Dark Lyrics


1. Prophecies From The Land Of Lost Voices

This fire burns black onyx and cold
And shadow is its children
A plain for mirrored glass
A lone figure, a sky of white

A tear in the dimness
And only darkness beyond
This crooked path turns westwards
Adorned with a sphere of flaming stone

From the naked soil a discipline brought
Forth, thus to be learned
This discipline is the old and obsolete.
From the lands of glass

The alchemist abides the first,
The post-modern Prometheus is born.
This is truly the shadow child
The discipline of the old

2. The Bastard, The Conqueror

Born in twilight, sworn to vengeance
To engage an ancient battle
Beyond good, beyond evil
Of winters descent, sons of the colossus

Prepare for the infernal gather
Iron forging victory
Night breads fearless soldiers
Ready the armies, ready the men

Heaken, heed my warning
The end has come to pass
Armies forlorn, Landscapes scorned
Heaven burns, the masses yearns

A beheading must take place
At the obsolete shores
Through the land by procession
Perished has the shameful

It's time for this generation
To leave its filthy throne
Scatter the fires of theses souls

Wreak this wretched havoc
Steer the winds of flesh and lust
By the gods
I've taken my land in possession

Below black
Clouds scaped
In darkness veiled
The cosmic imperium
We shall inverit
These lands
For we are
The sons of the colossus

3. Summoning The Sinister

Penetrate the shell of broken thoughts
Envenomed through a thousand years
Terror, plagues and anguish
Flames, ashes and blood

Glory; The Armageddon of emotions
Shine on, through the blackest of souls
I am the one to bring you pain
The circles of death rise through me

I sow the seeds of mightmares
Through me thy have been created
I spit the burning flames of hatred
Powers inhuman, powers unknown

I'm rising from the underground
The inquisitor of desperation
Desolate souls in limbo;
I am the conquistador of tragedy

Sorrow divine, enshrined by putrid hate
Desolate; Leaders of the ancient times
Spoken words will never be the same again

Yet again I rise, I rise from my liar
Revealing visions of the final days
Ways of eternal darkness awaits
Feel the coming of your death

4. Beyonder

The cursed presence of death
Entangles me, hunts me
Renew the faith in darkness
Ascend to fight the wretched

A voyage in time and cosmos
Back and forth, sighting the damned
Celestial occurrence we disavow
Come forth, inception of hell

For every soul
For every drop of blood
For every mind
For every death

Desolate minds
Crimson embers of life
Ominous the vengeance
Ruthless the attack

Euphoria of the lost
With power of the ancient
Infesting the wretched
Infesting the damned

Rise of end, fall of time
Element existence, effect, extinction

This infinite serenity
From the mirrors of the eyes
The false truth, a hollow clarity
Darkened paths are all that lies..
Only lies..

5. Somnolence

Misled and misguided
This fools entrance led me wrong
I have entered a place filled with laughter
And voices of past and coming times

As in a mental cell
I'm confused and condemned
Ravishing spirit shimmer
By the last tolls of the bell

Heavy this filth on my back
An inconvenient life from of yours
I need not for you to lecture me
As I'm becoming the conqueror

At least I will not rot as
The stereotype of my own kind
A spawned self-damnation on this earth
For us to hunt down the murder in mind

In the horizon of the darker presence
I get a glimpse of a coming victory
For history is written by observers
Propaganda - Written by the victor

Hellbound as you are
My fate is sealed by yours
Stained by the spawn of damnation
This earth and its people will rot

Imprinted in the skulls
And the bodies of the dead
The seal of the damned
And the blood that's been shed

I die as one among you
But now reborn as a God

6. Damnation Spawned

We have entered these filthy lands
And left the dreadful void
To raise the towers of oblivion
To consume and destroy

We come to destroy this people
TO raise the tower of plague
We bring forth your apocalypse
The carnal way

We come to consume the souls of the living
To raise the tower of wrath
We bring the power of labour
And thus their existence shall end

We come to infest their hearts
To raise the tower of dusk
We carry diseases and the manifest
Of truth that we speak

By the maelstrom we come with chaos
To raise the tower of demise
We scornfully carry the sigil
Our Baphomet is only death

In the end so bitter
An oath shall be sworn
The beast shall be unleashed
And engage in the final battle

We came to lay Eden in ruins
We brought an existence to fall
We raised the black tower of oblivion
We hail the void, the carnal monument

7. Carnal Monuments


8. The Archaic Wraith

I am ancient, and I am patient
I shall teach you all the true agony
Of my vengeance and my wrath
This, my teachings, of the obsolete

Your confused cries
Is what drives me
I prowl the night shades
Behold! I am the archaic wraith

I bear no serenity, only discord
My sickness will not bring you any tranquillity
I bring no harmony, only hells horde
These powers of malice I possess, I use willingly

I will inflict my furious sorrow
Upon your inner thoughts and emotions

My hymns shall cause great havoc and distress
My final judgment of despair to your kind... shall fall

9. Descendant


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