Dark Lyrics


1. Genocide

False ideologies induce your acts
your mind is controled by fucking leaders.

Genocide, genocide

Superstitions rule your life
intolerance between cultures
Holy war.

Huge masses of inert bodies
blind faith has took his victims

Destiny of humanity
the self destruction is our fucking

2. The Essence Of Evil

Condemned to live in darkness...
living from pain.
In my obscurity I rule...
The essence of evil.

"From the begining of times
I hunted men.
I´m ocult in the dephs of their hearts.
I, the fear, the evil who lives from the strengh of blood
and the flesh..."

Hunter of souls the lord of pain
I feed my hate with all your suffering
the beast you fear...
I eat the flesh, and I drink the blood.

Fresh flesh, bleeding corpses
last ´tears´ shed by the victims
the stronger I bite the louder she screams
as much as I eat closer is her death.

"Death in her eyes...
one more life devoured."
Blood, blood in my hands.

The child winds lash your face
you run though you can´t scape
the sound of my breath coming closer
to your neck.
And now you know what you are going to be...
my feed, my life.

Devouring souls I stay inmortal,
subtracting vitality from human life.

3. Regrets

Time passes and slowly you die
pain grows from deep inside
your soul was wasted and buried
into a deep black hole called, life.

Now death looks for you...
is time to leave this life,
the years you´d left behind
are locked inside coffin labelled past.

Alone, regretful, dead.

Now you are gone
your wishes and dreams are lost
time just passed so fast
regret for your empty...

Sad, life, wasted.

You were afraid and hid yourself
chained to shadows, died being alone.

4. Hell On Earth

Thousands of persons dying by day
Death sharps her scythe.
I see her roaming across the land
her arms opened to embrace us.

Hunger, pain, agony and disease
hell on Earth, world is misery.

Bodies laid fill the ground
rotten flesh infect the life
a cry of help is still heard
who is trying to stop it?

Hunger, pain, agony and disease
hell on Earth, world is misery.

"I wake up from my dreams
and I see a world on fire
envy and greed of mankind
ash a world full of pride"

A small girl stands beside her brother,
who has died two days ago
her tears have dried, her heart is broken
she prepares to die.

Hunger, pain. Agony and disease
hell on Earth, world is misery.

I just don´t care about my life
now I know I´m dying
my strength has gone, my eyes are closing
thoughts fade as I die.

Hunger, pain, agony and disease
hell on Earth, world is misery.

5. A Sadden Heart

I fell alone in this days,
In my sadden life.
My existence is meaningless,
now you are gone I don´t want to live
sadness and pain deep attached
to my heart.

With tears in my eyes,
now I see my life has changed, remenbrances
and thoughts of a past and happy time,
now lost, buried by a sadden present day.
My sadden heart, alone without you.

I can´t understand why life is so cruel?
You were all for me, mother.
I don´t realize how much I loved you,
until I lost you.
My heart fall to pieces, empty inner self,
without illusions, without dreams which
are faden away, no longer I want to live.

Sorrow has depleted but remenbrance is alive.
My life continuous dedicated to you.

Life has taught me that the way is not so plain,
maybe too young to taste the gloom,
now my heart has turned into stone.
You will be always in my mind,
forever until the day I die.

6. Insane

I hear voices and laughs inside my head
constant howling burning my brain
reality mixed with fantasy
neverending frightening dream.
Fear of the night, of the day, of myself
don´t know where to go or where to stay.
I trapped in my dreams, unreality
my life fades away.

Hordes of terror lurking me
ghouls and ghosts before my eyes.

I´m condemned to live in this agony
deep inside into paranoia
reality´s gate is locked to me
I´m lost, I´m insane.

Hordes of terror lurking me
ghouls and ghosts before my eyes.

7. Sleepwalker

Air´s cold in the black night
when my other side brings ´his life´
now the fellings that have been tied
are coming strongly to life.

My other side leaves the bed
look s for pain, he needs the wickedness.
What make me walk?
Nothing, noone.

Screaming, dreaming while he lives.

"All the blood I draw in your dreams
is needed by you, by me
while you´re awake, I sleep
while you´re dreaming the choice is for me"

Night´s over, my darkside fades
no more deaths, no more blood
The cycle is closed but it will start again.
I´m trapped in a nightmare without end.

Screaming, dreaming while he lives.

8. Nosferatu


I feel his presence around me
my fellings controlled by him
cold arms enclose me
my body shivers.

"Sweet love, share your life with me...
in a blood baptism, eternity."

The breath of the no dead is getting closer
his cold lips shave my smooth neck
death kiss, sweetest bite.

"Drink from me and ´live´ forever."

Join my servants, the Army of darkness
the Hordes of death
...now the time has come.

divine wine of life.
my kingdom.
My servants,
roam the land,
ride the winds,
spread the darkness.

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