Dark Lyrics


1. Punishable By Death

Meant to be killed
It's your destiny
Guilty as sin
Judgement for you... DIE!!!!

Live in this sick society
Where violence is dominant
Innocents die
For wealth and glory
I am the vigilante
Who puts weight in justice
I'll punish the guilty
And those who deserve to die

Walk through this dark alley
Feel someone in your back
You cannot escape from me
Feel, feel it in my sight
The disgust that I got from you
Hope you enjoy your shitty life
You're dead

2. Pride Of A Viking

I grab the axe
I need my thirst for violence
Mighty Odin on my side

I ride the Nordic land
In search of victims to torture
Red blood must flow on the white snow

I am prepared
Prepared to pass the gates
I deserve my place
My place to the gate of Valhalla

I found innocent people
In a lost and quiet village
Pillage, rape and kill all occupants

My axe spilled blood
I am all covered in red
Set all the place on fire

I am prepared
Prepared to pass the gates
I deserve my place
My place to the gates of Valhalla
I shall meet my maker
I shall die with honour
I shall meet my fallen comrades
I shall live to die

Fire all around
I am ready to die

3. Conviction

Open you ind on your beliefs
A lucid vision of your reality
Fear pushed you hard against the wall
Consume your force to face it all

All the weaker try to drag you down
To keep you from rising
Jealousy feeds on them
In the abyss of insecurity

We are born alone in this world
We die alone in this world
Our destiny is our own
Nobody can live our life

I am the king of my future
Blind shall lead the blind
I am not follower but a leader
I am the King of my future

My mind is set
All the voices in my head
Are muting forever
By the convictions of my act

4. Possessed

Evil spirits, inside me
Controlling my every moves
My body is colder than winter
Can you feel my hate?

Evil live inside me
Can't control my actions
Many deaths surround me
Give me my salvation

I fight for my lie
Demon's growing stronger
Eating my mind and soul
I am doomed forever

Kill, kill those who want to slay me
Get away from me
Kill, kill those who want to slay me
You overpowered me

5. God Of War

I was born and raised, by the law
And order of the God of War
My enemies are those
Who are against the God of War
My anger rages as my sword hits
The flesh of my nemesis
Kill and torture is my gift
Which I offer for the God of War

Slay and conquer

When the flaming sword grabs my inner force
I feel the sword controlling me
We are forged together as one

I sense the power of my mighty God
I am the God of War

I had killed the last victim
With my rage leading blindly in my mind
Blood was spilled on the field,
Many dead rest in pain
The battleground is now quiet
With sword and shield lying on the ground
I saw a sword on fire,
I can sense that its force attracting me

Slay and conquer

When the flaming sword
Grabs my inner force
I feel the sword controlling me
We are forged together as one
I sense the power of my mighty God
I am the God of War

I feel the burn
I feel the pain
Am I dying?
My skin is burning
My mind changing
It's no more me
I am alone
I am stronger
I am not dying
I am now a demon
A ruler for war
I am God

I was born and raised
To be the mighty God of War
My enemies are now those
Who are against me

6. In These Days Of Violence

Under a blood red sky
Violence seems everywhere
The nature of human being
Is to kill, or to be killed
Pain death and suffering
Men live it everyday
History seems to repeat
The human avidity

As long as it flows
In these days of violence
Blood will be spilled
In these days of violence

To secure peace is to prepare for war
How can we get any peace if it means war?

We're meant to repeat the same mistake
Will we ever learn?

7. Sealed In Blood

Walk through this path of fire
Demons shall guide him to their master

Raven's guard the unholy forest
Nevermore life will be the same

Flesh is burning, melting fast as ice
Evil eyes in his expressions
Living dead controlled by demons
He shall never leave is new home Hell

Be the servant of master Lucifer
He gave you power and immortality
The deal is sealed
Is sealed by given blood

Follow me blindly
You should have thought twice
Before signing the deal

8. In War, In Death

In war, in death

Enemy aimed to be killed
My only mission
My only purpose

Brainwashed any feelings
Live for killing
Living for dying

Do not fear to pass away
Never care for it
Never think of death

Bullets fly above me
Now I feel the fear
The fear of dying

Live and die in hate
Hate blind your fear
Fear starting to grow
When death is near

9. Violent Faith

Mystic force
Blinding thoughts
Controlling minds
Until death comes

Followers of God
Fighting for the wrong cause
Lead all the nations to war

In our darkest times
The way to survive
Is killing each other

False idol
Blasphemous symbols
Praise the false one

Violent faith, faith is no violent

Follow blindly the fallen one
Death is the gift for violent faith

10. Keep Your Enemy Closer

I saw your fake expression
You hide something behind
I can see your little game
You're just a piece of shit

How could I have trusted you?
I have treated you as if you were family

Sacrifice moments to help you
When I turn my back
I feel the dagger rip my flesh

I should see it coming
Expected something from you
You should have never got me on your side
Now we are enemies

I did one mistake
To enter you into my world
My last mistake
I will never repeat it again

Die in pain
You mother fucking shit cunt

You hypocrite scum,
You shall regret your act
You hypocrite scum, fuck you and die

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