Dark Lyrics


1. Life Epitaph

2. The Raven's Cry

I wait for you, now

Will I ever find the strength
To repress the spasms beneath my skin?
I can’t see anything but the blurred vision
Of this pathetic dead end

I don't fall, I don't fail
I don't pray, I'm just afraid of you

We are sinking, I am sinking
We’re all sinking
Nothing will save us now

I’m consumed by my decline, flesh suffocated
Why? Enslaved by misery and craved by the Raven's Cry

Trapped in this tormented place
Somesthesia fading away
Frozen by empty promises
I've never felt ignored like this before

But still in my eyes
The seeds of the tears I have cried
And still in my mind
There remain the memories

How can I even name this?

There remains life
The last memories

I fight against myself not to fall
The eyes staring at this wall
Ignored but not forsaken
It will exist forever and won't be forgotten

3. Unleash The Craving

The birth of a devouring spark
Is still haunting this walls
The slight touch of your hand resounds
It’s been a vital force

This despise stands for what I am
My very embodiment
Swayed by my inner dilemmas
I need invasive curses to breathe

My reflection in your eyes
Is turning into distant lies
Something has been altered
As frozen echoes end
I spill the venom in your blood
It is time to unleash the craving

Bereft of all the answers
I’m not looking for them
All I need to know is…
How the fuck am I going to die?

Sometimes, when I need to cry
I could rip my eyes out

I follow the path to supremacy
Facing the soreness on my own
I create a new world thru my disease
Denuding the secrets buried inside

4. Spasms Of Upheaval

Buying death every day
Your child will be raised in that choking dust
Someday, he will ask you to pay
Will you find a way?

Something dies, there's a quake
We have to react
Like blood flooding out of veins
Our soil is wasted in vain
It’s time to deal with your lies
The fog is not a fake

The shining is fading
The heart stops beating
A void has to be filled with your sadistic breath

Spasms of upheaval
Are announcing the end
But I will survive this breathless void
I will not give up

Mankind has parted ways
Evolution’s going to go without us
And no one claimed for our place inside
Do not break the limits

A satellite rusted to the core

Life is bound to life
Our world is upside down, so fucking retarded
Our land is melting down; it’s giving up, giving way to loss
I’ve never felt, I’ve never felt it was consuming the heart
Care for the solar torture

5. Through The Disgrace

No fucking compromise

I know I belong to this place
Even if I cannot follow the path
It’s hard to see, hard to breath, hard to focus
But this is where I feel alive
Can you hear the stunning pattern of our heart beating?
We’ve only just begun the trip
It is time to unleash our true essence

And facing the shadow of my will
Seething with encounter
I know I’m finally born

Rising through the disgrace
This is the tale of what we are
Your judgment is worthless
No fucking compromise

Another step forward
Looking for a new Eden to reach
Obeying our own rules
And don't care about the ones engraved
We will shatter the doors and explode every wall on our way
Don't blame me for living my dreams
I was born in the Y generation

We are ready to give our souls
Believe there is no anger, no edge, no ego

Always fighting against the shades of oppression
Withstanding what remains of your despise

6. Inhaled

Half-breed, we suffer occult forces
Combination of circumstances

I confess to my sin
Reaching deep within
I must have done something wrong
To be stuck in this chaos

Half angel, half demon
I drooled before this carpe diem
But I can’t make the most of it

As one we’re falling, we suffer occult forces
Walking on separate ways
But nothing prevents the fate
To reign in bliss or grief

While I am inhaled in this spiral
I wait to be ejected
I would die to leave you my place
As I’m waiting for better days

While I am taken in this spiral
I wish I would never reach the end
I won’t leave you my place
Cause I’m leaving my best days

And thus begin the fall
Beneath the whirlwind
There’s only a brutal truth
Weakness is constantly drying
An ocean of promises

And thus begin the fall
A blessing in disguise
Betraying all this patterns
Of rusted hope and ignorance

