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1. World Of Phobia

2. Anthropophobia

No one could know what it meant to be me
Deep down I knew that no one would care
When they woke up one day and I wasn't there
Based on my thoughts I gathered my strength

Pulled away from life
Thrust into
A world without a human
No longer sheltered

Empowered myself with my freedom to think
Plotting and hatching my plans for revenge
All the while seeing society's end
Focusing energy into a singular goal

I know what must be done
They’ll all disappear one by one

Rotten corpse
(Pulled away from this life - to my pretty next life)

Time to deicide who I am
My emotions were dead
Soon during the process
My hate returned to all the people

3. Tyrannophobia

Listen I will learn you well
Listen I will remind you all the tears
Listen I will teach you how they fucked
The tyrants thought they knows the best
Carnage, despoliation, terrorize, occupation
Listen, welcome to the hell

Chaos has begun
People are dying how you never believe
Release these strikes of penance

Release this wrath within haste
Release this wrath of hate

Decimate your allegiance
Decimate your inner strength
That will bring you rift
From within this seething comes

Take your weapon, go and take your weapon
Time to revenge, for you who is vengeful
Fake is shit, when your brain is washed
You're all I need, just for you I’ll bleed

Driving their blood into your vein
Brain washed even cannot deplete it
Lord of darkness will swallow human race
Death worth it, depletion

Fuck this world
The earth raped with this fear

Carnage, homage, courage, rage
Revenge, creepage, damage, heritage

4. Homophobia

There's something inside you coming out
Its gonna be killing you
Fear of dick and fear of rape
Making you as a homophobia
They’re going to smash your fucking ass
Every night their dick seep in your hole

Fear of cognate, feeling like psychoneurotic

Suffering torture pulverized is coming out
To kill as they please, no one can stop them
No escape no haste can help you
Sick of doubt to cognate is killing you

Watching over your dead shell, from beyond in your own hell
Given the choice to die or live dead, if you don’t defiance you should
Surrender to rape

No, no more, not anymore

No new life can arise
The usurper you are sure for a lie

Ones that owe you something
Powerless to stop it

It should be perfect nightmare in your life
No hoping for escape from homo fear
The only way is last man standing for fuck
You should take it when you cant recede it

One more sleepless night… cold sweat and nightmares waking you up.
Can’t close your eyes on this. No more sleepless night…

In a world that won’t see
Error of your homofear,
You can’t help yourselfCause of feeling empty

It's good of you to summit yourself to this torture
When all the rest are thinking, you are such agony
Watched all, your bullshit, I must say it sickened me

5. Eremophobia

In my silence... In my solitude...
Pain was tearing me from all seclusion
My heart burning in flames
For all lose I got
I can’t believe any word of human
I got something, love is suicide

In my dirty thought… in my cute belief
Haste was like a ticking timer of life

My soul reduction to nothing
Existence wasn’t the only thing
I felt this world was killing me
My own funeral knocked my door

I hearing some fucking chatter
Whispering like a pig
Telling me, I’m your only guy

Arise, you my little puppet
Arise like a slave in my hands
Don’t you see how I am powerful
You little fucked head
Don’t you see how I am vengeful

A callous brute
Retreat from the world

Lonely mentally

In your silence... In your solitude...
Pain is suffering from all seclusion
Your corpse burning
For all your incarnation

6. Panophobia

I’m a world that you fear
Frozen out utter bitterness
I'm the still darkness
What you feel in your emptiness world
I'm the loneliness which cannot fill the void
So cold, so deaden
I'm a cry of agony
In your eyes...
I am a cold tear of misanthropy
Because I am dark world of suffering

Your eyes shed tears
When you recall the saddest moment
Which filled you with sorrow
When I watched your going away...

Selfless you call for me
Your soul bleeds for mine
For me you will die...
I’ll bury you in a royalty grave in my chest

Your existence depends on me
Your soul is as mine
For you nobody will cry
In the cold dark world

You will never forget that look of gloom world
The daggers world pierced through your heart

7. Hypnophobia

Sudden shift to reality
Haunted by visions of the past
Echoes of screams gorific shadows
Finding no way to run from
His nightmarish executions

Hatred of flesh
Life taking experiment
Watching the blood flow
Corpses left behind

Blood thirst, bloodthirsty eyes
Morbid invitation to death
Deafening screams
Killing with precision

The art
Of Butchery

Knife in the
Fuckin' heart
Tearing out flesh
Malicious mayhem

Anger and disgust
Insatiable murder lust
Disabled mind control
Manifest of suffering
Amplification of pain

Smashing brains
Slitting throats
Rancid disembowelment
Mortifying carnage

8. Phonophobia


9. Algophobia

Life is just a dream
On the way to death
Mournful dusk
Sea of bitterness
Color of my dreams
Seed of darkness
Pain was always
Only way to mortality

Seed of pain... seed of torture

I wish I could hide inside you
Loose myself in the pain’s immensity
Cast myself into the death I once perceived
You should know after pain whats gonna happen

Your heart start to beat
When I remind all the hate I had
Your head explode
When I recall the inelegant voices

In the cold bare nigh
Inside the hot fucking drunk
No pain is feeling
No way for turning
This is end for thinking

You can't live without your torment
You can't live without your soul
You can't live without the pain
The world becoming painful for you

Smell like agony
Rolling in painful slobber

You took in your hand
The pain is tear
Spilt on the emotion
You caused by what you done

Thanks to namelessdreams for sending these lyrics.

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