Dark Lyrics


1. Chapter 1 The Fountain Of Glow

Heart, you bleed away... Day's, you're dyed in crimson
World, you left me pale and misunderstood

Home, where are you now? Face, I lost you in the
Crowd, a frozen place - will my heart survive?

Then a flamet flares up faintly
Touch my heart with just one smile!

Heart, you beat aloud... Dawn, a sanguine fire
World, I should walk out, pass on what I feel

Open up, step out ... a flame unfurled ... into a brand-new, once threatening world
I walk with a smile, this smile's my arm to shoot out a fire that causes no harm
I'll contaminate and strike a spark, an ardent desire to share my heart ...

Propagate my blood, let's spread it out, embrace the whole world and light the crowd
Explode, blazing fire, outshine the dark, please warm and revive my heart!
And now shine so bright ... please spread, my flame ... and fly ...

Heart, you last ... oh yes, you'll live on
World, you start to grow a new home for me
Face ... you ... please take my smile ...

Dark, where are you now?
World, so unfamilair ...
Please ... your little heart, will it wilt, my child?

Then an angel brings you heaven! Inflame your heart with just one smile!

Living in haze, living in fume, living in rage
Living in jealousy
Living in haste, living in need, living in time
Look, all the people next to me

Living in cold, living in ice ... Living in quest of sympathy
Living in hate, living in ash ... Look, all the people crave for care indeed

It is on you, comes from you ... hand it over

Living in glut, living in greed, living in void,
Living in vacuity ... Living in grief, living in pain
Living in lack of just a little heed ... Living in fear, living in urge
Living for respect, this is all they need

It is on you, comes from you ... hand it over

Love is the fountain, the fountain of glow
Where hearts can catch fire and passion can grow
Vibrant and truthful, a radiant flame
That creates with its power both pleaser and pain ...

2. Chapter 2 Share The World With Me

When I look ahead, where the mountains rise
Where the winding path stretches out of sight
With my wish in mind - see the peak of snow
I simply pack my things ... and go ...

And here I walk this way with feet on stony ground
To savour each step I take ... no matter what I'll find
No need to think of all those obstacles around
I finally reach the top, sit down and feel alive ...

Gonna make it right - and I breathe in ... Gonna make it right my own way
Take it as it comes - simply feel it ... Take it without thoughts, without pains
Gonna make it right ... and you're gonna share my endless view ...
Gonna make it right, make it right ...

High - up here on ancient ground ... high above the stones ...
Though I sit here alone, you were never gone
Now share the earth with me

Stay, my friend and share with me your time
Just as once, when I shared with you mine

See the world that I can see from here ... through my eyes

Seize the day - perhaps you understand
It gives me strength - I hoped it helped, my friend

You can trust it my sincerity ... Taught by our tragedy

Found my way up here

Though I sit here alone, you were never gone
Now share the earth with me

Stay my friend - look back in time with me
I tried my best ... I hope that you agree
I won't scrutinize our destiny ... The way that you expect from me
And it led me right up here

High - up here on ancient ground ... high above the stones ...
Where the mountains sit enthroned ... deserted by care

Though I sit here alone, you were never gone
Please share the world with me

Grain of truth - it trickles through my fingers
Different view - so hard to take ...
I tried, but you refused to even listen ... Just if you knew to follow me here ...

Can you find what I show you? Can you try and see?

Gonna make it right - and I breathe in ...

Through gashed, withered canyons ... through snow-covered hills
With ease as compannion I'll move on (I wil)
No mather how arduous, I promise I'll do
I won't question the perils - just keep on ... with you ...

3. Chapter 3 The Words You Hide

Where do we go? How strange, but I don't know!
The words you hide, would they mean more than the things you show?
Then you look at me - is it my fault? Is it my fault?
Blind out inside, it's hard but I try
I wonder if the words we'd share could match your smile ...
Then you smile at me, and I feel you! Yes, I feel you ...

Future ... unsure ... failure ... am I?
How do they see you? ... perceive you? ... so untrue!

Within the woods we hide - It looks as if they bleed
A million trees in sight - their branches are crushing me
I'd fell them all to pave a path for you ... I'd make them fall just to protect you ...
And the cold wind hurts my eyes - amongst the whirling leaves
It's as if I heard your cries ... as if you're calling me
How will you quit these woods when I am gone?
An endless dream ... wake up, wake up, wake up!

So angry ... in frailty ... who's guilty? ... not fair!
It breaks me and wounds me ... so violently ... so where do we go?

Once in a lullaby, songs from another time ... so bright ...
Hear our melody, bring back this time to me ... tonight, here tonight ...
Peacefully see how you breathe while you sleep ...
Needless to speak to be near ...
Sing, like we did before ... lite and alive once more ... inside me ...
Rise like a violin and climb from the deep ... Melody, come back to me!
Breathe with you now, yes, I breathe in your beat

While we breathe we compose our own symphonies
And I breathe with you now ... and the air that we breathe
Fills my own wordless silence with our old melody
Feel things that I should know, they seem so long ago ... inside ...
Stay for a moment, please rest for a while ... give me my peace back, tonight ...

Melody, where are you gone? If I lift my head ... what will I see?
Look up, look up now ... No sound, but only icy wind ... again, again, again ...

