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1. Intro & Anger Divine

I am searching beyond the mist
In darkness it seems, a faithful suffering
The vile destruction, the seductive dice
Calling of mourning and pain lifting sigh
Calling the nightmare, the fire of sky
You’ll never see, you’ll never

As the blood flows, from my rotten veins
The gate is opening, as I am fading
You’ll never see the salvation in god
You carry your god and despite all the lies
Yearning for more, you’ll never, never see
You’ll never be, the one for me

Begged and fought to the burrow of the sight
Come back to distant times
Come back to Satan’s (The Pagan) way
This is your destiny
Begged and fought to the burrow of the sight
Great deeds seem distant from these times
Come back to Satan’s way, this is your destiny

To darken the skies, I have tried all my life
Run from this darkness and pray for the world
I fail to see, the skies are falling
And you were not with me
And I am calling

Satan’s (The Pagan) salvation will become undone
And all that I loved will be gone, and gone
All that is left is your infernal light
And then you’ll be gone, like a parasite

Soon all that’s been lost, will cover the faith
And darkness and pain, will lie in thy womb
I am nothing but a sand of time
Enlisting my mind with senses
Darken my world in vain, then leave me

2. Cry In Serenity

Ripping through the skies
Through the hectic lies
Begging for release
Can you hear my pleas ?
Can you hear my call
In the winters fall
Do you ever bow
To the heathen call

I will never lie, though your tears deny
Conspiracy of identity
Though your eyes are stained
With the lies in vain
You will be my bane
In a tomb disdain

Dear sweet one, will you be forever
A tomb in my past
Forgotten, forever
I sigh, to the sky
In flames, I hide

Seeking in the past, will it ever last
A shred of time, in the feeble sky
Do you ever bow, in the heathen fall
Do you ever bow, in the heathen call

In distasteful times, all love is dying
I hate to see, a fantasy
Though your love is gone, in the silent dawn
I will never pray, I will never say

As I caress, the shreds of time
Though you left, I will never
Deceive my heart, for you
Enslave my soul, for you

I defy all this life
I deny all this lie
Life, life...
This wretched life, filled with lust and greed
Lust and greed.
Wretched life, I am falling
In the cry of serenity

3. Reign In Grief

Far away, the sky is on fire
On the dreams, of my desire
Feel the tales, of my heart
Feel my love, in the dark

Feel the tales of all my being
Feel the sorrow of my sin
Feel the light, of all my dreams
Fell the guilt, of all my sins
As I try to, embrace the pain

Shadows come, in resurrection
Begging for release
Tears keep flowing, to the dark side
Of my autumn dream, she calls my name
In every dream, telling me to die
I cross the oceans of grief, to whisper your name

In my dreams, of grief and sorrow
Wait for you, wait for tomorrow
I shall feel, the pain and sorrow
You impale, my soul an arrow

Feel the tales of all my being
Feel the sorrow, of my sin
Feel the light of all my dreams
Fell the guilt, of all my sins

All the sorrow, I shall feel
And all the fire, in my dreams
All the grief that I have to feel
And all the fire

She, sits upon my burning grief
As light as her heart, she crumbles yet she dares
To face her wounds, she stares, into the past
And cries in her last, attempt to be
Morning breaks the dew, of long lost tears
And in the light of the moon, I whisper your name

And my burden, my burden is over
I look in the mirror, it's a sight fading clearer
And I feel the guilt within
The guilt within

4. Pain Eternal

Deep in shadows
I crawl for forgiveness
That has sickened me inside
And shun my world
Nothing is left, for you
I see, clearly
Shadows come, to take me
Down again, into the past
I fail to, find a reason
In this eternal
Living hell

Beloved, where are you
Where are you
My love, stand true

Whenever we, may die darkness
May yet hold, a light
But will it too keep us apart?
She disappeared into the blight
And I never saw her again
This pain eternal will be my end

Yet like a star, she watches me,
Judgmental but warm
And with her gaze, and the love
I bear, for her I shall strive
So how can you, be pure and yet so blind
I have awakened from the darkness
Where no words were planted
With seeds of deeds
Ready my sorrow, to be cast aside

5. Redemption

In the spring of creation, is a fading winter
Life is a circle, A redemption of our sin

Lost into our night, waiting for a dream
A drop of light, A redemption, Of our sin
Redemption of our sin, Damnation of our sin.

In the rain of autumn, is a fading summer,
Life is a circle, A redemption, of our sin.

We are lost, into our night and we are waiting
For a dream, a drop of light, a redemption
Of our sin,

Years of struggle, they are gone in silence
While life is a circle, a redemption of our sin

As we search, into our senses
Like the blind, man in the night
Trying to find

Sand of our life, draining in vain
Night after night, death after day
Born from a sin, body of clay
Die so alone, old losing way

6. Twilight Of Fate

I am face to face with the grace
The darkness in my mind
I am face to face with the disease
So nightmares fall from my dreams

She calls my name in vain
Compelling me to dies
Again I’m finally opening
God bless me, god take me

Darkness calling, incantation
Help me lose my mind
Eden calling, incantation
Evil sweeps tonight

Lumen cadens in tenebris
Nox aeterna in sepulchro
Lacrimae cadunt in ventum
Sicut imber in autumno

I’m falling, in the darkest world
And dream of thee

Lumen cadens in tenebris
Nox aeterna in sepulchro
Lacrimae cadunt in ventum
Sicut imber in autumno

I am nothing but the veiling
Harboring my second aiming
I am fading, I am craving
I am falling, I am

When you are all, all alone
You will realize your truest virtue
Counting the countless vices
Wishing for a second crisis

7. The Gift Of Passion And Agony

Disgraced are the gifts of creation,
All hope, lies, in...
Death, that comes, slowly, by the corner
And takes us, away

And though, time, passes by, all of us
No one can decide, we can't control our will
We delay, slowly

Take me, away from this life
Draining by, when all that you strive for,
Will fade anyway

Light come to me, fly away in despair
When all hope is lost,
I shall find, you again

Life is a game, that you lose, anyway
When all that you strive for, will fade anyway

When all the blood seems so real, life becomes so unreal
Why do you care, now in pain, is there something not in vain?

Centuries have passed into our hearts, and nothing remained
All hope is lost, will we find a way, from this pain

I'll fucking kill you, we will die anyway
When all that you strive for, will fade anyway

8. Where Life And Death Entwine

Cursed with a life, just to fade away
And a fate, doomed to sorrow and pain
All this time, lost since our first day
And our dreams, gone in vain

Blessed with a death, to cure all our pain
To reborn, from dust in one day
And the rain, falling on our graves
Now until the end tears, tears lost in vain

Memories will fade into extinction
As autumn grows, ever near

All is lost in silence, all is gone in darkness
All is gone, eternal
Eternal the angel of death comes for us all
The bringer of death and creator of souls

Candles in wind, fading away
Leaves of our life, falling away
Tears of our grief, born on our way
Sand of our time, draining away

Fade in misery, where life and death entwine
Lost in hypocrisy, life in misery
Life in misery, endless agony
The bringer of sorrow, bringer of death
The bringer of sorrow, bringer of death
And life, the bringer of sorrow,
Bringer of death
Bringer of pain, bringer of sorrow

All that we lose, will show us the way
And then we will receive, life in one day
In this game, of joy and pain
All we can win, we will lose,

9. Into The End - Soulless Existence (Outro)


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