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1. Sorry I Didn't Know She Was Only 13

When I met her, She wanted to Fuck, She looked like she was 18, Said she was 30
When She Got Naked, She Had a Misfits Shirt, She had All-star Shoes, She had a nail Belt
That's how I realized she was Thirteen
She was listening To JR Ewing, She wanted feelings, She had a Skull String
Never Again

2. A Real Bitch Doesn't Listen To Botch

Do you think the fattie brunette that you meet at your boring trendy HC shows, and that your secretly in love with, is a cool horny bitch?
Open your eyes my dude, a real bitch listens to house music, booty bass, baile funk and Sylvester Staline
A real bitch doesn't listen to Botch!

3. Seth Putnam Is A Rip Off

You're Gay, Faggot, Fucking, You're Wrong.
You Say that You're a Nazi, But I'm Sure You Are a Fucking PC
Seth Putnam Stole our Gimmicks

4. $.$. Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids With The Royalties Generated By This Cd

Yeah Motherfucker, We Play Shit (CRACK!)
But You Bought this Fucking CD (COCAINE!)
Now we Have a Lot of Money (HEROIN!)
So we can buy crack and hard Drugs (GHB!)..
And Spread it to your Kids!

5. Emo Is The R&B Of Hardcore

Stop Crying, You Suck
Stop Your Complaints, You Suck
With your Playmobil Haircut, and Your 70s Hippy Touch
You Make me Laugh, You Suck!

6. Internet Thug

I'm hardcore on Internet chat
Spreading my thug life through cyber words
No one knows me, I can be tough
Nothing But a nerd, Cyber Fight is my life
I'm the king of the scene, Watch out motherfucker
My cyber crew is going to kick you

7. Poor Lonesome Thrasher

Since you've been kicked off Sylvester Staline
So frustrated of being a Nazi straight-edge
You wanted to be more underground than Versailles Castel's Cellar
You can only ply trash with ya wife, her brother, and her sister
Underground is a family affair
You'll never make better than what we've done since you left..
Stay true to your shit

8. I Drive Drunk To Smash Cop Kids

Since I've been freezed by cops for a used tire
And guilty of being dangerous on the road
I drive Drunk, to smash cop kids

9. Remove Your Spikes

You think because you drink beers and say insults you can proudly say to everyone that you're a punk
Remove your spikes and stick em up your ass
You say your upright, rebellious, but you drink Coke and wear clothes your mother offered you for your birthday

10. Assume You're A Loser

Stop complaining, you make me sick
Find a job if you want money, stop taxing me
I have no money for you, go work to earn
It's not my fault if you are poor
It's not my fault if you have no home
It's not my fault if you're an idler
It's not my fault if you're a loser

11. Crusty Bastard

Cut your toe-nails, Wash your hands
You junky shit you make me sick
Wash your armpits, you smell like shit
Crusty Bastard
Cut your toe-nails, Wash your hair
Wash your armpits, You smell like shit
Fuck you crusty shit

12. Not Sorry About This

You make me laugh, sitting on your wheelchair
Now it's a mission, each time you climb a stair
You are screwed up, you cannot use your legs
You are fucked up, you're fucking disabled
What a pity, What a pity
Thats really cool
I can walk, I can run, I can Fuck, I can skate and I can Jump
But don't complain because you have parking places, especially for you, and public transport easiness

13. I Love Real-TV Shit

Real-TV shit, Move your ass for the camera
Be a bullshit on TV, Oh yeah I love Real-TV shit

14. King Of Hidden Lyrics

I have the power to sing songs that you can't even understand
Invisible Lyrics, Hidden words
My style is innovative, unique
I am the only one

15. Andre From Mongoli Is A Mongoloid Android And Tetris Made Him Fool

Tetris was the best game ever
I made scored like 1,000,011
I played so much this fucking game
I caught Gilles de la Tourette

16. D.I.Y.

Want me to Tie your laces? (DIY!)
Want me to sell your records? (DIY!)
Want me to fuck your sister? (DIY!)
Want me to rape your mother? (DIY!)
You're old enough to..

17. More Crack!

Julien lost these lyrics
So ask him when he gets out of jail
Where he is for drugsmuggling

18. Horny Sistaz Love Mister Freeze

I'm the boss of my bitch factory, a new goulag with more class
I make funky bitches, for a lower cost than an Asiatic hoe
My bitch can be with ya all day, any weather, you can use it 24-7
Grown up in the darkness of Russian winter
But no black metal bitches, Only horny Sistaz

19. Bulletproof Bikini

We're Jet-Set of fast core
We're to the hardcore
We're the bling-bling to hip-hop
Dukes of underground
Barons of "bagout"
We make horny the real chicks, the furious ones
The ones that wear bullet proof bikinis.

20. Bootyfastcoreoi!forskrewdriverfever

[Lyrics censored by the Wisconsin Police]

21. Revolution Is Trendy

Why do I have to be involved in music,
Expecting to be a politic in the underground
Anyway, I don't care about being revolutionary
I have money, I can consume
There are poors, there are richs', and that's the way it is
I expect to be rich, cos poors are losers
Revolution is trendy

22. Funky Funky Freaking Breakin' Yaba Girl

Funky breaking Yaba Girl is the funniest chick in the world
She's got spasms, she's so weird
Shes so cracked she thinks she's a bird

23. Stabbed In The Back With A Fork

Yeah I was stabbed in the back with a plastic fork
So I Don't really care because it's not really painful

24. A Song We Can't Understand Why We Did Aka The Batman Song Aka A Song That We Did Mushed

The bitches we're used to fucking call Batman's rescue
He can't hear the bitch's call, He eats Robin's dick
His wings are glued up, by Robin's semen
The bitch is so screwed up, she'll get more than she can in her ass

25. Classious As A Pimp In Pump

Come with us for the final ride
Come with us, and the Pimp Pump
Come with it's gonna be fuckin' wild
and perhaps in one week, the cops will find your corpse in a dump

26. Nunnchakniggusstreetbounceviolenceattack

27. You Play Stoner But You Don't Even Know It Came From Black Sabbath Because You Were Born In 1981

Stop smoking and go get a job
Stop drinking and go get a job
Shave your beard and go get a job
Wear in white and go get a job

You wish you were as high, ugly, black and dark as Ozzy
As Black Sabbath is dead, Stoner is dead
As Ozzy Crawls on TV, Stoner is dead
As you we're born in '81, Stoner is dead

28. Do You Have A Karate Club Card?

Because I think making a sport is really cool, to be healthy and beautiful
Me I practice curling, it's an intense sport like fist-fucking
You're an asshole, You're an asshole
People who practice sports are assholes

29. Disco Vietnam, Born To Dance

Sir, Yes sir
Vietcongs are funky
Communism is the groove
Asiatic whores at war
Ready to do the dance
From Saigon to Hue, gotta bounce
Disco Vietnam, born to dance

30. The D.C. Killer

First time you we're afraid by a bunch of fanatics
who wanted to show you you're not as powerful as you claim
Washington killer is better than you
Now its just a fucking guy who makes you tremble
Only one gun to create panic into your walls of greed
Washington killer is better than you
Do you have a black guy in your car chest?

31. Crackrocks Chocolate Milkshake

A new trend from east to west
Fucking mental flash with amazing taste
Crackrocks chocolate milkshake!

32. Bootyviolenceonshakethatass!

33. Too Fuckin' Long

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