Dark Lyrics


1. 19

is your life as dark as mine
will you carry on
further down the line
it's all gone
do you bleed like me
do you bleed at all
how this turned out to be
one cold final call

shells of steel run right over me
the company of fools
in the end you'll walk right over me
one sad broken tool

is your screen as blank as mine
do the circuits scream
will your nightmares keep you safe
in the dome of dreams
clawing at the glass
the wires around your heart
how the hours come to pass
when you tear them apart

2. Aluminum

reptile sleep
the fix runs deep
alone with mirrors - a blank reflection stains the glass
liquid eyes
late goodbyes
calling from a distant waste that you can't find

and now when all is said and done
nowhere left to run
bittersweet aluminum - the curtain falls
the time has come to end this game
never be the same
bittersweet aluminum - left in my mouth

diamond dreams
tainted past
it comes together - all together - it won't last
exiled waves
heartbeats lost
set the world on fire now at any cost

3. As Time Burns

all alone
dry to the bone
- let them try
claim control
- let them die

rapture - the hate grows
lashes - what they know
turbines in our hearts
existence of broken parts

come the guilt
lies we split
- losing ground
meaning's lost
- never found

4. Don't Like To Live Today

pale as ice - lost again
and no one sees me coming
now it's time to lose that grin and start anew
when i've been hiding
you were always there to find me
but this time - won't you let me be

and then death comes crawling
and you can't hear me breathe
it's alright now honey

right from the start
the chains of love tore us apart
oh my my - oh hey hey
well I don't like to live today
left me behind
in such a sorry state of mind

colder now - broken down
there's silence all around me
and that's all I wish there would ever be
now the end is coming
and you left me dry and lonely
and i'm freezing - out here on my own

5. Emotional

hold on - time to deliver
that stare sends shivers down my spine
hold tight - 'cause now it's coming
that sweet taste for which i'm longing
lower - slower - come the time
in black devoured now
red sheets and a crimson sea
tried so hard to keep the razors away from me

and the blade won't bite
so let's die tonight
let's close our eyes and make everything alright
- tonight

hurts now - the fever's burning
close my eyes - the clock is turning back
ease now - slipping further
concentrate - let's take a minute to think about this
sharp edges and silk soft tissue
don't care about answers
'cause what's the issue now
right or wrong - stand or fall
- just the right time to get emotional

6. Judgement Ground

silence from within these walls
spread the virus amongst you all
embryos of apocalyptic minds - my kind
nerves all twisted in a knot
the little things that they forgot
hatred - sweet like syrup on my tongue - so young

sinking down into the deep
screams will cradle them to sleep
vengeance in the heart of guilty men - what then
fragments of what used to be
crawl in shame for all to see
cut the strings - the marionette lies still - first kill

7. Slither

your poison is like honey for my soul
that sweet sedative venom makes me whole
pale horizons coming down
nothing but a stranger in this...

lights keep shifting
floating patterns across my face
orbs still dripping
a salty cure for bitter days
slither slowly
pass the sadness across the room
slither gently
shaping god within the gloom

time keeps passing
like ashes riding on the storm
faith keeps failing
under siege of the locust swarm
lead is melting
slithers down my silver skin
hope is dying
it opens up what hides within

8. Synergy

just the way it happened
just how the pictures have been framed
I know you know i'm watching
naked bleeding cold and quite insane
it's all creepy crawley
helter skelter in our veins
but who are they to judge who gives or takes
or who'll inflict the pain

the way it's going is just fine
and now we're coming
you'll get yours and i'll get mine

those things they'll never say is what we're gonna do
god if they only knew
synergy my love
those blackened little secrets that we call our own
now that the seeds have been sown
synergy my love

pain the primal mover
turning twisted as it hides
as the grip grows tighter
scarletta domina at my side
and the fire's blazing
I know you like to watch me burn
cure this restless hunger
tie me down and take your turn

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