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1. The Lamentable Sonata (Intro)

Let us empty the porcelain jars
Light up the candelairs
Orchestra! Play the lamentable sonata
Scribes put your pens down...
For such a feast, only the God of Scribes can write
And I shall lick the red ink, of the vision Maid

2. The Ruby Mine

Draw the curtains! Oh joyous expectations, drastic mirth
Reveal! The time is due, the feast is cast!
The two crystal gleams... it is her eyes!
The eyes of the rapturous Maid of Vision, she is my queen to be!
They are truely gems, I can see, for they cast rays up to the roof!

I say "Behold! I am the dragon-fly, he that eats the eyes of sages!
Pierce gain and hold! The present, can the present fade?
Never! Through all the seas of time
The eyes I have eaten I have all sacrificed to Her!
Now my prayers are heard...

Encore, Orchestra! Encore!
Let the incence reach the roof of this cathedral
Spare not of everything! For masks and capes shall fall now!
She wears only bracelets and neclesses of pearls...of dew

One glance, one touch... with her scarlet lips she reveals
The secret word...That ends the flickering of the flame for good!
She says "Spiring forth! Leap into the ruby mine of my womb!
To fetch the Egg of all Eyes, spiritual and worldy"

And she says: "Bring out too, baskets and vases and jars
With fine parfumes, spices and incence for this feast,
That will make us exstatic, then drowsy & Somnolent!
Bring fine silks for our marriage bed!"

I say: "Behold! I am the dragon-fly, he that has the wisdom of's thousand eyes!
Pierce gain and hold! The present, can the present fade?
Never through all the seas of time.
Now my flame shall cease to flicker,
For I have tasted the ruby blood of her Womb
I say: "Behold! I am the dragon-fly,
I am the Beholder, you have ceased to exist!
Pierce gain and hold! The Present, can the present fade?
Never! Through all the seas of time.
Now I shall cease to pierce, for I have married
The Maid of Spirit-Vision

3. A Shape in Fair Disguise

Flying as a shape in fair disguise
With barest teeth and purest fright
Tasting all flavors of this lovely night
I am shrinked from that burning light...

Rushing towards some echoes
With warm hard brutal winds
The intense melody of madness
It is harmony when it sings...

Now wandering eternally at night
Dead are they...in the bright

Cold whirlwinds spin
Into evil trumpets of bronze
They are playing for those who are unskilled
Chaos is what they behold

Behold the shape you have been given
Through the tunes of ultimate unity

Burning whirlwinds spin
Into old trumpets of bronze
They are playing for those who are resolved
Divine secrets they now behold

Still wandering at night
Dead are they...in the bright

4. Storm of Terror

Poisoned virtue...
As a tornado who crawls deep in a vacuum
Its wind becomes the rythms to a Symphonie of
Played on a breezy path of obscurity

The endless strom of terror
Twisting all nature into a demon
The marriage of heaven and hell
One grey poisoned garden with a labyrinth
Where the ends got off into ecstasies...

A raving autumn shears
Through some grim past years

Closed eyelid crushes the gleam
Into motions of a strange green stream

High as the birds in the white of the air
Whom the devils only can hear

They are crying like painfully spirits
As the terror is crawling within

Dear shadows...- now you know it all
Once again remaining a soul

The wilderness comes aloud
From the ended labyrinth who have been crowned

Gained measures fireing the gleam
To broken treasures who fades in a dream

The endless storm of terror
Please, let him crawl in their minds...

5. Into the Facutly of Wonderful Secrets

(Serving the deep red elexir...)
You are into my feared
World, -sleeping in my domain"
With the faculties of mystical secrets...
With the profound contemplation...
From a cold destiny as a human
To a gently spiritual flow
I hide towards the virtue
As a master of the enchanted dimentions

With salt I cleanse the region of South. With air I
cleanse the region of west. With water I cleanse the
region of north. With flame I cleanse the region of

(Litting...the divine light...)

Now when the fiery liquor chills in your blood
You are touching these aspects who encircle this light
This raw unended dark grim form is a
Summerized branch to the feared grand realms

6. The Red Jewel

Fading suddenly in!!! An ultimate red light...
The strong red jewel, it was formed that night...

Covered with 5 bright silver shields with pendants
It was hanging in the air in front of me...

Those untouched sacred pendants
They all start to ring...ring...ring...
So grand! So powerful!

Filling the air with its dead and lost grace
Like a mystical adventure where old courtesy
Paints my face...

No illusion...but a refraction of the reality

When suddenly I meat that face
Like a shadow of an invisible tower

It consecrates! IT CONSECRATES!

A thing with an untouchable glow from the divine
Which is constant with the character of my mind?

For my heart cries as that living spectral
Who knows the dreads and pride I have created

The jewel gave my birth
As the 555 on this earth...

I had seen my kernel of blood in the air
The spectral and jewel...MY OWN SPHERE...!

7. The Intense Domain of Grievousness

Laying on black shiny marble
The lustrous floor of secret senses
Blended within a royal night to provoke
My tempest

Raising my red jewel
Through the atmosphere of magnificence
Physically alone so pure and clean
In a fragrance of solemness...

Attracting the silver green flash
The spots from the five high-lights
Vibrating my words, VIBRATIN MY WORDS...
All through the royalty of the night...

Brought away, deep down...
Abrupt as the speed of the light

A huge temple of infinite brightness
Staring hard at me
As pure nature in person, is thinking me dead..

Catching its glance of mysticism
Tasting the emblem of
My Third Eye...

In the intense domain of grievousness(6x)

As the temple grows rough!!!
I clearly feel the blowing thunders breath
As crowded wind, but from my mouth!?

As the temple grows rough!!!
I clearly hear the blowing thunders beat
As crowded thumps, but from my heart!?

8. The 5th and the Hysteric

Out there...

The grand phantoms!!!
They are
Crying amid five black cats
Oh, such elegiac
From whom I see,
Pure hysteria
Such plaintive...

Their wild voices
Loop as craft of verses
Enormous melodies of shrieks
From those ladies
As flame was crawling beneath...
Green and yellow eyes flashing
In the obscurity of blue fog
Those alluring five black cats
Waiting for a fresh soul...
To scratch!!!
As the PEST was crawling beneath...

The grand phantoms!!!
They are
Crying amid five black cats
Oh, such elegiac
From whom I see,
Pure hysteria
Such plaintive...

Hysteria through hysteria!!!
As enormous wings spreading
In front of a sparrow
Ladies of insanity
Attracted to those five black cats?

Alone with the queenish phantoms
Alone with 5 flashing yellow eyes
I have heard plaintive voices emanante
Through humans and beasts hysteria

Hysteria enigma! Hysteria enigma!

Out there...
Wild voices loop as craft of verses...
The 5th and the hysteric!!!

Thanks to moonskinuk & camille.g for sending these lyrics.

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