell
Burning flesh
no way out
Deep in our minds
After world obliteration

Super powers
threat of war
Politicians nothing gain society
Price to pay
World wide peace
Dream is gone

Suffering deep in our minds
After world obliteration

2. Storm Of Stress

Can't escape all your worries
Endless sorrow, pain, and suffer
can't escape your emotions
enslavement by the world you choose

The struggle continues at the of pain
Peace can no longer rest in your mind
The world you choose is fucked already
so stop your dreaming and face reality

You work so hard, all for nothing
your dreams are shattered, your goals destroyed
No-one listens to what we stand for
so why even try to you really care

The struggle continues at the of pain
Peace can no longer rest in your mind
The world you choose is fucked already
so stop your dreaming and face reality.

3. Fear (Of) Napalm

From the sky you see it fall
nowhere else left to hide
people screaming burn to ash
fear of dying guess who lost
Pray to live no more hope
day of doom
scorching flesh
lost control
bust to war
outbreak hate

4. Human Prey

See into the future
what will lie
devastation, mutilation
of mankind
multi-million slaughter
killed in torture
by the final seize
of pure hatred
Live to die
in a world
Far beyond
Another time

A race is gone
with his words
to keep his faith
proud and strong
the pain he gave to millions
the only escape to die

Lost hope

5. Corporation Pull-In

Big money business
take what they can
always for a profit
never for the consumer
using all tricks
using a trap
taking all the money
for their personal gain

Corporation Pull-in
Corporation Pull-in

The rich get rich
the poor stay poor
working hard
all for nothing
life of dreams
shatter faith
down and grim
there's no answer

Corporation Pull-in
Corporation Pull-in

Always in it for money
government bastards are to blame
no one cares any more
about society and economy
millions die
loss of values
corporation takes control
no way out this misery
always backing big business shit
The economy of this nation
is slowly drifting away
self-righteous bastards
never caring about society

Who - suffers - pays the price
People - prisoners - to the system
The wealth and greed
the power to gain
fucking over others
just to stay ahead
Can't they see - they must help
Stop - the pain of mankind

Racial power keeps minorities down
who died and made them God
If they want an apartheid state
then take your shit and fuck off

6. Strategic Warheads

Nations failing to defeat
burning ash, who's to blame
human suffer left in torture
rise and fall, fear of war

Fear the future of mankind
nothing left but wasted years
Can't escape, world downfall
cut-throat system, spare no pain
life and death, meet together
why must one, lose like this

Fear the future of mankind
nothing left but wasted years

7. Condemned System

Do you see the Pain
Do you see the Power
Do you see the Hate
Do you see the Shit

You say're for the system
What harm can it really do
to back up some deceiver
the promises they made to you

8. Resurrection

9. Enslaved By Propaganda

Entrapment by society
corporation propagandist

Money making
gain for power
gimmicks and lies
salves to the system

Break down system to the game
the economy suffers

Third world nations
suffer most
taken for granted
just for their dollars
always helpless
being fucked over
other nation's use them
as stepping stones

10. Need To Live

Birth from wound
life begins
sin from start
hell of living
no-one cares
no-one listens
to the cries
of lost defeat

(Need to live)
Why must one
suffer through life
always take second
Price to pay
can't stand society
can't stand lies
Born to live
Then to die

(Need to live)

11. Ripped To Shreds

So damn tried of these lies
It locks so nice on the TV screen
animal slaughter killed for profit
one just buys and gives no thought

Big Bad Business killing millions
for their greed, love for money
always trying to make a buck
can't you see we want some truth

Ripped to shreds
nothing to gain but murder
bloody, animal slaughter
why can't we understand life.

12. Injustice

Bullshit lies they make to us
take money for their gain
never give a damn about this life
living in a world just to die

No one cares about any shit
can't hear the screams from inside
wish I could have been left unborn
now I am suffering from your sins

13. Whirlwind Struggle

You know what makes us really sick
Are these fucking assholes in control
With their power, greed for money
they take it all from the poor

Whirlwind Struggle

Taking force on the innocent
take what rights, what little we have
they say we're free as can be
but we're all slaves to the government

Whirlwind Struggle

Understand there's too much pain
the suffering of man continues
will we ever learn from this
or will war be the final destiny

Whirlwind Struggle.

14. Infestation

So wrapped up in the system
Prisoner of the Government
fall into a brainwashed state
you're just a number in their eyes

Selfrighteous bastards live for greed
never caring about society
fear the future what it holds?
Guess who pays the final price

never run from the system
face it strong, standing proud
never let them take control
uphold your words and don't back down

15. Dead Shall Rise

16. World Downfall

You fall into their trap
They con you to believe
that they'll make everything better
they're running for the people

Can one trust these lying bastards
Squeezing every cent from you
Using one to gain more power
One must put a stop to this

World Downfall!

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