Thoughts - here you stay ... still the same, day by day
I hope those thoughts I bear will not divert you away
Then I stare at you, do you see it? Do you see it?

Worn out ... look down ... weak as I am ...
Worn out ... can't go on like this ... no more ...

Here I am alone, silence all around ... hide out, hide away
Open up my eyes, see the leaves surrounding me ...
Pick them up, pick them up ... then I face up to their weight
And I raise my head - at least I try - raise my hand and let them fly ...
Rise up, rise up now ...
And suddenly, beyond the trees, a passage past the long uncertainties!
I wonder why I did not see before ...
It was never far but always near - I dared to lift my head yet you showed me
To face it though the end of this way's not clear ...
Now I look ahead, walk in your beat to carry my responsibility
Fly, my leaf, just fly away with me ... Come this way, please, come with me ...
It's full of light and full of melodies! Take your time 'cos I will wait for you ...

4. Chapter 4 The Waters I Traveled

Vastness around me, waves and endless sea
Swim hastily, scared by unknown deeps ...

Wake up ...

The thing under me hides beneath my feet
A secret disease - is it fake or real?

Awake on a salving shore ... The surges have ceased from me
It seems that a saving stream somehow has brought me here ...
Feel someone is holding me ... Wipes traces of wet away
And while all my fears dry out, it dawns on me: you're here ...

And here you calm me, safe me, guide me with your light
To wave the shadows, nightmares and my sweat aside ...

You listen so patiently ... To tales you don't believe
And that's why you're so incredibly valuable to me ...

Soak up my moaning, brave and brighten it up with your light
Endure my selfish, stories ... right by my side, right by my side ...

Light up the sea - little beacon, shine for me!
Define the stream that eventually leads me here!
Relume the deep - fill the ocean with your gleam, please, please ...

Light up ...

Wait and rest now, peacefully ... take a breath now ...
Still and silent, waveless sea ... for a while not deep ...
Calm and sound, in harmony - fade it out and leave ...
Dim horizon, dormant wind - the storm is hiding ... it hides from me ...

Something is rising now ... I start to feel it ...
Still subtle but not so far away ...
Below the surface of my life ... but you taught me to face it ...
You made me aware of my own line ... little beacon, you're my guide ...

That's why I care, why I feel, why you shine night and day
That's why I'm gracious that your light chases my secret fear away ...

Chase it away ...

Rain above me - brave the stormy sea
Swim vigorously - stand the obscure deeps

The thing under me tries to grap my feet
Lights, finally ... now I'm out of reach!

The moment I'll wake up - forever I will stay
And the waters I traveled will be million miles away ...

Miles away ...

5. Chapter 5 Farewell To Old Friends

Feels just like yesterday when I entered that place
Rather by accident than really by fate
The old man - immediately his eyes watched my soul
When I sat in front of him he made me recall ...

Why did the sky send all this rain, hollow out the headstone?
How could it dare to drown the bravery!
Why did it wash our ground away and erode what we've grown?
While just a trace of rust remains ...

Autumn rain poured down, flushed the grit away
Black hole in the ground - metal rayed out pain
Drops of forlorn times camouflaged my tears
In slow motion I watched them fall on me

I went on a journey to distant galaxies
The reason for my travel were black holes that I'd meet
I could barely make out the earth I left behind
Some would call it coward but I have called it wise ... desperatly wise ...
Way above the dark clouds - here I could avoid the rain
And it was beyond doubt it would suffocate my pain
In my iron rocket, searching for a golden sun
I could not conceive that I was actually on the run ... not an easy one ...

The old man then cut my dream as he started to talk
Of old times and tyranny, of bombs and of war
He spoke of a different world and his eyes were so wise
That moment, so valuable, made me realise...

Learn to let go - don't endure it in vain
Know that a rainbow follows close upon rain ...
Far away we travel, but it's here where we can find it inside
Farewell to old friends but a welcome to life!
Learn to let go and find - don't endure it in vain
Know that a rainbow can never arise without rain ...
Far we expect the sun - but right here it will hide
Farewell to old friends but a welcome to life ... that's a reason to survive!

I faced the fall - a ransom thought, I tumbled down, condemned it all
I cursed the world and blamed myself, I cried it out ... and I cried it out ...
The higher we fly up, the deeper we fall in the end ...

I miss your grace, miss your sight ... I miss the friend and your guide
The way ahead, your trace behind ... I wipe off the tears, move on to find

After the rain and down the road ... Out of your pain flowers will grow
During the night while you wait for the sun
Look up to the sky for a new day will come

Though it grieved me, it hurt me, still sometimes I cry ...
Though not easy I finally agreed to say good-bye

Learn to let go and find - don't endure it in vain
Know that a rainbow can never arise without rain ...
Far we expect the sun - but right here it will hide
Farewell to old friends but a welcome to life ...
that's a reason to survive!

Marco Glühmann - vocals
Matthias Harder - drums
Sebastian Harnack - bass
Jan Petersen - guitars
Volker Söhl - keyboards & piano

All music written, arranged and produced by Sylvan
Lyrics written by Macro Glühmann

Thanks to bbraber for sending these lyrics.

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