Dark Lyrics


1. Free Winds

...and as the heavens gape aloft
into the stormy waves of corn I drown

Free Wind, carry me towards the distant sky
Where sun sets down behind the veil of clouds
And still unbroken I will cast my final look
Upon this land, that once have reared me

Lost among this endless freedom
Drowned into the tide of bloom
Spread the wings of golden eagle
Soaring over barrow's loom

Oh, how to find
The one, who heals my sorrow
I ask the rye
And ears of the wheat
I take a ride
This lonely road I follow
Across the fields
The horses and the wind

Free Wind, rush on me your might and shattering wrath
The grass bow down before your breath
And still unbroken I will face my final gust
Unto this land I bid my last farewell

2. Вороны

Земли бескрайние
Степи широкие
Рожь колосистая
Травы высокие

Свет на могилах
Где мы похоронены
Прах, что питает
Твое плодородие

Вороны, вороны
В стаи слетаются
Крыльями черными
Солнце скрывается

Вороны, вороны
Вьются над падалью
Вороны, спойте нам
Песнь погребальную

3. Backwaters

4. The Twilight Vision

Impendent twilight falls
And covers everlasting plains
The night is breeding deep inside
Deserted and forgotten lands

I call to free horizon
Inhale the smouldering sky
I watch the traces of the dead
Their dreams repeat themselves
Before the morning comes

Again it's the recurrence
And it will have no end
Soon unfamiliar grey evening
Will give the power to the earth

The traces are lost and buried
On the roads in the beginning of the way

The dust will shine between the hills
Wild, savage malice is rising again
This is the outward show
Don't let it escape till dawn
It is darkness again, again silence, wind, sky

The dust will shine between the hills
The wind swept out their fear
This is the outward show
Don't let it escape till dawn
It is darkness again, again silence, wind, sky

And now the fear haunts me
Its power makes me run away
I follow traces of the dead
That spectral shine will light my way...

5. Sunset

6. Languor

Slow withering
Fragments of red agony
Quaint bacchanal
Unrestrained dance of disharmony

Ones, enveloped in flames
Spread to me their bloody hands
Thousands of corpses are crunching
Crunching under my feet
Winds are chanting
Their songs of sorrow and sadness
Incessant rains are feeding
Your mouldering body

Touch me
Breathe on me
With the cold breath of the night
The last warm days are gone
Soon the winter will come

Come and take me
I cannot stay anymore
Each day is like dying
In this abandoned world

Time has stopped
While this gloomy light of day seems to have no end
I hear, the sounds are shattering
and then they stifle into dense cotton-like fog
coming from the other side of the river
Its dark green waters carry empty coffins
opened for the dead to come

7. Степные Зори

Там, над морем трав
Восходит алая заря
Там степь горит огнем
Объята пламенем земля
И в той степи
Разлилась кровь рекой широкой
Там, мы полегли
За вечный край жизнь отдали

В вершинах облаков
Hад вечностью холмов
Кружит птица вольная
Она летит туда
Где сгинут без следа
Боль и грусть,
Печаль моя...

8. Harvest

Stanislav Ivanoff - vocals
Vadim Chernikov - guitars, ocarinas
Denis Shapovalov - guitars
Nikolay Vlaskin - bass
Konstantin Konstantinov - drums
Olga Baranjieva - flute, recorder, ocarinas

Guest choir:
Elena Danilkina - soprano
Asya Barbashina - alto
Sergey Tezky - baritone
Nikita Cheremnyh - bass

Recorded and mixed at "A&J Records" January-May 1999. Sound engineer Alex
Polyakov. Produced by Vadim Chernikov and Stanislav Ivanoff.

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