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1. Just Another Union

You weren't born to be a slave
Yet one you were and still remain.
Dancing between east and west
Being low is what you do best.

Think, think!
Not if you're able or rich.
Drink, drink!
Celebrate your weakness, bitch.
Free speech!
Until your mouth shut we'll stitch.
In reach!
The hole where you'll be ditched.

Soviet terror and its iron fist reign
Idol of unions for the squeeze remains.
Synonymous USSR and EU
Felt comfortable at mastering you.

Don't talk back,
It's a liberty you lack.
Our power, our way,
You shut up and obey!

Double think!
Jail is freedom's substitute.
Rights shrink!
Supremacy is absolute!
Hate speech!
When your tongue cuts too sharp.
Brain leech!
They suck under your scalp.

Don't talk back
'Cause our rules prohibit that.
Our power, our way,
You shut up and obey!
Oh, you said it just for fun?
We laugh and hang you by the tongue.
Our power, our way,
You shut up and obey!

2. Choose Death

Step in to be told the truth,
Quran will make you smarter.
Death for Islam can be smooth,
the mosque makes martyrs.
Allahu akbar!

Sacred killers dealing peace,
armed religion-surgeons.
Red carpet - body pieces
pave the way for ISIS'
truck of Nice
to virgins.

Put on your bomb belt...
Airway to heaven.

Allah knows best!
He does!
And he commands death!

Choose death!
Choose death!
Choose death!
Choose death!

Put on your bomb belt...

3. Miserytomb

Please go away, escape concern
This is advice, now it's your turn:
Seize the chance, save your sanity,
Leave me to me, myself and agony.

I'm not here, for sympathy is scoff,
To a stroll with corpse in me I'm off.
Another evening, yet another spin,
Dry fire and another wrenching win.

I've dug this hole myself for me, misery!
A dreary tomb, a tempting mystery.

I don't live life, I die death, I wait the final breath,
If I could I would die a megadeath.
Don't weep, it won't help me go,
Euthanasia would end woe.

Like a rabid dog deranged utmost
That bites the hand that pets it most,
Like a drug addict without a dose
I cut off those who ever get close.
No one to kill me, no one to kill,
I fill the cup with poison to spill.
The reaper even says to me with wrath:
You're a failure both in life and death.

4. The Plastic Age

With conveyors life is fed
Until there's the planet Dead.
Wipe the forests, worship drastic
Holy deity god of plastic.

You are rot!
Human slot!
Eyes and head that are hollow
Is what you got!

Equinox of burning knives,
Faux faces, legit unlives.
You fake you, I fake a grin:
Pseudo-skin, no mind within.
Cook crisis, sham solutions,
Corrupt every institution.
A discount on intelligence
In bundle with irrelevance.

You are rot!
Human slot!
Eyes and head that are hollow
Is what you got!

Plastic age!
Welcome! Welcome to the
Plastic age!

In vain is to be the one
Who pulls the trigger of the gun
Far too little, far too late,
The Earth is done, the grand checkmate...

5. Suffo6Ion

Feel my hand around your neck,
Lurking fingers of death
Bring you pleasure. Oh I bet
A murky coffin makes you wet.

Suffo6ion! Feel me deep!
See the snake slithering.
Suffo6ion! Bloody creek.
Thighs with want quivering.

Suffo6ion! The great affliction.
A luscious sin.
Suffo6ion! A crucifixion,
Ex-Christian's only thrill.

I see the cuts profound,
Relish in the knife.
So you wanna die,
Why not suicide?

Oh, you want to kill?
It ain't gonna be me!
The fun is done,
I fuck and run!

6. Waste Of Bones

You again – a pointless joke,
I would, but void I cannot choke.
You're a waste of skin and bones,
We share blood, I'd rather stones.

Wanna know what would help me best
To get rid of you, fucking pest!

Booze and drugs spur ideas... sure!
Scurvy lies to get a cure.
Your reasoning's disintegration
Will end in your humiliation.

Don't you fucking smirk at me,
I'm better than you'll ever be.
Mental midget, empty-skulled,
Unworthy, dubious and dull.

Wanna know what would help me best
To get rid of you, fucking pest!
I don't need a bloody knife,
It's fun to watch your meager life.

7. Godspear

Across the sea and in your land,
On fertile hills and in the sand
I've lived thousands of years,
Killed thousands every year,
I am godspear!

Prehistoric mind disease
Infecting infidels with ease.
World will face my will in tears,
Hurled to kill with no frontiers.
I am godspear!

Throw away
All your ways.
You will crave
A mental grave.

I am not seen but felt.
I do not deal but my will is dealt.

You must adhere
And love the fear,
Trust me, dear,
Thrust the godspear!

I've outlived thousands of men
Yet I ain't god nor spear, but man.

8. Conveyor Care

Strapped to a mattress and ready to go,
The motor shines with a blood red glow.
Ominous needle descends from up high,
Initial insertion is aimed at the eye.
Vital retinas sucked to a test tube,
Meaning of cycle of life renewed.
The lids come off with a CNC cut,
Eyes forever open and shut.

Grade-A medicine industrialized
Trades immortality in disguise.

In bags go
Experimental defects.
Flesh trash flow.
Conveyor care corrects.

Phase two: the buzz-saw section,
Titan blades produce perfection.
Largest one heads for the knees
While the horror trims my pleas.
Clever pills evoke castration,
Courage crushing crucial ration.
Shut the need for feels and sex,
The paleomammalian cortex.

For every problem there's a trick:
Prosthetic bones and limbs and dick.

Features skinned,
Strangers twinned.
Blood blocked
And lungs locked.
Knotted, dried
All intestine.
Vacant stare,
Conveyor care.

Motor functions must prevail
With the nerves and processed brain.
What we can we will retail,
The rest can go down the drain.

Start the process recombine!
Cumulative transmutation.
Start the process redefine!
Cell-level cyborgification.

Stand up straight, activate!
Useful socioneutral system.
Back to crate, deactivate!
I have become one of them.

I think, therefore I am
But is it me or something other?
I think I don't know who I am,
Do I descend from my mother?

9. I Know What You Are!

I know what you are

You were sleeping, babe, at another man's place.
"It was nothing," you claimed to me in grace.
Just constant lies with no shame in your face.
Love concept died, I came here to erase, too!


A stream of dismay in your gaze,
Extreme disgust set me ablaze.
What was is now a hateful stigma,
You to me a vile enigma.

I know what you are, deceitful snake!
You crawled to me, a dear mistake.

I feel like going a bit psycho!
Me, my trusty knife and co
Will make in death you be my wife
If fake and whore you were in life.
Some incisions here and there,
Let's salt 'em up with some despair.

Let's see how your new
Boy-toy enjoys you now.
Does he know which slice is best,
The one with pussy or two breasts?
Shut the fuck up, he won't come,
Close your mouth, it stinks of cum.
Blah. He loves you. Blah. He'll save you...
With a hammer in the cranium?!

I ain't done with you yet... Bitch!

Enough lies, give up your tongue
Let's carve out those screaming lungs!
Oh! What a nice surgical precision,
You look exactly like I visioned.

I know what you are, deceitful snake!
You crawled to me, a dear mistake.
You let me down, it comes around,
I'll let you down, into the ground.


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