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1. Lifetime

Tell it to the world - You're so worn out
All you wanna do is just scream and shout
Tell it to the world - It's over now
Whatever we had got lost somehow

But you don't feel that same way do you
Not this time around
If you could save us now then would you
Over and out
But you don't feel that same way do you
Not this time around
It all comes crashing down how could you
Over and out

Nothing in this world could ever change
Who you truely are and how it's all arranged
Nothing in this world could ever heal
All this fucking pain you made me feel

2. Divine

All shut up - Minds of fire
The machine's collapsed and we can't get higher
Though we tried all configurations
It just won't kick the shakes and the desparation
Moments of ecstacy
- Calls out and speaks through me
How urget the surgery - Now who did you wanna be
We'll keep cutting 'til it all is gone
Sugardaddy got treats for everyone

We're cosmic relics
Space keeps us cold
We're cryogenic baby
Never getting old

All phased out - Intermodular
Gone transgalactic and we don't know where we are
You might feel strange the very first time
Closed and captured like limbless pantomime
Turn around to the ground
I wonder if there's a cure
Turn around to the ground
Now why are you such a bore
Does it really matters who holds the knife
'Cause baby you've been slipping
anyway most of your life

3. Halo

Your prime obsession
That glaze keeps hanging on
Dancefloor confessions
Just another hit and run
Cold winter's powder
Twist the mirrorball
The pain screams louder
For a way to end it all

This time ain't wrong
This time ain't right
Who is doing you tonight
Blinded by a flash for fantasy
[You'll see]

Your soul's discomfort
That feeling's nothing new
Your polished glamour
Let's you do the things you do
One disco biscuit
Two mascara tears
That makeup covers well
But won't keep in the fear

4. Prey

[Get it on]
The neon's burning bright
My angel just comes out at night
[Get it on]
Let's get out of here
The ignition's kicking into gear

Your body's bound for glory
Watch you slither on the floor
My favourite bedtime story
Drug me up and gimme more

[Get it on]
Just another show
My mind's got someplace else to go
[Get it on]
Multi-coloured pill
That thing is such a wicked thrill

5. Star

Come now - We got someplace to go
Candycanes and alot of tools on show
Sit straight /breath/ take in this place
Wrists tied down and a strap across your face
Cold burns - Needle to the nail
Liquid fire - Blazing vapor trails
Put out exihibition style
The lights are all over you
What's that traumatic smile

Twinkle little star
Love to see you swallow
Stay just where you are
Fake it 'til you're hollow

Held on no restriction line
It's all science-fiction in your mind
Slip tarp - Drugs and vaseline
I've seen you girl working wonders on the screen
One way - No time to abort
Lifeline cut off - There's no last resort
Endpoint - The pain becomes the fuel
Your life is so sad and the world's so crue

6. Glimmer

Take a little trip now baby
Why don't you come on down
It's such a lonely town
We offer something quite unique
A one stop for the freaks
If I make you happy it can't be all that bad
It's just you that's kinda sad
No compassion from me
Won't feel - Won't touch
But I'll tell you this much

Your love's to ordinary
No time to care about this
It's over - Dead and buried
Nothing I am likely to miss

There goes another fallen rebel
Another billboard king
Feel the urban string
A blank utopic hidingplace
The legend's saving face
The psychodrama's creeping in
To end or to begin
Whatever was here dies with me
It's all so scary

7. Stab

Intact - Insane
Let your children in on all the pain
Your thirst for war
Any odd few will even the score
Led to belive
That all is well and none shall deceive
No guilt - No shame
Clean those wounds in the sea of flames

Death is a virus
And you'll welcome the disease
Straight out of the 13th lab
Your brand new god
Stab [x3]

Not man nor child
My hallucination's running wild
Sharpen the blade
I'm the product - I am what you made
Kept in - Locked up
I'm the killer you will never stop
I'm Christ - Jor-El
I am heaven - I am fucking hell

8. 22

It's all blurred from where you stand
You're not all that high in demand
Would you want me more if I would lie
Can't love you girl - Won't even try

What you put on display is such a boring view

Rather you'd go away - I'm just so sick of you

So distant when you turn the dial
A constant haze of cold denial
You're only in it for the fame
Can't you just quit this fucking game
What you want me to be - You know I can't
Your Rocky Horror Superman
You're such a sweet little marionette
I drug myself just to forget

9. Wired

Monochrome / Timeless shades of wonder
Afterglow / Distant cosmic thunder

Counter evolution triggers the control
An all in one solution for apocalyptic souls

Richochet / Final interception
Psychotech / Multi-Clone conception

10. Silencer

This is the moment baby
The one you always waited for
The profit margin's narrow
When your soul kicks off a full blown war
Step on up right here and have a go
You won't cut it - I always said so
It's getting late - Time to feel the pain
Closing down now - Please come again

Your life's a fucking failure
Is this all you've got to show
A million sob-soaked stories
Spare me - I don't need to know
I really should feel sorry
But I just can't relate
Won't sink down to your level
And I couldn't compensate

Emotional malfunction
Nothing quite easy to admit
Your heartburn soldered radar
Those shortcut wires won't transmit
Why the fuck you try to steal my medicine
Can't you see what state I'm in
Are we finished here - well more or less
Walking out now enjoy the mess

1999 Century Media

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