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1. The Beginning. Nothing.

Is this all worth something?
'Cause I admit that I can see nothing
Good coming from this life that I live
A life clouded by selfishness
With no love to give
Can I change if I feel nothing at all?
Will we change if we feel nothing at all?
How can I change if I feel nothing at all?

2. New Empires

I've been tossing in my sleep
Plagued by the things I've seen
I see grown men in the streets
Begging for food to eat
I see a young mom in the church
Shunned because her baby has no father
I see a war on the TV
That leaves orphans in the streets
And I think to myself
What a world we live in
Where people use God's name
To expand their empires
They say its just the way it is
That I should just learn to accept it
Well I beg to differ man
I won't give in
You villainous men
With your treacherous hands
Have taken away all the meaning in this
Road you claim to travel
Is in the path of his steps
All the while your the shell of a Christian man
So I won't tread lightly
I won't go quietly
I won't speak softly
I won't let you get the best of me
This has to end here
This has to end right now
No longer can we wait for things to all work out
Just open up your eyes
And look past your front door
Your sisters in the streets and your brothers at war
Compassion has been lost
In a nation built by greed
But we could be a generation that is truly free
No longer will we answer
To a king who wears a crown
But a king who ruled through peace
Then laid his life down
Rise up
Rise up true sons of Zion
I will be the change I want to see in the world

3. Lost Generation

I'm afraid to talk
'Cause your scared to listen
Will your judging eyes bring down
Heavens fury?
I might not say a lot
But I'll speak my heart
So judge if you will 'cause I'll still be screaming

This is why we are here
Broken bruised beaten down feeling used
By the ones we put our trust in
The ones who deserve it least
This is why we are here
Disgruntled youth in a room
Screaming 'til our lungs are sore
'Cause this is where we're safe

And I owe you nothing,
This is not my apology.
Instead this is to say
That I'll carry this burden
With or without help, from the likes of you.

And as I stand here a broken man
Filled with broken words (and empty hands)
I'll keep singing broken songs to my one true love

But now there's broken windows in the halls of the church
'Cause you cast the first stone
So now that cold breeze
Sends a chill up your spine
As you realize all that's left

This is why we are here
To give all that we have to give
To hold nothing back in fear of regret
This is why we are here
Even after our voices have left
I'll scream until you hear me
Until you hear me...

4. Hollow Eyes

From the window of my middle class home
I watch a man as he sits alone
On the dirty streets
The cardboard under his feet
Screams about all his cold nights spent alone
People pass but no one seems to notice
His empty hands hollow eyes broken soul
And his need need need for just one person to care

So which of these words will brings him comfort
'Cause it's sympathy not empathy I feel
But is it real
As I sit and watch from I suburban castle

Living a life I'll never know
I see a man walking through the snow
For this lonely man
The picture in his hand
Are all that's left of the life he used to know
The time goes by but no one seems to notice
His empty hands hollow eyes broken soul
And his need need need for just one person to care

And now I realize
That all of this means nothing without action
I will not just sing
I refuse to just sing songs about how hard life can be
While others lead lives that are more difficult than I can imagine
I will be a source of light in this dark world
A catalyst in this stagnant generation
I will use love to overcome this world

5. A Reason To Scream

I spend my time only wishing I could come up with clever words strung together to make you feel how I wish I could feel

Apathy grips me hard I lie awake at night wishing I could feel something more than nothing
But still I settle for mediocrity time and time again just so I don't have to try and feel

Anything new
Anything different
Anything new
Anything at all

This time I hope it's different
This time I hope I change
'Cause for once I feel sick
Sick of the same old nothing

For once I'll have a reason to scream

Apathy won't silence me
This is the end of nothing

After all is said and done
At the end of the day
I know I will have to make the choice
To try and feel
So I will look past myself
And stop waiting for the world to change around me.

6. What We Are Fighting For

Your story's been set
And I regret that I have been portrayed
As a villain in your God forsaking crimes
But if the fault is all mine
Then can someone tell me why
That there's no blood on my hands now
If that song is being sung
Why are we looked down upon
For not being another one
To fall in line
My convictions lead me
So this won't be a waste of time
For me this is exactly where I need to be
Right now
So why does a difference in opinion
Mean that I am wrong
Clear eyes clean heart and
A mind that wont forget where we came from
It's not that you were wrong
But your life's not for me
Your story's been set
And I regret that I have been portrayed
As a villain in your God forsaking crimes
But if the fault is all mine
Then can someone tell me why
I'm still breathing
And I'm sorry but I
Did not choose your life
There's nothing I can say
But I will show you
These words aren't in vain
My hearts still the same
And that's why I that's why I
I will love the unloved
I will cherish the hated ones
I will welcome the shunned
With my sweat and my blood
'Cause if we burn down the walls of this world
Then we will burn through the hearts of the still
And if I must stand alone
I will stand with my head held high
Cause it seems to me
Like we're two enemies fighting on the same side
Can't you see
This is all a means to an end
I hope that one day we will live in harmony
Unified in the same goal
'Cause now is not the time for us
To draw a line in the sand
To decide which side we're fighting for

7. Minneapolis

I can't see, any good in me
Just a cold heart full of hypocrisy.
I guess you could say I'm in need of a change
I guess you could say that I can't go on this way.

Day in day out (day in day out) it's all the same.

They say "People never change"
And I'd like to believe that is not the case
It's just so hard to see the light
When all around me it's the darkest night I've ever seen.

But I will be the one to say
That everything will be okay
'Cause I know how it feels
To have nothing left to give.

I swear this time I'll make a difference.

8. The Skies Are Empty

Am I going through the motions yet again
Or is this how I truly feel inside?
Are these words the ones taught to me when I was young
That I digesting without thinking?

With the darkness that's all around
It gets so hard to keep believing

They say we're blind
Would a god of love
Leave a man under a bridge (alone)
Or cause a family
To loose a loved one (to a war)
While the corrupt stay home
And profit (from death)
While they're praying in pews to "Bring our boys home"

So what's our answer to this question?
Have we bought in to the greatest lie ever told?
I look up into the sky for answers
But come up with only clouds passing

But those clouds that gave me nothing
Are what keeps me believing
That voice inside when I look to the sky
That says you're not alone
So I keep believing

9. The Prodigal Soldier

There once was a boy I knew
A heart so full of light
In a world only preaching darkness he held it all inside
The only one true innocent in this guilty generation
He walked a lonely dirt road with no one to hold and nowhere to call home

He walks the streets at night (all alone)
With a cold steel 45 at his side

A little brother,
A worried mother,

A burdened father says to his son

"No acceptance,
You'll find no acceptance"

Oh courageous one
You're life's worth so much more
Then to be thrown away
For someone else's war
And as he pulls the trigger
His humanity, gone forever

And after all these years,
There's still something there

My tortured friend,
Please come home soon,
Where you can finally,
Rest your weary soul.

10. The End Of Apathy

We can't bring about change if apathy prevails
But if we can learn to look past ourselves
Past our mediocre lives
We can begin to hope to make a difference
One life is all we have
To stand up and be counted
To see that this is all worth something
And we will start to see the change

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