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1. Wretched Fate For All

Limbs congealed, the center barely existent
A winter’s breath only to reveal
My horrid inward thought unleashed
To bring haunting, indelible terror

All prudence shall drip under
When the disquiet nights approach
By hundreds of their overtones
Thousand nuances I shall lay circumscribed

With eye drops I take fresh vision
Yet each phantasm evokes different disgust
In an eon visionless, a world deaf
None may hear my wail

Sighs throbbing and tedious impale the quiet demise
I inhale the sweat of a thousand slaughtered sheep
Who put all progeny to sleep

Hollow, my dark spirit echoes
Sobs undissolved by time
All in some mystic cadence
Resolve me in their dire melody

Wretched fate... for all

2. Allegoria Of An Eternal Sundown

Eternal are the wounds from which eagerness bleeds denied
Through such grievous endearment, with quietude so sad
Beneath the swarm of agonies, frail words turn to dust
As hope bears the nexus of its cold postmortal bed

A distance has grown, another decreased
Each moment devours the very heart of resistance
As failures feast, solemnly deciphering eternity
Mongst blisses waned, where life’s vestiges fade
… there’s only seclusion to marvel at

With the first light, darkness came along
Like a constant stream with no source nor mouth
Subsurface pain efflorescence – my internal garden of roses dead
Where the grief is still lurking in every dream

Reaching still for the deep dark void
The wine of the damned I taste
Tears fill the chalice of bittersweet dolefulness
As I wallow caressed by desolation
… disconsolate seasons to witness

The sun welters dying, enswathed in diaphonous eclipse
Beneath the swarm of agonies – one last solitary glimpse
To set ablaze the leftovers of an illusion’s synthetic art
The amorphous remains of a petrified era sobbing in my frozen heart

3. Sounds Of The Ravage

Like desolate dreams impaled on the thorns of awakening
My heart’s desires shattered and uncovered to unworthy eyes
With all the blood left in me, rushing into my lips
By each crimson drop framed in its own distinction
I utter these words, caressing my loneliness

My soul’s inertia – languished into a dead sleep
As you pour your bleeding sighs into mine
Drink up my inner sunset
Till I fall from your darkest grace
And let me become the ichor playing throughout your veins

Not of delights, but of grief-varnished fondness
These citadels obsidian our hearts hath exalted
Wherein we once danced in hectic stillness so charmed
Midst emotions cacooned, save but the ravage now resounds

With such fear enriched
I pronounce my valediction
As the delirious shades coalesce adrift
Left to bask in the predatory lights
Of Eden’s scorn and derisive sight

Bequeath to me thy flaming disease
And let it die within and with me…

4. Unassembled

I have forgotten desire, I have lost lust, murdered love
Abandoned hope and awoke pure agony

Now longing for silence and the smell of stillness
The yearning not to feel
Comes over me

Its simple beauty always escaped me
Now it lays before me and in me
Declothed, demasked

Join me now, let us fall asleep

Not wishing but being all sentiments
Still tears, they are still kept
Behind these misty mirrors

I have been forsaken by all and every me
That ever was

5. The Crown Of Venomous Silence

In motionless agony I provide the banquet of torments
With tears unbridled to wash my wounds clean… I fade
Incessant silence crowns my every word

Are memories but delusions whereby the past claims rebirth?

Upon the starless canvas the tempest of disease I unfurl
Lugubrious wails from this reminiscence be torn
Pouring scarlet with my name inwrought
Besmears the altar as I quiver underneath the dagger
… so dear is the hand that strikes with continuous cruelty

Within this new calm newfound nakedness I posture my misery
With mournful laments disgorged upon the barren soil of sanity
Perdition calls…
I follow its voice…

6. Soft Pluvia Murmurs Piano

When nox-perfumed shadows embellish the gloom
And soft pluvia pours murmuring piano
The genuine affliction unrolls in sight
Through my flesh its fangs pierce
… in search of words still imprisoned inside

Wherefore didst the flowers grow weazen
When such exquisite charms were apt to cherish them gently?

Imageless reflexions through highflown visions dance
Lost within the sequence of dustveiled mirrors
Divide the recollections entwined like coiling snakes
Thus cloaked more by forgetfulness than in apathy
My sorrow shall exist

Palled be the waxing catharsis of everblissful delight
In this emotional winter, all my passions hibernate
From affectionate embraces deprived

While soft pluvia murmurs piano
Infecting my wounds with all its glamour deranged
I burn the bridges decrepit and leave them all behind
As I curse the dead with a brand new lust for life

From the ashes of persistence no desire shall rise
For a dying hand now holds the flaming torch
Hear the plaudit for the paramount deathwork
As hideous winds fiddle across the meadows scorched

Has life truly withered inside me?

7. Hollow

With the hollow echo in a soundless night
I woke to see solitude grieving over my emotion
And as it wept its liquid nourished my disease
Soon all myself became infected
And so onward it began to spread

A fervent sentiment my inside so has sheltered
It means more wicked than ones ever set before
Tremulous ghastly sighs of a time long now past
Embrace my newborn fear

It beckons me forth so sad and gloomy
Drawing weakened limbs with its fragrances
Sudden air filled with the sound of its hurt
Composes an elegy of weep

Ahead shines my fortune
But here darkness ends my path
Never will the bliss of that embrace
Take over this solemn curse

What I hear now is the cry
Of the mother of time
For she gave birth to immortality

8. The Majestic Nothingness

With virtues drained by a dream-nurtured malady
Transfixed in a delicate deathgrip I repose
As the colours all decayed through this blossoming torture revive
Costumed for the horrid stageplay
The chapters collected in fatal equilibrium

Illusions stifled, set for the vertical entrance
In dark graveyard soil bedding redolent of slow-motioned demise
And I renounce the reason
My cold rotten heart eclipsed
In a withering mercy it shelters my nonexistence

And sightless again, within these thoughts dehumanized
I grope the debris of vanquished desires
As the funeral crows’ strident choirs
Drone fearful tunes for the solemn black skies

Many seasons have fled into timeless subsistence
Where each and every moment is a different form of hell
… I hold no balance in the distance between

Retrace the scars trenched through the vague horizon
Where beauty and abhorrence hand in hand now walk
Tottering towards the virgin coastlines of nothingness
Destiny outstretched in bleak majesty – the nihil sector unrolls

9. From Scarveiled Hearts

Through ambered eventides and dreamscapes waste
Throat-cut memories writhe dissolving
As the sacred sinners white washed hands
Bless the earth with sonorous lies

For words are the manacles of doctrinal hypocrisy
Murderous instincts never silenced they hold
So I rise above the grotesque industry of pain
As I deny the grace of the divine foretold

Midst rebellious angels I do now sleep
Isolated from the grasp of the holy scorn
So touch my essence through pride and revolt
Our stormbrought winterthrone to eternalize

I am but what I am
Far from thy inebriating delusions
Hidden ‘neath the blueprints of your edifices
My entity you cannot steal

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