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1. Sacramental Offering To The Four Crowned

2. Slithering

With bleeding scars
I walk on through
the fields of thorns
in defiance of
pain and suffering
My body is
weak and ravaged
but My will is
stronger than hate

Onward I march
with blood in my eyes
clawing with mangled limbs
against stinging fangs

For I want all
to feel this pain
I want everyone
to bleed and weep
I will cast aside
my torn flesh
I shall finally
shed my skin
and slither on through

Kill for Him!

3. Triumph Of The Grotesque

Hammer strike driven by hatred
through their doomed collective skull
an unprejudiced assault on humans
this sick tower of life will collapse

War grind this pit into a chasm
there's plenty of beauty to burn
merely dust in a waste gate
buried by the sands of time

The embers of the grotesque
riddle an obsidian malice
onward plight in a mirrored abyss
unveiled by the soul's eclipse

Impalement with rusted nails
through razor scarred wrists
ritual pain infliction
in a tortured parody of crucifixion
Wreaking open wounds that forever
bleed into the seas of woe

Satiate the growing death lust
let decades of flames and anguish pass

and the blood drenched children of God
lay beneath the sands of time.

4. Further Acts Ov Atrocity

Your world is shit
and we shall see that it ends
woe unto the fools within our path
for no quarter shall be given

No innocent shall be spared
for they shall serve as fodder
the streets will run red
and the way shall be paved with the dead
Entertaining death with led and steel
in a dance of ravaged flesh
all shall find salvation
with a slit throat and a bullet in the head

So let the agonies unfold
for now is the time to stand
wielding merciless eradication
with an inclination towards murder

We shall be the answer
to the human question

Further acts of atrocity
with a preference for pain
inflicted with such regularity
that it actually becomes ritual
Further acts of atrocity
with a fondess for mutilation
Further acts of atrocity
not just to kill
but to disfigure so horribly
that life will be worse than death

5. Wail Of The Whortodox

Lo do ye wretch'd despair.
Lo do ye worthless cry.
No grace awaits thee,
our days rise!

Whine like beaten dogs for stench'd messiahs.
Choke out fearful begging cloth'd in fearful prayer.
Submit your weakn'd worth to wolven priests,
for prostitut'd rot veiled as faith.

Strike feebly at the gates of tepid hope.
Leprous grasp falls short of your seeping god.
Feed upon the scraps of splinter'd cross,
that even scavenging raven shall not touch.

Wail you whorthodox of drown'd and conquer'd child.
You have been judg'd found wanting.
Crucifying nails remain to hold you up,
for you have been judg'd found wanting.

No sparing god awaits your final days.
Your stone commandments now lie in ember'd dust.
Desperate slaves of parasite lost,
screeching at your law is broke and fell.
A blind eye in return for your lie.
A razor'd moth at the neck of your truth.
Rise oh weak to you inherit'd earth,
what remains in the ash of your eternal reward.

Clutch at your fellow failur'd kin,
in great rapture worthy of your god.

Whine like beaten dogs for stench'd messiahs.
Choke out fearful begging coth'd in fearful prayer.

6. Upon The Cusp

Within the dawning summer
Hail of domination of light
The day which the begins
As the pendulum swings

Towards dominance of night
Burning in the sun's rays
Nights of debauchery beckon
I miss these times when not here...

Hate the flames of light
Imprisoned in the shackles of Summer

A short time for revels
My brothers, I implore you
Our nightly dominance concentrated
Envious light of our celebration
Seize the night in this short time
The Rituals begin at dusk

Ave! Darkness of light!
Ave! Dominance of night!
We speak the words
Celebrate the time we have

Revel in blackest symphony
Saltry air supports naked forms
Bonfires crackle in the night
Within the forests
I commune with the ancients

Lux Lucifer!

7. Igniting The Black Flame

There was the time
when I wanted the blackness
to be my breath

For it to be my very being and blood
Black, where should me luminous red
Soon a light I had seen in the darkness
so many times before

The light did not find me
like that constructed icon of slaves
No, I found it
A black flame of knowledge
I take that sigil to my breast

Knowing the true master was all it took
Clarify my path in the convoluted existence
Answers were always there

I just never knew the questions to ask
They are my brothers in the great Darkness
Stoned as one legion in rule
What they ask for, I have to offer

What they give in return,
unmatched by any mortal force

8. Pure Unadulterated Hate

Christ whore with sheep mind
Flesh grinding hate fuck
Penetrating wargasm death strike

Life worshiping filth vessel
quenched with nocturnal emissions
and razor slashed caresses
Slave preacher dog like pedophile

Sodomy advocater
Worm tongued sin redeemer
Lie selling sermon invocater
Be silenced by vengeful iron fists

Be purged by fires of retribution
I am the furious nemesis
the poisoning voice of the serpent
the blasphemous ritual pain enhancer

A divine misanthropic hate wielder
the vile church wood igniter
lamb flock butcherer and torturer
the scythe wielder the scourge and enemy of

9. Reaching From Damnation

I reach out of the blackness of the night to grasp at your flesh
Though that gave me pleasure once in the past..

Now I am reaching for your light that which animates your flesh
Give me your soul, I wish to consume it

Blacken your husk with the hatred of my innermost being

You will fall slowly and with death as your guide...
I will throw you into an endless abyss but you know no pain
There is no pain (in death), only cold blackness
I watch you fall...
The darkness caresses the outer spheres of my soul.

I curse you!

Damn you pathetic waste
You are nothingness now
Even less than before, hatred was something you felt
But you let it damn you and I only did what is in my nature
You were already condemned

10. Upon A Timeless Moon

Hellfire King illuminate
the Unholy path I walk
I bow before the Ancient One
Ruler of Sulfur
your throne is where
my loyalty shall remain
your power I summon
for the destruction of
Jesus Christ!

Timeless Moons are
temples of rites
There we chant the songs
in it's Shadows
Dark are the skies
that carry us afar
Bright are the flames
of wisdom you speak.

Rise! Rise! Rise from the fires of Hell.

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