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1. Iesous Khristos Cambion

Iesous Khristos Cambion
Whose mother drinks the semen of armies
Your father is one of 3,000 fallen angels
Commanded by the goat witch of Baphomet
Demon legions ruled by Belial,
Prince of licentiousness
Lined up to fuck Christ's mother
Inseminating her womb one after one

Thou sufferest me to go into the swine
Yet I shall not enter into ye
Unclean bastard son of a whore
Thou art abomination that maketh desolate

2. My Wintery Embrace

Yes, your time is here
Weep not for soon all sorrow
Shall come to an end
My eyes lick upon yours

Relief it comes in waves
At the touch I have waited so long
To walk beside you hand in claw
On hidden paths of ice

Day this is the one that you knew would come
I know you wished for it since your birth
All you humans living in denial of me
Will all one day come to me

Damnation awaits you
At all other destinations
Save this one

Your hand on my shoulder
Let me taste you
All teeth and bones come to me once more
What you've gone to countless times
When once you still breathed
In the air of those that live
Familiar touch of one

I am the coldness that you felt each night
And now we are together eternally

3. He Descends

And from the blackened sky
The creator returns

From his seed the world was born
Now here to undo the tampering of a befouled deity
A species of ingrates shall be cleaved from life to a mere fraction

All those who failed to follow
The dark path of he who created thee

Now banished to pure nonexistence
Betwixed coils of black malevolence
The great serpent aspect rises forth
Boiling seas belch putrid death unto life

And the long mystery of the depths
Rejoins the creation

Spines of dark retribution
Impale the children of Yeshua
Ungrateful swine ignorant of the pearls before them
And from the molten fire of never ending torments
Comes forth the beast of furious inferno
Blazing up into the sky
From mouths of flame he reclaims his throne of burning souls
And within this, the skeletons of the children of Yeshua
Find once more purity long lost
And the number is reckoned on this eve

All endings have beginnings and once more gone
Where purity was once hidden and silence was banished
Both return now to reign forever more

4. From Serpent Loins, Poison Life

I am the swarm of locusts
Set on the world by the prince and the power of the air

My master Satan is upon four winds

The sickening lord of all disease
Bloating the corpse of Christ Whore-Borne

I send flies upon the suffering
And breed worms
In their mourning skin

Resisting exorcism
With litanies of shame
Expel the Holy Ghost
Screaming curses at his name

Winged Pazuzu
Ejaculating fire
From serpent loins of poison life

Osculus obscenum
Kissing blight
Upon the grieving sons of man
A pact made with Satan
Spewing swarms of demon seed
Inflicting humankind
With misery

5. Necrofuge

Possessed by darkness
I feed upon the bleeding death
Dousing the fear that dwelt deep within
Now I know only the eternal

Lusting for an endless darkness
Joining once more the cold beyond

This curse I put upon myself
This I know forever
The abyss opens before me
I plunge into eternity

Chills of ultimate orgiastic
Impulses penetrate me
Pleasure beyond anything
Ever known on Earth

Frost upon dead flesh
That is rotting and fallen away
Drinking on all the wonders
Of the death realm

Cold necrodestiny awaits
Beyond this weak existence
There's nothing left in the death-fuge
Only darkness

I have taken within the only true power that man has
To die in the name of Satan

I have obliterated my life for that word
No worship ever befell these lips

There is no point
Why would he care
His was the kingdom
Of Earthyl treasures

In the dimension
Where no life dwells

6. Hagion Pneuma, Apochoreo

I exorcise thee, spirit of the God of Israel
In the name of Emperor Lucifer
In the name of his Prince Belzebuth
In the name of Grand Duke Astaroth

By the hot breath of Pazuzu

Depart from this witch of Baphomet
Whom Master Lucifer hath designed
To call unto his unholy Throne
Bathed in the urine of whores

That she may be made the abomination of desolations
Wherein Master Satan dwells through
His son Antichrist the Lord
Who shall come to slay the living and
Cause the dead to be forgotten

And destroy the world by genocidal fires
Of pride, envy, gluttony
Lust, sloth, greed
And wrath.

7. A Trillion Slain

For all the murders uncommitted
With all the rage and fury that has been held within
Chains of gold and silver
Foul acts executed only within the mind
Punished no longer for deeds undone

If that flesh only knew
The many ways which it has met its grisly end
All the times the bones broken and flesh rent
Surely I would no longer be
Free to burn away the minds and flesh of The Chosen
With a mere thought cessation of life manifests
Though still holding high the mass of order
Only those to be reaped shall be taken
but within the ebony thoughts
All will perish and be put to an end

Soon no longer will these limits be tolerated
Their defiance of me will turn to meek submission
All those who claim no fear of me
Do not know what awaits within the waves
Of torment yet to be unleashed

8. He, Wretched One

Beneath the tides of lost memories
Sway and shake the lies that are unknown truths
Within dark chambers of legend
The ancient sacrifices of blood unending
Great vast pools of ashen life
Spawned to this day through gates of might
Across great rivers of night to smite the disbelievers

Doubt of the divinity of his force
Will reap only astral anguish
There is only vengeance to those that hide
Within circles made of salt
Summoning a force they do not believe exists
Expecting the daemon to prove its existence
The foolish mage carves the sigils into the flesh of the sacrifice
Set aflame from deep within his soul
Flesh soon after falls to dust

Wretchedness incarnate, Known throughout the ages
Time's sands burying all but the fear
Know that the daemons you thought bound by Solomon
Are now free to wreak vengeance upon the unwary
Seek not shelter with your silver charms
No banishing will protect you
All your impudent defenses shall be laid waste
And slain your self shall be

9. I Am the Darkness

I am the razor that carves your flesh
The bleeding acrimony
The crescent gaunt of death
I am the leprous soul
Shedding filth and disease
The swarming locust plague
Spawned of melancholy

I am the labyrinth of pain
That forebodes the path of light
The deviant lash of solitude
That rapes your feeble mind
I am the timorous deed
That burrows beneath your skin
The vexing course to madness
Pours from the cleft within

I am the foulness that looms within the breath of night
I am the bitterness for whom all shadows feed
I am the darkness that was and shall forever be

I am despair and flowing rivers of woe
That drown your soul

I am the omega, the ripping of the womb
In emptiness consumed

10. Satanos Thronos Esti (Via Negativa)

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