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1. Entrance

2. Realm Of Pain

Would I be able to stop,
the voices sounding in my head?
My life is like a bad dream
All obscure, ominous and blurred.

But why does it hurt If it is just a dream?

The same terrifying silhouettes,
In front of my body, inert
Some voices shout live!
While the others utter die screams.

Bound hands and feet with chains,
Why the lightning strikes at me again?

"It is not pain, merely a game.
Don't trust your eyes,
Hands are faster than them.
Don't listen to the voices,
The truth is carried with you, inside.
Who are you going to believe in,
Now you are almost there?
(No... you are really far away)
No, you cant beat us,
Welcome to your Hell...

Within his Realm of Pain, suffering underwent.
Within his Realm of Pain, mind collapsed.
Soul and flesh took apart.
And here now his body lies,
Dreaming to find the silver key,
To unlock the Doors of the Realm of Pain.

You won't get our voices out of your mind!

"Lightning, the light comes.
Flame, the fire burns.
Tear, the flesh apart,
Pain, is here again!

Dazzled, The Knowledge it is"
Why! I can't get their voices out of my mind!

Awake, awake, awake, awake!

3. The Book Of Blood

4. Evil Domini

5. Dark Tears (Don't You Shed Those)

6. Shadows In The Path

7. Prelude To Violence

8. Violence In Red {A Violin's Story}

9. A New Design

10. The Renascence

You do not know very well…
Neither the how nor the why,
The only thing you know for sure,
It is that you must run.
What long ago you conceived
A shelter of hopes and beliefs,
It is now a serpent’s lair,
From where you have to escape!
“Faces do not show smiles anymore,
Languishing ghosts in an endless scream
From their jaws sharp peaks shine within,
Desiring to dye their snowy crowns with
The deep dark red dusk of the blood.
-Bloodshot eyes hunger for blood-
Cain drives their blood-thirst hearts,
Into a spiral of frenzy and raving…”
Iced tears shed from their eyes
Pretending to mourn for his death,
Whilst their eager souls laugh
Hiding their hands tainted in blood.

“Why did you killed me, slayed me
And perished my existence?
Closing with these thorns,
The true path I revealed to you.
Haven’t I given everything for you?
And is this the way I’ve been paid,
With an Obol under my tongue…?”
“And now he sails the Stygian Lake
In a course with no returning way
He can’t return from the travel
That he has began, no! No he can’t.-
Will be he able to deceive Nicte’s son?
Oh! Could he really come back again?”
From the riversides of Hades he returned,
Beguiling Kerberos with craft and skill,
Epic songs they’ll chant for him,
For the one who escaped from Death.
The Renascence!
(Listen to the chorus of triumphant Angels!)
A Renascence!
(From the Ashes of Death to Hero’s Glory!)
Envy corrodes the soul
And buries his victim
Under heavy slabs.
Why Human Being therefore degrade?
Why he yearns with so much fervour
What he does not possess?
Now I understand why you killed me…
you envied the poet’s work
And put me apart from Calliope,
But I have returned,
From where no one has come before,
And I will not rest until I find you all.
So listen!
You listen!
Since you will hear soon from me

11. Chasing The Sun

As I ride
As I roam
Enfolded by Darkness
Eager to find the Sun.
Many years have gone
Since that I’ve returned
From where no one
Has come before.
And it’s now
And here
Where all the ending
Will unfold.
This is the fate
Of whom haunts with no soul,
“Feeding from hate
Is healing from pain”.
Envy guided your hearts,
Envy sealed my eyes,
But I’ve returned,
With vengeance in my hands.
The Oracle sang
I will find you at last,
Far beyond no more told,
She only said the words:
“set you free,
chase the sun”
[the Parcas chanting]
“Hear the hymn of hell,
O'er the victim sounding,
Chant of frenzy, chant of ill,
Sense and will confounding!
Round the soul entwining
Without lute or lyre-
Soul in madness pining,
Wasting as with fire!”
The daughters of Night appear,
Those who are feared by Gods,
Relentless pace,
Is her furious race.
Avenging Demons of injustice
That your song resounds
Chaining the sanity
Of those who I hunt!
Erinias, instil the fear
So deep in their hearts,
That my hand only need
A move to avenge my death!
“Hear the hymn of hell,
O'er the victim sounding,
Chant of frenzy, chant of ill,
Sense and will confounding!
Round the soul entwining
Without lute or lyre-
Soul in madness pining,
Wasting as with fire!”
[Calliope enters]
“Keep your hand apart,
From the raging sword,
And listen from my lips
The poetry in my words.
Because anger and hate
Will bait you until the end,
And from the Abyss of Hell
You’ll never escape again”
Oh! Is that you?
My Muse of creation…
“Please, don’t get caught
With the chant of these three,
Cause not only the sanity
Of your killers
But yours it’s here at risk.”
I will not forget
They drowned me
Into the Waters of Lethe
And thus they smothered
The flame of creation
That was on me.
[A chorus]
“he will do it!
Oh, yes he’ll kill them,
And the grudge shall destroy him,
And it shall bind him to the souls
Of his assassins.”
“but the words of Calliope
Resounded in his head…”
This maelstrom of wrath
Is tearing my heart
And like a dark spectre
It will make me forever dance…
Oh, is this what I want?
It’s now when I understand
What the Oracle
Wanted to say…
[with echoes]
“set you free!
Chase the sun…
…Surpass the anger
In this new life.”
I will embrace the light of day
Stepping out of the darkness where I rest.
Over forgiveness it’s redemption,
So I’ll shed from the chains of vengeance.

12. Ballad For A Tortured Soul

Doramas Parraga – Drums
Javier Montesdeoca – Guitars
Miguel Ángel Marqués – Vocals, Guitars
Berenice Musa – Vocals (soprano), Soprano I on track 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10

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