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1. Raven's Call To Annihilation

Since the dawn of time
The forbidden book is hidden
In a gloomy, sinister cave
Where no mortals are allowed

Sorrowful guardians of stone
Protect the evil spell
We shall not open these pages
There pages of doom

Blue skies turn to red
Vortex now open
Incantation was made
Legions of the night awake
It’s the raven’s call to annihilation

A twisted sorcerer appears
To take the dark book for himself
Ravens are protecting him
Ravens attack the guardians

The book is open to a page
On which the evil spell
Is written in ancient tongue
Apocalypse has arrived

The ravens fill the sky
All we see is mayhem
It took not long for a world
To turn for the worse

Blackbirds kill without pity
The book now in flames
There is no turning back
Army of the dead rise
Sorcerer died for the spell
It’s hell on earth

2. Inner Turmoil


3. The Dead Will Walk The Earth

The end of the world
Is sooner than we thought
No one shall liver another day
The smell of Black Death
Reeks in the air
Of recently filthy deceased

Torments and madness
Invading the world
The future of mankind has changed
Epidemic fears, growing faster
Evolution is uncertain

When there is no more room in hell
Blackest force will take us all
When there is no more room in hell
It’s the day the dead will walk the earth

Attack – By the ghoulish fiends
Suffer – By the toxic wounds
Die – From the pain
Hell – Now part of the plague

4. The Berserkers

Today is a good day to die
For my enemies, up the North

We are led by the raven
Symbol of our God from the sky

We slay what is on your way
The thirst of blood is getting stronger

We kill for the thrill
Spreading fear across the land

Retreat or fight
Either way you die
Your blood’s our price
We are the Berserkers troops

Slash their heads off
Take their hearts alive
Spill their blood
Smell of death around

5. Remembering The Gods


6. Spawn Of The Elements

My soul transcends
To a state of quietness
Tranquility fills the back forest
A new level of consciousness

The silence is broken
A man stares in front of me
Took a blink of an eye
Until I’m surrounded by enemies

Before I realized
That I was betrayed
I felt the touch of ice
Of the axe, ripped my flesh
My corpse lies down
In a pool of crimson blood
I am left here to die
Until I rot forever

Betrayed by my own clan
Dying for something I never stood for

My spirit met the elements
Fire, Air, Water and Earth
Shall bring me alive

I feel the power, rush of adrenaline
I am breathing once more, I take my revenge

7. Darker Days Lie Ahead

Carnage surrounds out world
Violence is a way of life
I don’t remember
The last time the sun shined

The lost the will to speak
This war will last for centuries
We are doomed forever
No one will save the day

Fight to survive
Follow your leaders
Rules are set for dying
Darker days lie ahead

Servants of hell
Join the cause
Armageddon is here

Satanic war
Destroy us all
It ends before it starts
Rules are set for dying
Darker days lie ahead
Our sick world that we made
Was doomed right from the start

8. Disciples Of Hypocrisy

You hear, You see
What you think it seems
Trust is
What they gave
Instead is false promises
Living for false hopes

Fooled by so many
A trap can’t you see
One day they shall pay
The disciples of hypocrisy

To a soul so pure
Does it really save your self esteem
What a pathetic life you’ve got

You lied, I trusted you
You failed in your strategy
Let’s show to the world
How fucked you are

9. Warlock

During the times of witch hunting
The execution is sadistic
They say it’s a sign of the devil
A religious infamy

Satanist Warlock of Hell
Has been captured
Before his last breath
A spell will be cast

Through time
Escape is assured
Through this chaos
Warlock, arise

In the future he breaks his chains
Impossible to stop him
The hunter follows him
Revenge his motivation
He must stop the darkened Demon
To get to the black bible
He shall rot in this Hell
He’ll pay for what he’s done

The final confrontation
Intensity at its peak
Purify the ancestor
Vortex of this Hell
Take the Warlock

10. The Curse


Dany St-Jean ‒ Bass
Jonathan Herbst ‒ Drums
Benoît St-Jean ‒ Guitars, vocals
Nikolai Olekhnovitch ‒ Guitars

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