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1. Forbidden (Der Apfel Aus Gold)

Have you ever felt that pain?
Kisses’ gentle violence?
Bursting out of shame…
Oh dear! My will disappears
In mist that I surrender to…

I can’t forget what I have tasted,
With no regrets for what we’ve made.
That kiss was more than I’d expected,
That secret lore is now observed.
Der Aphel aus Gold…

Will God forsake? No need to scold.
It was mistake. It has been told.
Who loved he knows what does it cost,
What is the pain, what is the loss.
Der Aphel aus Gold…

With constellations blinded eyes,
I stare into the skies at nights,
I pray the Tyrant - no one hears…
I’ve paid too much for what we did…

Drowning in the night with you, dreaming to fly with you.
Drowning in the night to fly in dreams.

What once was sweet has bitter taste,
Its nasty sense - it still elates.
I isolate myself in wold.
In haste to live my soul was sold.
Der Aphel aus Gold…

2. Betrayal

In the darkness a cold wind howls,
Among the thousands of paths,
I can see no light to follow,
You were my last gasp for breath.

Fragments of broken mirror,
Stuck in skin of my face.
I've lost you forever,
I've broken it while I was wasted.

Listen to my weeping soul,
Why I couldn’t hold your hand?
You had left me drowned in sorrow.
I have learned how the silence sounds.

Why death is not coming soon?
And I want you to know
Lost love is like a faded bloom
That you regret for when you’re alone.

From the dead and bitter silence,
In my dreams you come to me.
I’ve forgiven your betrayal
But it couldn’t make you live…

Is this the ghosts of tomorrow
Are stretching hands to take me away?
No need for silly sobbings,
To end it up is my own way.

3. Last Words

I feel the emptiness that never leaves me
Unless I hear weird chants in my mind,
Thy calming words that I believe in.
I am obeyed by voice that sings.

Waking up from hollow dream,
What you see?
Shattered mind without a thought.
Seek after me…

Living in a delusive realm,
All you’ve seen
Had been told you by that voice
In your dreams…

Nothing but hope keeps me alive,
Soothing my agony that I can’t survive.
Desperate cry is wondering darkness,
Everything is empty inside.

I see the light is fading in shadow.
Covered with lies is the shine of my heart.
In place, where the feelings are dead, there is nothing to wait,
When cold darkness embraced my life in thy grace.

That night I looked outside from my window
and I’d seen the huge raindrops were falling down from the black clouds.
I realized how much I missed you…

A sudden shadow passed near by me,
and finally I realized
I would have never been so close to you again!
I’ll be with you ... again!

Weary soul is lost,
‘Cause you have gone.
It’s an emptiness
And everything’s forgotten.

My heart was ruined,
My faith was ruined,
I can’t believe this… oh!
I can believe this not…

4. Path Of A Soul

I spent my whole life on seeking for your soul.
And once like a sunbeam through the mist of my dream
You’ve come to me.

I dwell on the verge
Of both worlds and cry
The same way as you,
My grief is the light.

Your soul ³n darkness and sadness awaits.
While I'm trying to solve this quest of death, life and faith.

From reign of the darkness,
Lend wings me to fly.
At dawn I go down
At dusk I revive.

– Ascetic life I choose. Death is the only truth! I wish you’re alive…
– Just follow my light…

– Why do you have to go? Still I don’t know. Don’t put me aside!
– I’m pure as a light.

– Don't run away! It's not a game to play! Please, stay in my sight!
– Forgive me, my Light!

– Show me the path, my soul never rests enlightening my mind.
– Go onward my light…

I had explored the secret depths of divine science,
My eyes have seen the sharpest verges of both worlds.
Approaching the mysteries of skies I’m always trying
To reach the furthest point on a path of a soul…

5. Silver Streams

Hey… Don’t! Don’t make me shy
Not this time! Don’t even try.

Oh, don’t! Don’t make me shy.
Not this time! Don’t even try!

Curtain’s dropped, show has begun,
I forget what makes me down.
Silver falls on everyone
From above in streams that run.

Silver moon in silver skies, Silver shining of silver night. Silver bodies are closely tied, Silver lips and silver lust.
On your eyes like on the screen
You will see this shocking scene.
Let this night to be your dream,
Make your soul to silverstream!

A pale white skin, black-shining leather,
Blood-red lips sink in silver nether.
And it's become the silver plexus,
Its searing cold… We’re all together for…

Silver beam of silver light
Pierces bodies and all around.
We are the shapes in the light of bliss,
Just bleached contours in the silver streams.

6. Withered

Raked out from the snow that day
The girl that was missing on the eve of that day.
Perfectly frozen her body was laid,
It’s seemed like the death's saved her beauty that day.

She’s learned to love to hate –
Everything dies, passes away.

Withered beauty, crystallized eyes are covered with snow,
Frozen from inside - no sign of life.

Her inner pain,
Her hurted soul,
Her wasted time
For the life she doesn’t know!

I grieve for the things
That were lost being loved.
Will the hate help me to
Strike them out of my heart?

Her room’s left in a state as she just has been gone.
Diary left on her bed is alone:
“I feel the shame not for the wrong things I’ve done,
But for the right things that should have been done”.

And you will taste the life –
Only at a time it’s fading away.

Standing on edge, crossing the line, the one fleeting thought
Changes your mind, rescues your life.

Her misty life,
Was ended up
When her will to live
Was strong enough but…

I think this day
I did not commit suicide
Is more epochal than
my birthday in my life.

Her feet slipped off the cliff,
When she’s turned to go.
Whirling in the deadly spin
She fell in the hugs of snow.

7. Depressed (Lithiated)

Uh … Your screaming fear,
Uh … From inner cosm,
Tells: You will lose this fight … Stifling
Despair burns you alive.

So what do you know?
What's in my name?

On shores once pure and clean
tides have brought heaps of wastes
from medicines

One part of me
Is locked in the cage
of devoutness

Chased from within!
Please stop healing me.
I’m being vanished.

Uh …what's on your mind?
Uh … Wake up! Wake up!
It hurts me to see you here … trapped
And lost in apathy.

Those black seed of hate
tears me apart.

I’m inverted ghost
Body without its
Inner shine.

Another part left after me
Is hornets' nest of hopes
for Relevance

My last morbid thought
Was breed in the hate
to your ignorance.

So why I am here?

Please take me away,
Out from these walls!

I beg you to come!

Please, show me the door
of perception of reality.

Day after I’m being cared
From thought and soul control.
They say I’m getting better, though
But how the hell they know?!

Deceived, humiliated
Why did you deserved it?
And inside
- Your soul cries.
For essence was betrayed,
For nothing left to save you,
A play of smile
of lithiated mind.

Lana Sokolova - vocals, lyrics;
Slava Kuz' - vocals (growling and speaking), lyrics;
Dmitry Merva - guitars, keyboards, composing, mixing;
Petr Minaylo - bass;
Andrey Porkhun - drums;
Max Prokopchuk - guitars.

Thanks to srpnth for sending these lyrics.

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