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1. Intro

2. Frame Of Mind

I'm sitting in the cell
Of an insane asylum
My doctors are skeptical
Maybe I need another treatment

They will inject me
With another drugs
They will insure me that
One day I will be like the others

But today I'm insane
Everyone's staring at me
Everybody are talking about me
It's not easy to be different

Should I fight against my personality?
Should I change my individuality?
Am I the only of my kind?
Am I really frame of mind?

3. Vanity

Vanity is all I feel
Empty space, empty rooms in my mind
Dark clouds all around
Sharp sword of ignorance
Is slaughtering my mood

There is no hope, why should be?
But what did I do wrong?
Feeling myself like an ant
Dying in the sweet sugar water

Seeing no perspective at all
Sinking deep inside my pain
Trying to find my lost harmony
Something unknown changed
And I can not define the issue

I need more time to analyse
Or just to forgot it all
But one thing is sure now
She is definitely out of my life

4. Regeneration

It takes a trained eye
To notice certain discrepancies
After my resurrection

I can't no longer exist without
An instead-heart device beating inside
My new temple-chest

The rest of the mortals
Will never understand
Images encountering uncontrollable
Linear existence of my kind

New strange liquid runs
Through my veins

It's easy for the others
To misunderstand
The transformation
Which lies before them
It's time to make stronger
The power of their beliefs

5. Dead End

Distant voices, distant mind
Too far away for my understanding
Abrupt reason of existence
Damned lack of communication

Cry, if you wish, cry or shout
Answer undistinguished by infinity
No response at all
Thank you for your interest

Turn your head to the other side
Try to aim another target
Realize the wall around you
There is no way to escape

Mind catcher broke your will
Is your life real?
Still waiting for some signal
Time has no significance

6. Manipulation Lines

Entire scanning of foetus
Evidential rating of parent
Exact assignation of vaginal contraction
That release plasmatic stuffing

Social coverage of reproduction
Is technology infiltrated
By controlled hope
You can not leave
The corridor of system
The level of your knowledge
Is totally limited

Only salvation is
Disconnection of programme
Blocking the intensity
Of manipulation of selftech
Absolute reduction of mental
Needs completion of immune
Reparation of chromosome

Maximal violence by fake alternative
With expansive camouflage of virus
Which infect by unrepairable error
And brings final collapse

7. Aquiel

Your unaccepted irresistible smile
Draw me crazy for a while
And although our relationship
Was on the way to the fire exit
I risked, that you will hurt me one more
But not least time

Should I kill you aquiel?
Just to find the rest
Of my soul and my mind
It wouldn't be so kind...

You strikingly exotic woman
I wish all my memories of you
Were drained out of me

But I should face the situation
And cut off established emotional links
Cause another attempt to stay with you
Could unravel the tapestry of my life

8. Unsatisfied

The grass is greener on the other side
The problem can be solved differently
The mind must resist
The majority can be wrong

Against the wind mills
Against the conventions
Against the human inhumanity
With me as an only ally

The knights with the swords
The explorers with the ideas
Sangrail must be somewhere over there
Cost doesn't matter

Is the battle already lost?
Is our blood worth to bleed?
Do you want to stop us?
Will you stay in the row?

The field covered with dead intentions
Victory for the strait jacket
But new crusaders are on the way
To not lose themselves

9. Distrustful

Believe without faith
Adoration without the idol
Love and hate without the reason
Life without living

Who is the idol?
What is the reason?
Where is your faith?
How is your life?

Questions, answers, orders, claims
Requests, commandments
Persons lost in code society
Souls sauntering in the dark

Is there a light somewhere?
Waiting for uncertain result
"I can not give you,
What you deny yourself"
Questions and answers are the same

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