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1. Via Descendens

[Takac / Zavodski]

When sullen storms kiss the cloven horizon
And sunset greets the delirium of stars
From the nightborn maelstrom of whispered secrets
Let stream this dirge, that the four winds hiss.
Embalm the delights that grievously squirm
Confined in soulless tidal throes
Rebellion-buried within vaults internal
The entrance to the sway of worms dost unfold.

Appeased and withered, passions bleed deep
No longer to tarnish soporific constellations
Wrinkled is the skin
What even grief hath forsaken
With memories shattered
Like fragile monuments.

Crown their closure
At the throne of untold sorrow
As the curtain finally falls
In the theatre of perfect deception.

Like a bleak romance of dying seraphs
So cold are these remnants forlorn
(sculptured by oblivion and the stench of decay).

Whilst black mists enfold the frozen panorama
Adorned with the sapphirean tears of denial
Let stream the dirge that the four winds hiss
Aeons of anguish would hurt less than this.

For time is such a poisonous remedy
Transfigured promise that reveals the vista
Towards the garden of ivory stones
Where my image is etched
Like a xylograph 'midst the thorns.

2. Mephistorium

[Takac / Zavodski]

Vast are the thorns that in my aenima plague carved
Yet distant the sob they tore from within
Never let my yawning gashes by light be defiled
And Heaven ablaze wilt bleed wrapped in laments.
Is passionless the desire I burn with?
Teach me to suffer for the ageless bliss
In scarlet magic to drown enraptured
Like the dreaming chaos in it's king like exaltation
Whither hast thou my muse interred?
Never was I whom the stars besought
A flight with no wings require I not
The dreadful forbidden name is but a thought.

Open up,somber vault of lifelong abstention!
And amidst the forgotten my fears receive
For they giveth me naught save the weakness
The wormholes festered,in the skin of my sanity.

August are the sights of the raging tempest
The lambs with the vermin attributes weep
For oblivion impends unfurling it's velvet embrace
Their silent mortician to be.

Into the lunarchways majestic I cut myself loose
As the full moon orchestra plays enchanted
And with the manifold faceless guises of night
Beneath the wolf crown aflame I open the gates...

3. ...Of Grandiose Fevers And Passion Arcane


Reach the ancient heart of the stygian obscurity
Wherein all the names of mine are written
In pits profound,where festered dreams sigh
And longings scorched seek reason to return.
Admire the flame flowered mansions arcane
The sulfurous secrets gowned in rapture profane
Fear not the fire of all-knowing wisdom
Furiously burning with such ravishing splendour.

On the wings of my most fervent passion
Which the fools dare name blasfemia
To thee I have returned from the heart-dead sunworms domain
A coffin-shaped lair they have woven around me
For I've pledged no allegiance
To their fabulous sacred theories
Those spurious servants of a crownless king
Who holds their cross in vain.

No Phoenix phenomenon shall their fall contain!
Leave their carcasses scattered and slain!

And now I'm visualised
To blind-faithed eyes
Lofty and proud, to be recognized.
As the mourning-scented bloodstorm winds
Of their final downfall blow
Like a nightclad werewolf upon the moonlit glade
I shall hunt them down in the snow.

...and the frostbitten ground
now consumes their wretched gore
My victorious hiss fulfills the oceans ethereal
And the stars gleam nameless above
As shadows call forth the seas of Cthulhu
Be wide awake my dearest
Of my fiery necromantic kiss!

Thine arms soothing around me enfold
To cease my yearning cursed
The sweetest witchcraft thy lips do hold
Can only quench my thirst.

'Neath the enchantingly blazing corona of night
drown thy desire into mine!
With all the senses cast to a feverous grandeur
In the sins of the flesh we entwine.

Eternally...We entwine...

4. Luciferian Elegy

[Takac / Menzildzic]

Penetrate deep into my pain
Clandestine and silent, yet never to subside
A curse that wears no face or disguise
Behold the heavens lustrous that my contempt arouse

Still I covet one thousand eyes to possess
When the dusk paints the perfection most complete
So hasten I to beset what's left of the light
In the grace of obscurity to empower my sight
... to seek what's seemingly never to be found

Why hast thou broken my wings?
Didst thou see peril in me?
Accusing me for perfidious acts
was thine utmost stupidity
For those were only ambitions
A greater sovereign than thou to be

So, betrayal thou didst promulgate
For the fear of dethronement made thee elate:
"Begone, wretched creature of pride!
In the burning arms of oblivion be forever lulled!"
Yet thy sentence I accepted with mockery:
"Who art thou to sit in judgement upon me?
How spiteful soever thy words would be
I bow to none, so shall I not before thee!"

Then the curse was cast
And I'd fallen aghast
With my hordes wearing new grown horns
Like black lace clad eerie shadows
into the everburning pits we descended
Like a phantom spirit
That breeds the eternal fire
The flaming abyss and the secret it keeps
Were there for me, a new home to be...
Fleshless yet awake

Shapeless and forsaken
The Serpent of old I am
Still pulsating in the depth
of this tragedy's birth
With the "mercy of God" etched in my heart
But even tortured by the lashes of million godly whips
No word of penitence will ever pass my lips

5. Towering Grief Behemoth

[Takac / Zavodski]

Enter the fogdraped silva, ye sanguine flames of dusk
Carry me forth through the scent of dying flowers
Vain are the words that this cordial silence recites
When grief tinctured thoughts enshroud my voiceless sighs.
Incline furtively into me, with no warmness of sympathy
'Tis not despise nor fear, what for the gloomy depths I foster
Where my sanity parched and seer shall weep
All defaced by soulscars incised so deep.

In yearning suppressed, where the art of vanishing lurks
Reveries are blissful only when inearthed
For dustless my frail wings are still
...slashed by barbed wire arms
that once held me so dear.

Of dolorous dreams, ridden with sickness internal, I feed
Grimly has the emotional volcano been smothered
While remembrances beseech, and the illusions depart
Wouldst thou hear the everhaunting rhymes
From the stabwound in my heart?

Mine is not the triumph over hostile ranks around me
But the formidable grasp of the all-devouring void inside
Deliver me from it's claws tremendous!
Cut me open forthwith!
Release me! Release me!

Through the whirlwind of visions nondescript, I crawl
As I kiss the freezing lips of solitude
Onward to the cold hypnotic aurora
Of towers exalted by crystallized distress.

6. Serpent Wisdom

[Karajanov / Cavar]

Forced to endure throughout our pestilence,
As the gift of life turns to curse
From the confines of sepulchres
Voices for vengeance cry.

Souls flit about their desolate tombs
The unborn smell death in the wombs
Still, we warble of the light to come
Yet hope faids as the dark prevails.

The endless chantings discordant now stand
As we ourselves with prayers blind,
Words of salvation and comfort known are not.

Is there but no light to shine upon,
Can there be no light which shadow will not make?
The depth to which the gory scars go suits
The length of time in which they do not heal.

There comes light with sacred visions
There lies hope within faith
The strong last and the awakened remain.

We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit
Let them fall in misery.
Compassion be the vice of us
And thus we resent it all.

Shall not stand with ones who cry
Aloud their folly, ye shall be as ye are
Begone you warps, you bended minds
Fear shall not come upon me.

Mute is now the ground of ours
Ends one, begins another
There is light before thine eyes
A light desired, much desirable.

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