A cataclysmic fail
As far as I can see
All that remains is
A desert of delusion

Walking on separate ways
Our path will collide soon

7. Slumber

8. Conflict

The shadow of a new device
Obsessing the unreal
So bleak
Affected by persistence
I don’t even realize

Unfurling fragments of conception
Until the edge of time

Tired of undergoing this constant tyranny
Like I was far away from me
A burning principle, ineluctable
And a fatal caress

I pledge to myself to make a stand against the dictate
Of an old flowing, flowing, flowing law
A desperate dive in the meanders of the insight
A frozen dream not to strive in vain

Influence has been converted
Continuity is mutating

Annihilation of an ancient creed
Has just begun

The fall of divine
An archaic state of mind
We are witnessing the obliteration
Of a primeval faith

9. Stillness Withered

Trouble inside this mind tears apart my disguise
Dark assaults from above
Elevation used to be out of sight
Now it’s corroding me inside

The roots suffocating me
Have to be ripped off
Leaving this place for a cathartic state
Will I be able to face this trial?

I feel like I was never made to lose a part of me
Witnessing all of this global bloodshed
Never warned me that I was about to end

Lost in confusion
Breaking illusions
Dismayed by new visions
I’ll never see the light of this abstraction
Overflowed by doubts

Decimating the sighs inside of me
It’s what I will pray for
Decimating the sighs inside of me
But is it worth such a strain?

Obliterate my plagues

There, I remember the hours wasted in vain
Drowning into a self satisfied doom
A will locked, buried in the depth of despise

Arise, the call is from above
Wisdom will blind us all
Witnessing the scathes of a hollow disaster

My roots, so suffocative
Rotted, a brand new conception
But in the depth of me
I know I’m still withered

10. A Life Astray

My cells are burning, suffering their noxious wrath
Each time I take a breath
It's like a thousand knives
Were stabbing my chest
All this shit in my mind
Is locked up inside
And only I know the fucking reason why

The fear to lose everything I fought for
The fear to disappoint and hurt everyone

How not to be afraid at all?

Bodies are moaning, echoes of self-revolutions
My cells are burning, suffering their noxious wrath

But how to go straight on
With the sword of Damocles hanging over my head?
How not to be afraid to lose everything?
Being spat from this life I've always fought for

The fear to lose everything I need
The fear to disappoint and hurt everyone

Meaningless misfortune
I’m the hostage of my fate

A body that urges and a head full of dreams
The nagging feeling of having a debt to something or somebody
Why do I have to prove and get up more than the others?
Just want to hear the bell and get off the ring

What a strange feeling to feel better
Thanks to others misfortune
Useless retaliation
And finally a life astray

11. Cryptic Words

I have to spit what I’ve inside
A bitter taste I have to share
A public therapy but though so personal
As I expose this inner fight

A place where I can tell my spite
(I’m seeking my own private shape in what they call a public world)
A place to find what’s left of me
(Losing sight of my very essence has never been so intense)

Fight! It is time to ignite
The spirits inside and let contradictions unify
Believe in your might
Let your dreams collide with your anger

Contradictions unify
So let your anger burn

Drifting inside my consciousness
Revealing its darkest side
A combination of all the things I’ve swallowed
Brought back to life with cryptic words

Losing control inside
As if the cells were flying away
Starting to dissipate and search for salvation

And when I finish throwing up my soul
No words can describe my ecstatic state

As if I was the witness of a revelation
What I have in front of me
Is the climax of mental torture

12. Daze

I see the light, now
Coming through the veil of time
I see my whole life
Burning like a whisper

Finally, I reach this place
Unknown feelings surround me
Bending over the edge
The fall has never been harder

All this pain is resonating
Threatening the crystal shores
Devastating the ultimate sanctuary

I’m flying over
The giant maze of my mind
The vision I have
Will haunt me forever

Amazing thrill, vertigo of this world
My wings are dead
A soft breeze is bringing me down

But only the landing matters
I can fear what’s sliding around me
I can hate the violence of the shock
But I will fight with what remains to me
Can I be strong enough to fly?
Can I be strong enough to fly again?
Will I fly again?

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