Dark Lyrics


1. The Burning Inside

Painful, is the struck down freedom and faceless morality
A Big tool, which makes me numb
Chained mind, because of digestible standard that looks like a fallacy
They oppress, the truth that burns inside

It are my instincts that I left behind
They dispel all fears causing enlightenment of the mind

Assured, I talk the talk and walk the walk
I’m no more, bound by fear
This is, a reckoning of self and soul
Now my sight, creates might that burns inside

It’s hard to see through the artificial haze
Made by mankind obscuring the mind
The denial of power that burns inside
Has made so much victims but now is the time
To open my eyes
Open my mind

Fuck them
I am my own
Where I could
I did exclude
The void that held me down
Now I can see
I’m free
To be
I feel it burning inside

2. Burden

Shivering thoughts haunt my stripped off conscience
The brick wall around a memory steadily fragments
Uncontrolled visions make me feel tense
This must be the consequence, Of being fearful having confessions

It’s Clear Fear You
I Fear Fear Me
My Fear Hear Me now

I walked away left my worries far behind
All this time they were buried there alive
Didn’t take notice of the burden inside
Afraid of deeds in which I wasn’t right, Straighten my back, no more I will hide

I Choose Choose You
Break Loose Choose Me
Cut Loose Hear Me now

I, Will dig in my history, To unfold the misery, Of my bottled up burden
There, I will tear down the wall, Take a look behind it all, My confessional
I, Shall pull them up again, All the way to the top again, Feel them for what they really are

I Choose Choose You
Break Loose Choose Me
Cut Loose Hear Me

I See See You
It’s Me See Me
To Be Feel Free now

I’m breaking chains I will here face my lies
Throwing out all my bottled up restraint cries
At the end there will lay insight
There is light to be found in this fight, Face the fears of my life tonight

3. Hate Creator

I see the pain you’re going through
You think that I don’t belong here
Believe me I know, I see through you
I read your eyes, I smell your fear.

I sense the hate that burns in you
I know it’s there, It’s my creation
It’s not my goal to destroy you
I just don’t care, I’m feeding your frustration

I am the hate that’s killing you
I know I am a thorn in your eye
I know it’s hell you damn me to
I am everything you deny

Despise, the sight of my being
Realize, you’re hate makes you weak
Being nice, while you’re inside is screaming
I rise and this tears your mask

Childish is your aversion
I see through it and break your mould
Grab your believes and let them fall
I’ll string you up, I’ll make the call

Oblivious you will drown self-awareness
Dependent on hate that I drug you with
Dislike me, It will show you the abyss
Maybe in death you can let it be

I am the hate you want
The thing you can’t
The thing you can not live without

I am your rotten sight
The Anti-Christ
To be defined by wrong or right

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